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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Part Cooling - FT-5 Titan Aero - Maker713 Ultralight

by Spectra3D Aug 2, 2017
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Hi all, has someone made a mod on this for a the smaller stepper driver from E3D?

The back part doesn't fit obviously. Is it as simple as a spacer?

Im about to finish printing these and just realized its not for the pancake motor. I guess ill print a spacer too

Not sure why my other comment was flagged for moderation. Again, great work on this model. It's the main reason I purchased the 713 Ultra lightweight parts.

Would you be able to provide the step file for the fan duct? It is below my nozzle and I suspect its because the nozzle you're using is a little bit longer than the standard V6 ones. I suspect it needs to be about 5mm higher. Thanks!

This is a GREAT model.

Just one issue. As reported by someone else, the fan duct is lower than the nozzle. Looking at your setup, you are using what I think is an MK8 nozzle. similar to the ones on the CR-10. These nozzles have longer threads, which causes them to protrude a bit more.

Normally that isn't an issue, but due to how precise your ducts are (amazing work), they won't work for us that have standard V6 nozzles.

Would you be able to modify the ducts to be about 5-6mm higher? That's a rough estimate. If you could provide the step file for the duct, that would work as well. Only the back part has a step file uploaded.

Great work! I literally bought my ultra lightweight 713 mount because of this file, so I hope you can help me out!

I've had good luck with this and wanted to ask...I see you have a BLTouch...I have an EZABL I would love to install on this setup. How did you mount yours? Any chance of a design tweak for the EZABL (I have the TH3D EZABL...the 18mm one)

Awesome Design! What size is the fan?

It's a 5015.

Hey man, great design. It seems that there is no included BL Touch mount in this part though. Is it available somewhere else?

Thanks, I'm glad you like the design. I've go to update the BL Touch file to match the changes I made to the part. Once I do that, I'll post the BL Touch mount. Hopefully this week if all goes well.

I just noticed this...hope you can add support for the TH3D EZABL too!

is the bltouch mount available yet?

Hello again!

I printed this in Polycarbonate and so far it is holding up ok. One problem I am having is it the print is getting hit by a part of the duct (I can't tell exactly where, i heard it hit a few times then the print failed...so I can't say I have narrowed down that part.)
Is it possible to move the duct, using your default image as a reference...the right one, a bit further away from the hot end? As you did on the left side?

My best guess right now is that even with a silicone sock, my PC might be getting droopy, causing the collision. I'll do another test print or two over a larger print and see if I can capture what's rubbing and where.


I'm looking at making another revision to lift the overall body up a few mm, and realign the ports to provide more direct cooling. I'll post the update as soon as I have the model ready.

Thank you for the feedback.

That sounds great, thanks for keeping the design moving!

Ive printed this 3 times for my FT5s and each time the cooler is hanging down much further than hotend. Is there something I am doing wrong when printing?

Sorry for the delay. Can you take a photo and post it. I'll know better how to help you if I can see the installation. My guess though, would be how it is mounted to the back of the carriage.

Thank you. A filament sensor is shown in the 5th drawing. Do you have the .STL file for it?

Look at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2759582 for the runout sensor.

FT-5 Carriage mounted filament runout sensor mount

I'll post the filament run-out sensor to another Thing this week and add the link to this one.

Okay so I printed the new duct in XT-CF20 and wound up with a melted nozzle opening! So material 80C won't live long down there (I had hoped the silicone boot on the E3D Aero would've helped. I'll try again with Polycarbonate, which can handle 100C-110C

I'm using PETG and haven't had any problems with the hotend melting the cooler. But, I'm using a silicon boot on the heater block.

Using the boot too...still melted!

I just uploaded the latest revision of the cooler. The fork is wider and the geometry of the ducts at the ends cause more air to be directed out the ports.

I'm going to upload the latest version of the file tonight. There's a bit more room for the heater block.

Thanks! I'll give that one a go soon. Thanks for refining the models!

This is a really nice setup. I wish you had given an "exploded" view of how it goes together. A friend printed and suggested this to me. I was pretty stumped on how to affix it to the 713maker gantry. Remove rear screws, slide this over....ok, figured that out. Then had to back peddle a bit, remove lower two screws from back of pancake motor and replace with 2 M3x40. Those lower screws do a nice job "raising" the duct as needed. To make my install even more fun, I forgot to rotate the heater block! So, did that and decided to use the silicone sock. I printed the duct in polycarbonate, so between that and the sock, it should last a while!

I update the views to include the CAD model. If that helps, let me know. I also made some changes to the size of the ducts to get more air to the part and less on the nozzle. I noticed I was getting clogs with certain filament, because the tip of the nozzle was getting cooled too much.

Awesome design. I am using the standard nozzles that come with the E3D and are a little shorter which doesn't provide as much clearance. Any chance you could upload the original file so that I can remix it a little for my printer? Thanks again for your design, best one I've seen.

I just uploaded a new version of the part cooler that is a little wider and deeper. Let me know if this one provides enough clearance.

The STEP files have been posted. I'd be curious to know what changes you make to the design.

I will post the STEP files as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for the great feedback. If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know and I can update the design.