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Nerf Stryfe (UltraStryfe) Brushless Motor Cage & Wheels (Gen 3)

by Ultrasonic2 Jul 31, 2017
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Do you need a cw and ccw motor or just cw's?

where are the files for the wheels themselves?

Read the thing details

any chance of there being one for the modulu ecs 10?

I could also make a stock for it too then

Sure ..if someone wants to send me one... I dont have one of those .. and being "Free" downloads i dont make enough cash to buy blasters i have no intention of using..

ok. the modulus is way too much to ship. but thanks

Why use BHeli instead of SimonK?

why use simonk ? .. there was alot of scare mongering about BLheli .. which turned out to be false ... OR you could say was fixed in Blheli_32 .. there are many reasons to use Blheli_32 over simonk .. but i can't think of any the other way around...
you can use simonk if you want..

join the FB group if you want it's better than this for discussing this kind of thing


I have ordered all parts from the list but I am having problems flashing the ESCs. BLHELISuite won't connect. I checked that they have power but otherwise they are dead - no LEDs, no beeps. Anybody has an idea what could be wrong?

good point - just had a look there and there's tons of good information. will try to flash via arduino. thanks for all your work mate. this is really a fun project!

Any chance we could have access to STEP files or another editable file type?


I wanna go ahead and build this too, but I wonder about some things.

  1. does the darts fly straight? high fps is fine but I am afraid that the darts will not be able to fly good with that amount of power
  2. what are the ranges?
  3. will I be able to print it over on i3 pursa mk3 what materials are recommended ? (planning to order one soon)

thank you very very much you have made an awesome work

Hats off to you for prividing such a thorough resource for the next level of flywheel modification. This is fantastic mate, WELL DONE!

I plan on doing this mod using RCX h2205 2950kv motors, since I have a few of those laying around. Link: http://0.klet.st/RCX2205-2950kv Would you minde sharing the original files you designed the cagewheel with? Diameter of the RCX motors is 26.6mm.

Hello i believe we have discussed these motors on the FB page

Hello, can anybody tell me the size of the screws to fix the motors to the flywheel cage ? thanks

I think you'll find the long ones are m3 8mm

okay, let's hope those are given with the motors ! I have a nice build coming, I'll post pics when it's finished ;)

Yeah use the bolts that come with the motors

These are M5 nuts. Be aware that the motors suggested have one with CW threading and one with CCW threating.

I'm a little new to all this but I'm collecting a rapidstrike this evening and wondered whether this mod would fit it?

HI No unfortunately it dose not even come close to fitting... im intending on doing one though... sub scribe to my thingiverse page to receive updates

take a look at this : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2561650 he finally released it !

Nerf Rapidstrike Brushless Motor Setup (Gen 3)

I've already seen it! Hoping to get a version which suits the motors I have to see how well that turns out

Hi! Do you have recommendations for higher-torque motors (at same RPM or better) without shell cutting still?

Also i could not find any motors at the same or More RPM KV... it is these ones or nothing

The recommended motors are crazy high torque .. instant on..thats why we use out runners and not shell cutting is required

where can I have the code for arduino?

Hi it is part of the Thing files.. i have updated the description to make it all a bit clearer

got it , thanks

How much of a difference did printing in 100 micron vs 200 micron make for the flywheels?

Great designs printed the whole stryfe front end & fits like a glove printing the flywheel cage nxt what do you need to run the motors never used these before always used stock or rhinos

The video was actually longer but i ran out of space on the camera and i didn't notice... Im going to make another video and upload the code here .. but in short emax lightning ESC's and controlled via Arduino .. I haven't done this yet i'll let you know..

Can you upload some pics of your creations as Makes please..

Right new Files and Video Added

hi boss, can i get the stl file for the cage? :D wonderful work btw~

Sorry my bad i have uploaded the wrong file.. I will sorry that out soon

The cage is there, though has the original name of 41.5mm but it is narrower than that

nice :D but i can only see the wheel in the 'thing file' section

yip getting there.. im still at work ..

haha ok boss. thanks for the quick respond :)

Ive uploaded it now... sorry about that

Built something similar a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxKUhkKXHo8
What kind of electronics did you use? I used 2 ESCs, reflashed them and an extra attiny to supply the pwm signal - very crude but it works good enough that suddenly peace broke out at the office ;)