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Oculus touch - Gun Stock streamlined

by Davehaslanded Aug 10, 2017
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Hi think I should wait for your rift s update? How long until you think it will be uploaded? Thanks

No need to wait. I uploaded it yesterday. Check my profile.

Hi, have you had chance to update your controllers to work with the rift s and quest?

Sort of... I’ve tested some quest grips that do fit my design, but I am hoping to upload a completely new design soon. The plan is to mix 3D printer parts with cheap PVC pipe to make a stock

My touch grips keep splitting very easily and I'm not sure how to make it stronger

I've never had this issue. The touch grips are not my design. They are the same grips used on many similar models on Thingiverse. My guess is its your printer settings; perhaps your print speed and temps. Try printing slower, and if possible, slightly hotter. If the material spends longer at its glass temperature, its likely to bond better to the lower layers.

The taper that everyone is commenting about was an easy fix in Fusion 360, just required a single extrude along the length of the body of one side to the other. I attached the two body parts in a .7z compression file.

sorry, but the 7z file is empty. any chance to get it somehow?

I don't understand what you mean, I just downloaded and extracted it and the two files showed up fine. Try downloading the latest 7zip version.

I read the comments before printing and spotted the "tapering" issue that's been mentioned. I loaded the Rail_body.stl and Rail_end.stl files into Cura 3.2.1 and found that I had the same issue. I took it one step further and loaded the files into Blender and found that the 3D model is, in fact, tapered on one side. I've attached a screenshot where I duplicated the rail body within Cura and flipped it round so you can compare the "male" end to the "female" end. On the "male" end you can see it's a few layers shorter on one side than on the "female" end. This problem also exists in the Rail_end.stl file.

My Blender Kung Fu is pretty weak, as I've only just started using it, so I'm not able to fix this myself (yet). I might use another tool that doesn't have such a steep learning curve just to fix this issue, but if someone else gets there before me, please share the love.

I printed the rails for this without noticing the slicing issue standing on end. After taking a closer look, it looks like something is wrong with the stl file that causes the square at the top to not actually be centered. I'm guessing this is the same thing causing the tapering problem people have referred to.

The bottom slices as expected. When assembled, there's a pretty clear misalignment between the two rails instead of a nice seam.

Issue observed with Cura 3.2.0.

How did you attach the touch mounts to the touch rail adapters? I see that the touch mounts have lego like holes where the touch rail adapters fit into but the fit, at least with my print, is loose so how did you attach them? Did you friction weld these two parts as well? If so how? Or did you glue them together? Or are they supposed to be able to separate easily?

I just friction welded them. The original mounts and adapters were created by the designer of the remixed file.

Makers be warned , "Rail Body.stl (rails)" are tapered, so when u join the 2 pieces together you will have a nasty 3mm step on one of the sides (flat faces).

Did you mean for the tops (top while being printed, side when done) of the rail pieces to not be completely straight/level? Cura is showing it having several levels to it. We're only talking about a roughly 0.6mm increase over the length of the rail pieces, but I figured I'd check.

It shouldn’t be doing that. Are you sure it’s level on your bed? I didn’t have this when designing or in my slicer. And is smooth once printed.

I haven't printed it yet, the slight slope showed up when I imported it into cura. I observed the same slope when I imported it into tinkercad.

I'm not sure. I print the rails standing on their ends, not laying down.

You can even see in the preview pictures that the flat on the upper side tapers down towards the rear. Perhaps you misaligned the tool when cutting the stl? The other flat side is alright.

I printed both rail bar and end upright and can confirm it is a problem of the the stl file.