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Warlord Titan

by Erdrick Jul 31, 2017
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So if i scaled this up to 125% and added a church on top, would I be stable? That's the question.

Can anyone help me please? I've nearly finished this build and am having loads of difficulty attaching the Thighs and knees to the Shins. The whole upper torso and pelvis seem to just rest in the knee area whereas most other important joints are pinned precisely into position. My Titans upper body is too heavy to just sit there. The knees peaks don't seem to fit snug into the shins grooves. Is this the problem do you think? Or does the whole area need pinning anyway? Cheers. Dan

Amazing project dude!! truly impressed

I'm having a problem in that the two big humps on the shoulders (the top two pieces of the model) I can't find in the big .zip file. Any way I can get you to tell me what they're called, or if they're not in the zip file, to upload them?

The "Thing Files" tab has visualizations of each individual part. The ones you're looking for are Shoulder_Blade_L and _R.

Hi I need help printing the shin armor plates they arent printing correctly when it gets to the top details it is like they dont have any infill

Could you post a picture?

Short answer
the 3d model contains errors and need to be fixed. some slicers might know how to slice it but not all.

Long answer
I had a look at the STL files for one of the pieces and like Erdrick writes it is composed of different parts. the "base plate" is a solid object but the detailes on top of it are are not solid, all the details are missing the surface towards the "base plate". the slicer wants a solid object without holes to understand what to do.

Second best is that every part should be solid, no holes no mater how smal.
Best is if everything is one object and everything is connected. (not grouped or merged but one solid piece)

Also if you have a model containing several objects make sure they don't overlap because at least some slicers counts every surface as going from outside object to inside object or the other way around. so if you model two cubes and overlap there corners your print will have a empty space in the overlapping area.

could be do to the slicer thinking those blocks are different objects and are trying to create supports for them rather than connecting them as one single object. If you open up the stl in blender I believe it will show them as two separate non connecting pieces. You could try using another slicer, or if you're skilled enough you could attempt to remove the touching faces and connect the blocks.

I saw similar problems when my extruder drive wheel/roller wore out. Have you seen this problem on other parts?

Nope only on those two

I have the same problem and after slicing them apart I saw what you can see in the screenshot. The top layer is not connected to the rest of the object, my printer did not connect it and the print was ruined.

will try to fix it

Any chance anyone has tried to scale this down to 8 mm/AT scale?

So, I'm also new to printing, and have done the math and have determined that, for my purpose, the starting cost of a 3d printer will never outweigh the fact that a single Warlord titan is $600-$2000. That being said, would you know what the largest single part is? I'd prefer to keep the digital hack saws to a minimum. If you don't it's fine, but I really don't want to look through 145 files to determine size.

The largest part is Core.stl.

Im new to 3d printing, and am looking at getting the Ender3 as my first printer. Is that printer big enough to print all the pieces to this model?

Hi this is fantastic,
Im currently 1/3 of my way through printing one myself, any chance of different weapons choices ?
Power fist, chainfist, gattling blaster ?

would be awesome and thanks for such an amazing set of files and eventual model :)

Is there any way to cut this thing up and make it into a proper 28mm 1/58th scale? It's amazing, but that would make it pure perfection.

It is 28 mm scale - the Lucius-pattern Warlord was always taller than the Mars-pattern. https://i.imgur.com/DxpAqZH.jpg

So, I'm part way through printing this (will post a make once she's printed and painted) and just realised something marginally disappointing, the catwalks and doors... They're far too small for a standard (what even is the official scale?) sized model to stand on or use... Even if this were scaled up to be the size of an emperor titan on table, it wouldn't be large enough... Still loving the print and learning a TON about my printer (considering this is my first major project) and printing in general, cheers for the work cutting this!

The model looks to be "6mm artscale", if such a thing exists. Similar to this classic artwork: https://i.imgur.com/2oqz9ZM.jpg

However, it still works for 28mm 40K. All of the tiny doors become maintenance hatches instead, large enough to get an arm in to work on something but not large enough to crawl into. The large doors in the armpit region could work as ingress/egress hatches. The catwalk is a bit out of place, but you can simply leave it off.

the way i see it is that the hatches are like the hatches on stuff like land raiders. smaller than they should be

True, but the hatches I'm referring to are about the size of a model's head. That really stretches the suspension of disbelief that is usually applied to other vehicles.

oh right. yeah what you said made sense now

I was just thinking of the one hatch at the back

From what I've had a look at today, I'd say the model itself is probably actually super close to a Apocalypse Class Titan in epic scale :3

hey just a quick question? you didnt make this right? an identicle model in full size was posted 2 months earlier then this one? just wondering because... i mean all the licenses are changed? if you did make it yourself then no problem! awesome work either way thank you!

it's a remix of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2328976

he sliced the files into components and patched errors. and added things like the triangle slots to hold it together.

Lucious Pattern Warlord Titan 40K

had an issue with the shin. i think it was because it was actually 4 parts trying to be done at once. so i went into 3dsmax and pulled it apart and fixed a few poly errors. printed all 4 parts with no major issues, except forgetting to put support/everywhere on for the triangle hole. I am not sure why nobody has had this problem, but it may be my machine/and or settings. but will include the file for anyone who might have this issue in the future. i did the head first to get an idea of size, and only had a problem with support clean-up. overall i think this is a fantastic model and will post any future files to help us newbs out. keep up the good work.

Hi, i've been struggling with this ankle for a while, thanks for the fix! i don't suppose you have the file for the opposite side too please?

This is a fantastic fixed file, thank you

What kind of issue did you have with the shin?

My machine didn't want to print it as one piece. It printed the disk, with the recess for the ankle joint first, then tried to print the joint, which it couldn't do with the recess.

is there something wrong with the head file? I printed it and I got layer shift in about 6 different places. nothing is wrong with my printer the bands are all tight ect. Will reprint and see how it goes.

Would love to get started on this. Whats the largest part? Any pointers on the bed size needed?

I am about 90% done with mine and other then a few little problems with the shins I have not had any real problems with it. It is a beast of a model and it has been absolute fun to build.

Is there a full model available for rescaling and use with EPIC?

I don't have one, and besides it would not be practical to print this model for epic scale. When going that small there is too much detail that no extruder could handle.

Best option would be to try other titans that were designed for epic scale.

Epic Scale Lucius Pattern Warlord Titan
Warlord Titan Remix
Warmaster titan

I love the work you've done with this.

it would be super cool if some one was to remix this with all the files set up to be printed, theres just so much that doesnt lay flat or cant really be printed easily otherwise its awesome, i have both my printers working on it

Or even more, if someone added servo placements etc so you could actually make it move. How cool would that be?!

Been thinking of doing that, but will require major adjustments or remakes of joints. Also going to redo some of the upper to make it hollow for weight reduction. Have already redone the main foot bottom so there is no separate piece between it and the toes.

Absolutely incredible work! I'm just starting out, 20 minutes into the first piece.

Wish me luck!!

Plus, there's a fair price difference between 3 rolls of filament and the £930 price tag for the original. At least this way you get to feel like you're almost working in the forgeworlds, building from the ground up! lol

awesome work, but as site note with 3 foot 91cm the model is to big.


thanks for this! great job!

You do realize this is undersized for 28mm play. I have seen one that claims to be to scale, and it's feet each fill a barstool, yes he had it standing on 2 barstools.

Perhaps for a puny Mars Pattern. The Tech priests on Lucius know how to make a real God Engine of War!

You are right. I went back and checked the model. It Is 650mm / 25.5" tall.

This is very nice,I have a question if it is not to much trouble, roughly how much material is needed to print this?

The whole print took roughly about 3(1kg) rolls.

I have to ask, what slicer did you use simply3d and mattercontrol have been having a hell of a time with some of these parts

Just the default software that comes with the Makerbot 5th Gen

Yeah I do not have good planes to print from seems like the flat surfaces aren't. I am also getting a lot of floating parts in the raise reliefs. So far it really hasn't stopped me but I am also wrestling with the size of the shoulders and warping. I tried to slice the lower shoulder down to reduce the long edges and give myself a good print surface but Meshmixer isn't playing nice with the file either.

You are correct on that. I had to use rafts for some prints. But even with the unevenness, everything fits together as it should.

So is the a coupling between the frontplat and the head or are the pistons the only thing holding the head on?

The pistons are the only thing holding the head on. Which is confusing because how does anyone get into the head?

Awesome work will have to start printing this after war hound is finished....looking forward to the weapons, hopefully by them I have done some printing of this warlord titan

what is it's full height?

printed the head of the warlord and a few settings were just out, will reprint as the detail eagle on the head didn't come out.

Still looks awesome.....will be printing for awhile on this one.

Full height is about 3 foot ish.
Exact height is 649.823mm tall

Awesome work
god damn i need an bigger printer :D

Approximately, when arms and weapons will be released?
I'm very interested by your project :)
what weapons you think to make? Bellicosa volcano? plasma/melta cannon? Saturnine lascutter or others??
Thank you for you work.

Someone made a weapon and new head, but no way to mount them to this model unfortunately.

I should be done with the arms/weapons in about 2-3 weeks ... ish. Give or take.
I don't know a whole lot about 40k. Mostly I am doing this for a friend, and then am sharing the joy with the public.
The guns that will be used are what ever these guns are --> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2328976

Lucious Pattern Warlord Titan 40K

Cool! Classic layout with two bellicosa volcano cannon and two laser destructor on shoulders
How much heavier is this model at the moment? (i need this information to estimate how much plastic i will need)

Just in time, I was running out of legs to print lol

Hello Erdrick, again many thanks for that work.
At moment i still print all Parts, i try them in ABS, my first big expiriance with it :-)

May I ask you for one. I am not realy happy with the cutline in the Shin Parts.
Did you can upload the full part "shin" left and right sides

Many thanks to you.

I can see about fusing the 2 shin parts for you. There really isn't a left or right on this as you can print the right one, and then mirror it to make the left. So if I can get this done you will get 1 shin and then you can mirror it to make the other one.

Looking great. Is there anything we can help with?

Actually I am getting pretty close to being done.
Right now I need to finish printing out the torso bits, and make sure it all goes together properly.
Then the last thing I need to do is slice the guns.

Better get myself printing then. I feared this project was abandoned so hadn't started yet. Looking forward to it.

I so look forward to seeing it and printing it.

gotta ask, whats the height of those legs in the pic?

Height of the legs are roughly 370mm / 14.5"
Width spans about 450mm / 18"
With each foot being about 220mm / 8.5"

This is fantastic. Have begun to print this. Looking forward to see the rest of this beast.

Can't Wait For the upper body printing the last piece of this right now

Heads up, upper body is ready :D

Ya I'll be making this when its done haha

Amazing Work and thank you for that, pleaso go on and do not Stop.

Dude, this project rocks! Thinking I am going to make to print the whole thing when it's finished. Great job!