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Anet Easy Magnetic Extruder Access Mod

by Cyberlamb Aug 10, 2017
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Can someone tell me if you have problems with the dust? I guess that now I blow the ambient air with the dusk direct in extruder. Before the fan blows at the heat sink. So the dusk will blocked form the heat sink.

I have an odd problem. After it's all finished and put together as soon as I turn it on the fan bogs down really bad from the magnetic field. as soon as I pull it away from the extruder it goes back to normal. anyone?

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I should definitely clarify, I understand the principles behind magnetic fields and motors but I would have thought other people would have encountered this and not just me.

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Can anyone comment on what size M3 screws would be ideal in order to implement this design as-is on the A8?

Thanks for this thing. Filament changes were often terribly annoying before, but now it's a snap if I need to get in there. Printed using PETG and the install was no more difficult than some temperamental filament changes.

I modified the design, but it's not worth claiming a remix. I didn't have magnets lying around so I printed a pair of 6mm height cylinders to just snap the pieces together after a little scraping and sanding. Maybe this will alleviate some people's concerns about magnets near motors. It feels secure, at least initially.

I ordered some 8x3 magnets and also some with a 3mm center bore to secure the fan side with 4 corners. If it works maybe I will post the remix.

No longer need heat sink?
Seems to me that this fan would be more efficient if it pulled hot air away from the stepper, rather than blowing hot air at the motor.

Works perfect printed 0.2 25% infill been on for over 50 hours no problems what so ever

Printing my second set now

I've had no problem with this upgrade, Its one of the better ones, make changing the filament soooo easy now,, Nice work

I’ve modified to use the 3mm x 2mm magnets I already had. It works great thank you!!!!

I printed mine at 105%. The magnets fit perfectly, and the screw holes were a hair off. I used a solder iron, and made the holes ever so slightly wider.

With the 105% scale factor magnets fits, I tried to adapt the holes with rasps but it's not doable, I think the problem is ABS shrinking.

Wrong feedback!

“Well, I am very sorry but must advise against this mod.
I did print and install it and found it VERY usefull ... untill I began to have problems with overheating of the "teflon-tube".
The original fan is mounted against a heatsinck. That heatsinck is mounted against the bottompart of the springmechanism. That bottompart is the part in which the nozzle + throad (with teflontube) is screwed.
So my guess is that that bottompart has to be optimal cooled to protect the throat against heating.
With this mod I had filament getting soggy and even melting within the teflon-tube and thus preventing a good flow.
I had nothing but troubles, was not able to print in decent quality ... untill I removed this part and mounted the fan again old style.

I am very sorry because I too found this a brillant hack.”

I later found out the heat-problem did NOT came of this mod. I did mount these parts again and am very pleased with this functionality.

y a t il pas un risque de poussière qui va coller sur le filament ?

google traduction ;

Is there not a risk of dust sticking to the filament?

Gave this a try - bit baffled as to how you got the magnets installed - they seem too big to fit, and using a little extra 'leverage' to squeeze them in and the part broke. Any recommendations or proven techniques to get the magnets in? thanks

I absolutely love this mod and had similar issues with the magnets not fitting. The holes were about 1mm too small for the home depot magnets. Here's a remix with proper sized holes. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2700304. Even so, this is one of my favorite modifications. It really makes filament changes a breeze!

Anet A8 magnet extruder access mod (remix)

Thank you, very helpful!

  1. Magnets near a stepper
  2. Near the fan too
  3. No exhaust for the air to go to making the fan pointless anyway... why is it there?

i wouldn't recommend it.

I have had no problems with any of these issues.

The magnets are indeed far enough away from the stepper and the fan motors.

Air pushes through the space between the feeder and the stepper motor.

? The area between the drive gear and the stepper doesn't need any cooling. the only purpose of that fan is to cool the hot end, the heatsink for which you have removed. You might as well ditch the fan entirely, to reduce moving mass if nothing else.

It's a great upgrade - will make life so much easier. And such a simple idea! Thanks a lot!

It took me several attempts to print it - the smallest warping made impossible to fit the magnets in place, especially the thinnest part was a challenge to get it right.
I used M3x25 screws to fix the motor and the original screws pointing outwards (they are actually too long but M3x30 was too short) and
4x Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth NdFeB N35 8mmx3mm Disks

Huhu, where is the heatsink ?

I have removed mine. I mainly print PLA and PETG so the temperature is not really a major concern.

Well then what is the point of the fan? If temperature is not a problem you don't really need a fan. :)

What size screws does this require?

M3. Length all depends on your preference.