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CR-10 / Ender3 DTI holder for bed alignment

by Caster Aug 5, 2017
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Do you have to run the gcode? or can I just move it manually like normal bed leveling?

You can do that if you wish.

That did work very well, had to remix it a bit for my part cooling. printede it out before my dti arrived, was hoping det part i made with the part cooling fan was not in the way. but i turned out ok.
So caster TY very much for this creation :) :) (Y)

Great idea - Sadly for me the part will no clear the part fan deflector. I also moved the excruder over the hotend for a direct drive. The stepper extends past the hotend cage around 18.5mm and then there is the added distance to the center line support for gauge. Have you thought about dropping the bottom of the part fan down another 5 or 7 mm so there is no interference with fan ducks.

Does this fit the cr10 s pro. I am having problems bed leveling. Thanks

It looks like the pro has a different fan housing so it won't fit.

I just ordered my DTI I can't wait to get home and print this. How do you change the g-code for the smaller ender3 bed?

The G1 lines give the position of travel. You may need to experiment with the values but for example changing 300.000 to 270.000 should suit the Ender by reducing the travel by 70mm.

Recently i printed modified cooling ring and noticed that your project not fit into it. So i remaked it. Do you want to share it to the community?

You can add it as a remix if you wish.

Will this work on an Ender 3?

Yes. Ender has the same print head as CR10. You just need to change the X and Y values in the gcode to suit the smaller bed.

awesome. thank you. im def going to get this setup going. be nice as a level 'checker' for those long haul print jobs. the paper isnt competely reliable

@manwithmachines, do you have the code for ender 3? Trying to figure out the cords.

Hi, What values in the gcode would i need to change for using this on the cr10 mini?

I think the heat bed is the same size as the CR10, 300 x 300. If this is correct there is no need to change anything.

I think it's around 300x220 but seems an odd size

Comments deleted.

I printed out, but it is small by around 1mm (width, height). How can I correct this?

Thank you,

are there any videos on how to get that Gcode to work on the printiner? im pretty noob and havent done anything like that before

Works perfect for the new CR-10S 2018

Nice design, but I had quite a few adventures getting one printed...
First one came out warped in all dimensions : funny to have bed alignment issues while printing a gadget for better bed alignment :-)
Next one was OK, but it felt slightly "shrunk" somehow, it wouln't fit on the print head. I had to sand it lightly on the inside with a Dremel, and also widen the bore of the DTI holder with an 8mm drill bit (I broke the warped one trying to push it in).
Maybe my Cura parameters were wrong ?
I also had a big surprise : all versions printed without a support ! It just built the sides and then added the holder support across the void :-)
I thought this kind of thing was supposed to be impossible ?....
Lastly, I hadn't seen the last comment and had the same problem with the DTI ordered through your link, the body was too thick : for now I just removed the plastic back plate and it fits just fine, but I need to try the new version :-)
Many thanks for this anyway !

Beautiful design. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit the DTI that comes if you order from the link you posted. Perhaps they have modified the design of the DTI slightly since you bought yours?
It appears that the hole that grips the shaft of the DTI needs to be about 3mm more offset towards the front of the printer, to allow the backplate of the DTI to clear the frame of the holder. Can you upload a version with the hole shifted away from the frame about 3mm please? I'd do it myself, but SolidWorks doesn't import the STEP file in a way that allows me to make that particular edit.

OK I'll do it tomorrow.

Excellent, thanks!

File has been uploaded.

I don't see any difference. The key dimension measures the same.
Did you update the STEP file also, or just the STL?

Disregard my reply I was referring to another thing. V2 of the di holder has moved it out by 3mm as you requested.

Gotcha, that makes more sense! It appears that you changed only the STL. I can work with that. I just like to verify dimensions before printing, and I can't do that on the STL. No biggie, it's not a huge part. Printing now.... Thanks for the quick edit!

Did the extra 3mm do the trick?

It did, thanks!
Now I have to figure out exactly how to use it.
I'll read your page again, I'm sure it has the details...

Comments deleted.

great idea takes the guess work out if the adjustment on big prints.

Thank you for the tip, very kind.

I made this but it was a bit to tight round the head in the first print. But the Principe has made my life so much more easy.
Thanks for the tip.


What is the diameter of the hole where the DTI fits?

I had the same issue : just find an 8mm drill bit and rotate it by hand through the funnel to widen it a bit - worked for my DTI :-)

Comments deleted.

please could you tell me if it fits with the modded duct fan?

It fits the duct that came with my printer. I don't have any other ducts to try to confirm. Best thing is to start printing this one , no need to print it all, you can stop the print after a while and see if the frame part will fit.

Thx m8 you saved me, i simply stopped and doesn't fit in the duct mod https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2470828 so i have to modify it.

CR-10 Duct Fan Mod

So this duct fan mod that you posted above does work with this or not?

Hello Caster,
thanks for the files.

I used 100% infill for strength but I am sure less would work. <

I made one with 20% infill and it turned out to be very rigid.
For better compatibility with fan duct mods, I even left out the lower right corner - so it's actually a remix.

I printed without supports expecting the whole print to fail and was surprised how well that actually went. There is just a tiny bit of sag, which is not affecting the layers on top.

I'll upload some pictures

This is so genius... I hate using the paper to level the bed. Going to order and try it out!



Do you have the file as CAD file (STEP, IGES; fusion 360 or similar?)

The part was drawn with ViaCad. i have added it as a STEP file if it helps.