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Adalinda: The Singing Serpent

by loubie Feb 10, 2014
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I love your dragon good size neat smooth beautiful and solid I admire your work it’s great I love it

Be very careful when you're taking this off the platform, i manged to snap both front feet myself :( Superglue to rescue!

She actually can sing. Blow across her mouth like you would blow into a bottle.

YOU made that Prusa Dragon? :O

Hi loubie!

I tried to print twice the beautiful "Adalinda: The Singing Serpent".

Twice it was break in the same place in the bottom part of the wing :(

It breaks because to nozzle touched the upper part of the wing towards the end of the print (see attached images).

I think that from some reason the wings were bent in the bottom part (not sure).

Any ideas why this happened and how to prevent it?

I used white PLA with 10% fill and resolution of 0.1mm height.

Would really appreciate you comments!


Comments deleted.

Yesterday I printed Aria and she is AMAZING!
Today I'm trying to print her mother, and I feel I need to thank you for your great work!!

rekon she will print on a Anycubic Photon? without supports?

You'd be MUCH better off using this remix:


which someone made with the internal cavity removed. I'm assuming you are going to want to print her hollow.

Adalinda: The Non Singing Serpent
by molak34

indeed i am Louise :) but i'm a dab hand at meshmixer for sorting out the cavities, i'd be taking the walls down to 0.99 and printing it at 0.020 so really the most detailed Adalinda i'm looking for, will be sticking the sorceress through the resin at some point also with same settings ;)

There is a critical error in the tail. After looking even with 3 or 4 layer walls it seems that the walls for an inch are just thinner and well broke after the print! I was sad because the rest of the dragon is so nice! But had to glue it and now will have to paint the whole dragon instead.

This model has been printed probably thousands of times now and I very rarely have tail complaints. That said, she was maybe my 3rd or 4th model and she is deeply flawed. I am sorry to hear of your dragon's tail wound but promise you my next dragon (and there will be one - probably after the next model) will take all the Adalinda and Aria problems into consideration.

if printing 0.2 layer height... the start of the abdomen needs supports... 2 layers hang just in the air ( Layer 46 and 47 ...)...am i missing something ??

I have tried printing this twice now and both times I am having the same problem. The right wing snapped off about 3/4's of the way down. And both times its been the same spot. Should I print this with supports? I know that it says you don't need to but for me it is not working without supports. I love this dragon, I love all dragons actually, but would love to have this print. Any suggestions before I try this again?
Thank you and thank you for the file,

I know this is old...

But did you solved it?


Yes, I did get it to print. I think that I turned the model a different way on the bed. It just didn't work for me the way it was sitting.

Thank you so much for your dragon, it's beautiful, made very easily by Dagoma's Neva, I'll make one with translucid colorfabb soon, it should give a cool result. And the design of objects without support is brilliant, it makes our lives much easier ;-)

Comments deleted.

Sorry...newish to 3D stuff......I do not really understand what you mean by......a decimated version. Decimated to me means destroyed...ie the bomb decimated an entire village! I see the file size is less...but what have you actually changed??
I tried printing this on two different Anet A8s...and both clipped the wings - just under the two barbs at the front of the wings..and broke them off at the narrow first line in your photo.

Decimate is a common way to describe polygon count reduction in 3D modelling. If you were to put the two Adalindas in a 3D modelling program (like Meshmixer, for example), you would see the number of polygons is different. The smaller number of polygons the less work the slicer has to do.

Thanks for the information....

First. I love your models. I have already printed a 400mm Sorceress (gorgeous. Just gorgeous) I am on my 4th attempt (z axis issue unrelated to your model) of 400mm tall metallic silk green Aria (pics hopefully soon)

and next up is Adalinda. yet another gorgeous model.

a suggestion. the hollow space inside is VERY bad. not because it is their but because of how you designed it. in the future if you can design your interior hollow spaces the way you design the exterior. IE no no support (infill is support for interior hollows)

I had to create a complex multi process file to even attempt to print this at a reasonable quantity of plastic (1.4 pounds 75 Hours is the predicted time)

first I had to add a solid layer so that the hollow would not start in "mid air" (not your problem just the nature of using light infill and interior hollows)

but from layer 220 to layer 300 at .2mm your hollow expands horizontally "unsupported" meaning I must have sufficient infill to support the "flat parts" of that hollow. so I had to increase the infill to 25% for those layers and then another process and solid layer again at layer 300 to resume 3% infill.

ie design the hollow like you do the shell. so that it needs no support (IE can you print it "on its own as its own object"

most of the neck (layer 300 up) YES. but that starting hollow. harsh for printing :-)

Just a suggestion. nothing more. I absolutely love your model and dream about what you might come up with next and can't wait to see it and print it.

Adalinda will fill my print volume with her glorious 400mm height. I can't wait to see it !!!

First off, thank you very much for your feedback and especially thanks for purchasing the Sorceress - I appreciate the support.

I am very sorry you are having problems with Adalinda. She is often cited as an easy model to print and is shipped with Jo Prusa's printers as an example model which yields a decent result with no supports. She's also been printed many, many times by a wide range of people without problem (or at least not with any problems reported to me:-)).

Now I have finished defending my dragon, I will agree that she does have design flaws. She is one of my earliest models and I was in the beginning stages of learning how to model for 3D printing. She could do with a make over but as she's become something of a staple it's probably best I leave her as she is. I hope you still get a pretty print with her and I will take your comments on board for any other "hollowed" creature models I may make.

The problem with inner cavity arises when you try to print it without infill ... I made the "Non singing remix" to be able to print it just as a shell without any infill.

Thanks Loubie for the Adalinda! :D

Comments deleted.


Please tell me why the ends of the large wings are not sharp? Other elements on the wings of acute and printed without problems.

Thank you!

Is it possible to print Adalinda without supports?


Adalinda prints without supports


Why is there a triangle shaped hole inside it?

Some say that is a flower vase .

I made a remix with no hole

Adalinda: The Non Singing Serpent
by molak34

Very nice design Loubie! One thing I'm wondering. If you look at my "make" of this model, I'm getting very fine texture on the wings and body. Is this part of the model or is that artifacts added by my printer? Personally I think it looks cool but I can't seem to find any other pictures with these details showing.


Adalinda: The Singing Serpent

I suspect it is stolen. I have reported them. Please feel free to do the same and thank you so much for the heads up:-)

Such a fantastic model. Reminded me of the Dragonriders of Pern series from Anne MCcaffrey. I've printed my own Bronze Dragon (well copper coloured really) and maybe a small white dragon in the future. :)

This printed fantastically after 7hrs, however I have to print it again as the tail is very weak and in removing it from the build plate snapped the tail.

Also, though I suspect this is my settings not the model, the raft adhesion was stronger than the front legs so when she came of the build plate, the front feet stayed on. Printing again already, and will be much more careful (plus higher number of perimeters) removing her, and hopefully share a picture or 2 soon

7 hours? You've a much faster printer then I !
over 13 hours in, with an estimated 3 remaining :/ The tail has already broken just below the end 'bulge' too, shame as there was only about 5mm remaining of the tail to print.
I am printing larger, 217mm tall, so that may well account for the additional time, but if the tail failed when printing larger, I've no hope of printing it at regular size!
I vote for a v2 with a thicker tail, or a modification that makes the tail solid for the thinner parts.

Needless to say, I'm printing this for over half a day because I love the design!

This is just beautiful!!!
I want to print it hollow - no infill. But her 'stomach' doesn't touch the bottom, so it would print in mid-air (eg: fail).
Any ideas?

Thank you and I'm glad you like her. Regarding a hollow print; there are people who have done this successfully, but I didn't design her to be printed that way.

I think its Awesome Adalinda is the Prusa I3 MK2 mascot!!!
I sure hope they gave you some credit or royalty for it - you deserve it for such a beautiful model.

Totally terrific.
Printed one scaled to fit in ABS on a Robox, and another full size in PLA on an Original Prusa i3 Mk2.

My grandchildren absolutely love your dragons. I have printed aria half a dozen times so far, and I have printed this one once. They put them into their own stories..Aria (in pink) loves humans and is the defender of the town, while Aria (in red) is her evil twin and plots against the humans but never wins for long because the love of Pink Aria and the humans conquers all.

A green Adalinda has entered the picture but has not changed the balance of power, yet....but my granddaughter asked, specifically for a purple Adalinda. I have no idea how this will change the balance of power, if at all.

I printed Adalinda in light green ABS, rough, 0.2mm layers. I sliced it with Craftware beta, it came out very stringy despite having hop and retraction on.

I have found that Craftware can't slice these dragons without producing a very stringy result. I experimented and determined that Craftware at the current beta level as I write this is simply dropping hops and retractions when jumping from island to island - that is, from leg to leg or from head to wing to head. I have submitted a ticket, we will see what they say. Too bad, I really like the Craftware interface.

It does not drop every retraction, I printed a test pattern and found that it kept most of them, but when I looked at the gcode I could see that the commands to retract and hop the head just were not there.

I am attempting a print of Adalinda in purple ABS, with a 0.6mm layer height, sliced with Cura. The estimated print time is 26 hours. 24 to go.

These are beautiful dragons. Absolutely well done.

I agree that there is an area in the belly that needs support, but I think that a slicer that was designed differently could print those contours without dropping the one or two strands that needed support.

I have an idea for a two part christmas tree topper based on this dragon. Would you mind if I did a rework?

I am very happy your grandchildren enjoy my dragons and make stories up about them. Sort of thing I did as a child, so it's good to see my models are helping the tradition continue:-)

Not had any experience with Craftware, so I can't comment on that. Adalinda is one of one my earlier models, so I was still learning what I could get away with. I think I would design her differently if I were to make her now.

I would love to see how Adalinda would work as a Christmas topper, so please go ahead.

Printing this right now, a beautiful design. However, as someone else pointed out, there is a critical point under the belly where there is an overhang that can't really be printed without supports. I didn't notice before starting the print, so I have a few loose strands of filament there now, but nothing critical and will be easy to fix post print.

I just uploaded a version that solves that overhang


Adalinda: The Non Singing Serpent
by molak34

Thank you so much!! My daughter will love this!

This is one of the most gorgeous designs I have ever seen. Stunning.

do you guys think it is possibile to print without infill?

The model has a throat and "stomach" (you have see this if you cross section it in something like software like Netfabb). Without infill these would be unsupported. Of course, if you don't mind a lot of spaghetti inside your print then it might work, but I certainly didn't design her to be printed without infill, so can't guarantee results.

Good luck!

Why does this model have these features?

Gee - Look what dragon appears on this web site selling 3D printers :) http://prusaprinters.org/original-prusa-i3-mk2-release/

Josef Prusa is a friend of mine and has permission to use Adalinda. Thanks for the heads up though.

I bought a 3d printer for engineering projects, this has added a new dimension to the hobby. Thanks for widening my horizons :-)

She is a thing of beauty.
Almost makes me think of some of the dragons and fire-lizzards from the Anne Mc Caffrey "Dragons of Pern" series of books.
If you like dragons, i can really recommend that series, and since she has passed on her son has taken over that eries and is doing a great job in keeping Pern alive.

Sweet model. Thank you!

She is so beautiful!
And now singing her hymns also in the Norwegian woods.
T h a n k Y o u !

Sounds lovely. Pics?

Does this have much support?

Please read the Thing Details as printing considerations are described there. On a correctly calibrated printer, this model prints without supports.

Can you explain me how to print it correctly? The model has one critical place: the beginning of a chest segment is printing in the air because it has overhang more than 90 degrees.

As a matter of fact, I did read the Thing Details thoroughly. It actually doesn't say anything about support. And thanks for replying so quickly!

"I've had it on my mind for a while to build a dragon, but I wanted to make one that didn't require supports or assembly and here she is."


shrug So it's there. Definitely could've been a lot more clearer.

Heh - fair do's. I have updated the instructions, so it should be absolutely clear:-)

Yeah, that's a lot better. I just want you to know that I wasn't trying to be rude or start a fight, if it seemed like I was coming off that way. It was just an honest question. I tried to read everything in the Thing Details because I noticed in the comments that you said 'The answer is in the Thing Details' and I didn't want to you bug you by being another person who wasted your time just because they didn't read the details clearly. Unfortunately, that's what happened. I'll read them more thoroughly next time. I'm going to hollow out a space in-between her claws and have a second peice that you can put there that kinda like a board with her name. It's on TinkerCAD.

I think that's a cool idea. Why not upload it as a derivation of my model on Thingiverse? I'd love to see it.

And you made a very good point about my instructions not being clear - which is why I updated them:-)

I might. I dunno. I'm not really active on Thingiverse and I don't know how anything works. I might try to figure it out and do something in the future someday though.

what program you use to make the designs?

I put this information in the Thing Info for each of my models. Thanks,

Why, thank you:-)

Your dragon is singing from my bookcase top shelf :). Printed in green PLA.

I just printed this at 120% (176mm) in PLA and it came out fantastic. I think I'm going to do one at 140% next. That should be near the volume limits of my Kossel delta. The detail is definitely there to support it.
I knew by looking that this would be a problem printing in ABS, as most ABS has a tendency to curl at the tips of overhangs even in a fully enclosed machine. The printhead hits those curls on each layer and the risk of breaking is very real.
The PLA print was fairly easy, but definitely benefited from having the layer cooling fan turned up pretty high.


She's been printed in ABS a number of times successfully; although not by me as I hate the fumes. I agree that PLA is an easier filament to print with, although possibly not as versatile. Thank you for your feedback.

Love this model print it all the time ! Great Job!

Thank you - I am glad you enjoy it so much.

Whats wrong with your filament? Did you forget to turn a temperature script off or was that intentional?

:-) I suspect it's more the picture than the filament. That gold was slightly translucent and it's quite hard to photograph without showing some printing artifacts. Also, it was my first attempt at building and using a light box, so I'm sure that didn't help things either. I took a picture of the same model with a flash (which is in the gallery) and the filament looks quite different there.

Everything is a learning experience.

Thank you for letting me know. I am in the process of contacting them.

I really enjoyed printing Adalinda 2% infill PLA in a Sun Gold .She is on my desk and will remain there ,such a gorgeous Serpent.

 Thank You , Al 

I am glad you like her. I saw your make and it looked very good.

Thank you.

Comments deleted.

I asked about using your other dragon in my dragon chess set. May I use her as well? :)

Thank you for your interest, but both Adalinda the Singing Serpent and Aria the Dragon have a non-commercial license which means they cannot be used commercially by anyone other than myself.

An could do better than that --- Medium was acrylic on canvas, studied manimation, not trying to be an advert. (((just sayin'))).

You may want to upload it to YouMagine. I found Aria there, and that printed perfectly! Just warning you about Takerbot. :)

Love this model very well drawn and prints perfectly. I have made several in different colours. Tried to print one in the Colorfabb bronze filament. Printed well but was too fragile when I tried to polish it the wings and tail came off, shame as I think it would look amazing in the material.

Aww! That is a shame as I have a spool of bronzefill and was going to try it for myself. However, she isn't very strong in places and suspected this would happen. Thanks for trying though and I am glad you like her.

Comments deleted.

Seems like more of a dragon than a serpent. I thought serpents were snakes!

You'll find dragons in both legends and modern fantasy fiction referred to as serpents or worms. The old Norse and Anglo-Saxon languages both had a word for worm which meant serpent and dragon - so the two are interchangeable. It is somewhat archaic but not without cultural relevance.

I tried to print this for mothers day, I tried 6 times, but never got it right. I put it away and went on to print other projects. Yesterday I decided to try her again, with everything I had learned since them. I slowed down the printer by 50%, put a little ABS juice on my blue printers tape, crossed my fingers and hit start. 7:43:00 hours later I have a beautiful complete ABS Adalinda. Thanks for the great sculpture.

You're welcome and glad you made a successful print.

Very nice and sturdy design. I'm just wondering, why there is a hole going to her stomach? :)

She was originally designed to be a dragon shaped vase, but I changed my mind. I left the hollowed out mouth and throat i because I think it looks better that way.

Plus I was also too lazy to close it up:-) Glad you like her.

Saves filament too ;)

Thank you for this model and the challenge it presented.
My printer is working much better overall, for having to solve the mechanical issues not noticed before trying to print Adalinda.

+1 I had a fair bit of tuning to get a good print ( part of why I chose it - nice details and some cool overhangs )

Glad to hear she helped with the tuning.

She is SO beautiful! Have printed with ABS at 60% scale at least five times on my Prusa Mendel. Tail tip is a weak spot, but don't change a thing! Looking forward to your future designs....

Awesom design, sadly its almost impossible do print with ABS, tryed it twice with 70% and 100% sice, every time the Wings are breaking, cooling is here not the problem. Going do try Print him a 3rd time with BendLay.

If you look at the makes, you will see quite a few people have printed Adalinda in ABS successfully. If the wings are breaking you may wish to decrease the speed of the print and also check that your bed is completely level, so the model isn't getting knocked during the printing process. Good luck!

I put the picture of your lovely Dragon sat next to a lighter, on the Ormerod Forum, and she's causing quite a stir....
Thanks for sharing her.... Looking forward to printing her in a larger scale soon... Thank you...

This was a flawless make, as said, without supports, it extrudes beautifully. I created mine in PLA on Makerbot 1. Incredible final product.

I printed this at full scale on a Type A Machines at 100um and it came out pretty good. I think the slicer I used, KISSlicer, probably messed with the wings a bit (at the thinnest part of the wings, it caused a rough hole to form) - I'm still trying to dial in the KISSlicer settings for this machine. I plan to print using a Makerbot Replicator 2 for comparison. Congrats on being featured - well deserved.

Does this thing really need to be a 10 meg download and be a model that has over 200 thousand faces?
Note however, I love your work and I am running this off in many sizes in like a green purple and brown gradient filament I made myself to give to the D&D weirdo's I work with. I am just the 3d printing weirdo.

No, it didn't. The sculpting technique I used was flawed and I added in way more geometry than required overall, rather than using dynamic geometry. However, by the time I realized there was a better method, I had almost finished her and didn't fancy starting all over again. Usually, by the time I finish a sculpt or a painting I am ready not to see it again for a while.

I have decimated her though and uploaded the smaller file.

A very nice model. I don't know dragon anatomy all that well but the rear haunches look more rabidity to me than lizardy. Too rounded and not angular enough. Or is that more of the feminine dragon theme going on there, dainty paws and pudgy thighs.

Oh and thank you for the feedback - constructive criticism is always appreciated

constructive criticism is meant for children, adults can use the real thing

Okay - you voiced your opinion and weren't an arse. Is that better?:-)

In order to be able to print her without supports, the base of her thighs had to touch the bed - thus they are chunkier. If I were modelling her more with true lizard anatomy in mind, her thighs would be raised and slimmer, but then they would need supports. The whole purpose of this model was to challenge myself to make something pleasing yet easily printable and not needing post-production work.

However, as dragons don't actually exist, I am also going to use the get out clause that I can make her up as I go along and yes, as a female she would look softer:-)

does it need support material?

No - she prints without support.

Printing one now at 0.7 scale. 3rd time lucky! It was warping and not sticking to bed. But now I have brim turned on so fingers crossed! Would you be a Zbrush user at all?

Hope she prints well this time.

I am not a ZBrush user sadly. I would like to be, but it's just a little too expensive for a hobby. All my models are sculpted in Blender.

Just got done printing this with black ABS and scaled down 50%. It turned out beautifully until I tried to take the raft off and both front arms broke off, haha! Next time I'll be sure to not print with a raft. Great model though!

Oh no! She is a bit delicate but I didn't want to make her limbs more robust because in my mind, she is very much a girl dragon and whilst she should look strong, she should also look graceful. What I do to minimize potential breakage is print slowly and then put the bed with the model on in the freezer for a while: she'll then pop off on her own.

To make sure she sticks to the bed during the print, I use Aquanet hairspray as a fixative if using PLA and that purple glue in a stick for kids if printing with ABS.

Adalinda is about 2 hours into her print and looking great so far :) This is a beautiful model. I would love to learn how to sculpt/model something like this but I have no idea where to begin, can you recommend any tutorials? I use Cinema4D and have used Blender a little too but things I make are not an organic shape like this.

With Adalinda, I made some sketches which I used as guides during the sculpt, so I could keep in mind proportions and her look but using photographs can work just as well. This didn't mean I didn't change things along the way though. Blender is a great bit of software to explore, but can be daunting to start with. I can highly recommend the BlenderCookie site which has some great tutorials using all kinds of building methods (there are a lot) and they are aimed at all levels of experience. There is a paid section to the site but they also offer a lot of free tutorials.


Good luck!

Thanks so much for the link. I just uploaded my make in white ABS. It really is a stunning model and has wow'd everyone in my office. It printed first time really well.

Hooray! Congrats on being featured!

Oh man, it would be cool to print one with its head hollowed out with some small LED's inset for the eyes and space for a coin-battery. Maybe even hollow out the belly area to put a super-bright LED in there to give a hint of the fire / ice / whatever kind of dragon it could be. Really nice model - can't wait to print it.

Thanks - I hope she prints well for you.

The problem with adding in LEDs for the eyes in that her head is small and she has a very slender neck. I suppose the workings could be in her 'stomach' and the lights pulled up through her neck - it's going to largely depend on how small the smallest LEDs are. Mmmm...the model would need to be re-worked - I'll have a think.

I don't really know, but: If you have got a 2 extruder printer, perhaps with a light-conducting (or glow-in-the-dark) filament you can print a type of fiber optics leading from stomach to the eyes? Perhaps you could change the model (perhaps simple openscad) and make a multi material STL, in the core the optical conducting filament, the outer side some light tight filament?
Perhaps it is enough, just to make thin canals and print with light tight filament, after that just put the leds in the stomach?
Some stearin waxes (I think, you should not use paraffine with PLA) have some light conductive attributes, perhaps it works...or take glycerin...I could imagine some really nice looking Adalindas...

First print (PLA) went well until it hit a wing :( I'll try again tonight.

Boo:-( Maybe try printing a little slower? The problem seems to be the detail which means a fast moving head will knock the delicate bits of the model and cause damage. She'll print without support but she isn't the easiest thing to print.

Yeah, I've been getting a lot of prints being knocked off lately. Time to experiment with my travel speeds...

That actually sounds more like your bed isn't leveled properly. I'm sure the speed is a factor, but your print head shouldn't be putting a lot of torque on your models.

What brand/color filament did you use? I used Prototype Supply - gold.

Have had no success printing it in ABS, breaks on around the claws of the wings. Is it an ABS problem, or should I reduce flowrate in order to try to avoid some excess dots causing too much force in the wings, cracking them?

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Is the breakage occurring when you try to remove the print from the bed or during the printing process?

During printing, 12 cm up

Read my updated instructions and look at the green dragon that Riprap printed out: that is in ABS and they make some very good points about not cooling to much with ABS.

ABS is brittle and is prone to snapping with thin or delicate models. I suggest slicing the model to print more slowly so it does get shaken so much when printing the 'fiddly' bits.

I used netfabb to cut the model, and printed the missing top section, then glued. Not as nice, but decent enough for the girls.

The cracking is indeed due to moving to a wing, and hitting it, causing a break. The wings vibrate under the movement speed, and I was using 1.8mm for the filament, so some overflow, making it worse.

what flow rate do you recommend?

This comment has made me correct my instructions. Basically, the deal is that this model will show up any excess material and it will spoil the clarity of the print. I suggest setting up individual profiles for each type of filament you have with precise measurements to ensure that you don't extrude more than needed. With many models you can get away with it, but with this dragon it will have an impact on the overall look.

That said, I am lazy and have been known just to drop the flowrate during a print but I wouldn't advise it.

Very nice work.. you build it very wisely.. i'm sure we can print it without any support... well done

Thank you. Post pictures when you have a print - I would love to see them:-)

Hard to tell on those wings...does this require support?

You shouldn't need supports. Just make sure you have plenty of cooling and keep an eye on your flowrate.