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GOLF-IN-MINIATURE : The Desktop 18 Hole Miniature Golf Course

by beekeeper Jun 10, 2012
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Love your project and witty approach to it. And your way to push your kickstarter project. And your printer - looking good to me. Fingers crossed you'll find many followers and sell heaps of printers.

The only reason not to buy your Vision is because I intend to develop and sell a kit myself. Nevertheless,keep up the good work and lots of success.

PS: your YouTube video link says 'video not available'

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Such an impressive design. Thank you. My son and I have enjoyed printing almost everything. One file isn't opening for us. GOLF-IN-MINIATURE_-_Flag_Divot.stl. Any thoughts on how to open this file?

I just found this project on thingiverse. I read all the comments and understand you were having issues with the website. is there a different site that you have posted the full 18 hole course?

It's been two whole years now since I originally commented on this project! I was just wondering if you are still working on this or if you have abandoned it. I really enjoyed the holes I printed out and still hope to see more.

It's not really abandoned. I only posted 9 of the 18 holes because, around that time, I was not thrilled with MB / Thingiverse changes being made. I was also not thrilled that MB / Thingiverse allowed my account to be hijacked / hacked by another "member" in order to harass and slander me and my designs. The same jerk did it also on Reddit and other places. It took many days for Thingiverse / MB to "look into it". They sure took their sweet time. In the end, the just brushed it under the digital rug. The other "member's" account was never disciplined. It's a darker side of Thingiverse that really left a bad taste for me. I have had a lot of designs I would have liked to post somewhere, but they will probably not see the light of day.

If you wish to post your own changes / holes, please do. Meanwhile, I have been waiting for a viable challenger's website to post the rest. Maybe someday.

It's good to hear that you haven't really abandoned the projects that you started years and years ago. I bet anyone who closely follows your work has a bad taste in their mouth from feeling like they were brushed under the digital rug though. You're sure taking your sweet time. Maybe someday all of the things you designed will see the light of day.

You are absolutely right, Matt, it really sucks when some jerk on the internet takes something from you and never faces any consequences.

Does anyone have a suggestion for printing the ball? I can not get it to print well at all.

This is awesome! Do you know how long it took to build?

Thanks. My guess is that it took about 3 hours per hole, so about 27 hours of print time for the 9 holes shown.

Oops.. I accidentally said the same thing twice... Oh well

I might design a clubhouse for this with a fairway connecting to an open space with a clubhouse on it.

Feel free to. I had originally planned to have the 19th hole as the clubhouse (which doubles as a birdhouse as a stand alone print for kids, schools, etc...).

that would actually be better cause you can enter it in the birdhouse challenge (if you made it on time)

okay, your idea is probably better than mine.

Could you possibly incorporate these designs into the next holes?


Golf in miniature extra parts

Hey beekeeper! Could you possibly incorporate this into your next holes?


Golf in miniature extra parts

Hi, that sounds reasonable. Hopefully, I will post the final 9 holes later this summer. By the time I posted the first 6 holes, I was having trouble getting thingiverse to accept them without randomly deleting other holes. Since then, hundreds of very cool designs have been posted, so I reconfigured some of the last 9 holes.

i'm gonna have to print that.

thank you! I am very excited to see what it looks like!

Hi I have recently found and started to print the course, it is excellent. The divot file wont load is there something wrong with it. Also did you ever put up the rest of the holes ie holes 10-18?

Hi, I will try and re-upload the divot file by next week. I will upload the last 9 holes by this summer.

It seems I might have broken Thingiverse with this project. It won't allow me to upload any more STL files, as starting with Hole #6, it shows the image, but won't let you download the STL File. I will contact Thingiverse and see what I should do. I might have to break this up into multiple Thingiverse listings. I had a feeling it would be the largest project on Thingiverse, but I thought I would have gotten a little farther before any problems. As soon as I know what to do, I will post the solution here. I have 3 (and a half) more holes I wanted to post by Father's day, but I don't know how to get them posted so the STL files can be downloaded. Any suggestions? =-O

I have patched it by turning each set of 3 holes into it's own Zip File. ALL files are in the Zip Files. Now the First 9 Holes are UP. You can Download your own 9 Hole Golf Course (on your way to 18)! :)

As far as I know, the printer I use needs STL files.

Hi beekeeper,

Please could you ZIP up all the elements so far for this page, this will be easier when I download them as I have to use my mobile to get them. Many thanks, I might just take up golfing now!

This is excellent work Matt, nice job and good luck for the next 18 days, I'm going to need more Green Plastic!

Are you also going to make a clubhouse?

I need to order more green also, otherwise the last couple of holes might look like the grass died. Thankfully, the first hole only took 1.6 ounces of Green PLA. The translucent green really makes it look like the greens were mowed.

I have an idea as too the clubhouse. the 19th hole is a staple at most courses. My kids want me to power the Windmill mini-link. Easier said than done.

Grass died ha ha.

Oh, man, I was wondering what could be done with all these scans from the MET. Plus you can decorate it with your failed prints... this thing is perfect!

Now someone needs to make something better to swing with.

where's the minifigures?

I borrowed them. Actually, one of the courses to come is a tribute to Minifigs. I need to switch down to a .35mm nozzle to print them great. IF you can't wait look here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4004http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... or here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5232http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

Mini Fig
by Stefan

This is AWESOME!!! :-D

Thank you for the great Sphinx model, timing is everything. And you model came just in time.

I love the planning and forethought that goes into releasing a new mini link every day for 18 days. Using the Sphinx is an inspired touch.

I'm looking forward to seeing every one of them.

Check back in 4 to 5 hours, you should get a kick out of Hole #2. :)

Uh, what did I just watch? Phineas
amp; Ferb? Now I feel like running around the house while eating handfuls of sugar encrusted ceral.