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T6 / Y6 hexacopter

by Brendan22 Feb 12, 2014
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I am looking to build a quadcopter similar to yours with a camera. The main purpose is for search and rescue. I am wondering how you have the camera connected and if you have a way to see what the camera sees while flying.

Thank you

Hi Ryan. I used to hang a GoPro under these copters - I don't take the time to fly any more. With the right setup you can plug a video transmitter into the GoPro and broadcast the picture back to yourself. The Hobby shops are full of First-Person-View FPV options.

Is anyone looking to work together on developing a four-point (or at least a more stable) leg system?
If so, please connect with me.

I have a lot of respect for the original leg designs but have been scheming about how to improve upon them.

When fully loaded the flexy leg design looks great but feels quite fragile in ground tests.
The hardened springy legs are more robust but seem very prone to tipping.

Anyone done any work on this so far ?


I may just be slow but I'm not seeing the file for the gps post. Am I missing something?

I think you're right. You can use the ones from the T4 here... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:261145/#files

T4 Quadcopter Drone


I don't think I'd be brave enough to use 3D printed propellers - although I see there is at least one design on Thingiverse. 3D printed thing spinning at 10,000 rpm - I don't think so :-)

Do you know roughly how much it cost?

About 300g of plastic so roughly $12 - $15 for the frame ...and then it depends on what you want to use to make it fly, FPV, radio control gear etc. For mid-range components you might use something comparable to the 3DR Y6. RTF version is about $1,100 US http://store.3drobotics.com/products/3dr-rtf-y6-2014

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That looks great Brendan!
Gonna have to try to build this one too.

Thanks. It's amazing the difference a reprint in "family colours" makes. Black just didn't make for good photos.

What configuration are you using on the adrupilot Y6B or Y6A? I can't seem to get it to take off level.

I've been using Y6B.

Did you start off with 3DRs RTF Y6's PIDs?

Hmmm... I read off the help setup several times, all seems to be correct. Still using 3S batteries?

She flies yay!! Honestly, I think my whole issue was that I am used to smooth take take offs with the quad maybe even bounce around a bit when testing. The Y6 six you need to just give it a ton of throttle and let it fly. Very stable...more than the quad I would say but my 2 min flight does show much yet.

Great news! Thanks for the update.

Yep, 3S batteries. My T6 is actually is pieces at the moment (pinched the pixhawk for another project) but the PIDs I saved before pulling it apart were:
Rate Pitch P: 0.08
Rate Pitch I: 0.08
Rate Pitch D: 0.0085
Rate Roll P: 0.08
Rate Roll I: 0.085
Rate Roll D: 0.007
Stab P: 4
That may help although I was using 880kv motors.

Yea, the default PIDs for a Y6 arent to far off from that. Do the 880kv give that much more thrust? I do notice that 3DR is running 4S batteries with the 850kv motors on their RTF. I do have some 4S batteries laying around.

I was looking at your battery compartment demensions and it has 150mm length. Is that max or could I possible over hang about 10 to 13mm?

150mm will fit inside the battery peg. 157mm will still be inside the body. Anything beyond that will hang out but that shouldn't be a problem as long as you can rig up something to stop the batteries falling out.

I would love to shove as much battery into this setup and trying to make a decision since ordering batteries from hobbyking takes a good week.

Are you flying much with your Y6 setup?

I pinched the motors of this to develop the T4 - but I've just (this past weekend) rebuilt my T4 with 850kv motors so I've freed up the 880kv ones to go back into my T6 (perhaps this coming weekend).
But in answer to your question ...no I never get enough time to fly. The T6 is my favourite though (due the redundancy) but the T4 gets about 10 times the amount of attention on Thingiverse.

I was thinking about switching up for an application that will need redundancy. I am going to try PLA this time instead of ABS. It will be about two week before its built.

Another flight test. This time the T6 was constantly flying forward (around in loops) and amazingly achieved pretty much the same flight time as hover (15.5 minutes) on the same 2 x 3S 3,000mah batteries. I'm very happy with this as coaxial 6 configurations are not known for their economy.