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Nintendo Switch Joy Con Drink Holder

by sanzliot Jul 29, 2017
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I had problems slicing it with S3D. Logo is messed up, and it turns out that one side (or coud be even both) just detaches from the cup.
Can't make a photo as I already disposed it, but here is S3D screenshot made from another PC with the same model
Any ideas?

Solved myself(thanks, Google!)
Reason: S3D sees self intersecting surfaces (Repair - Identify self intersecting surfaces. It highlights the very edges I had problem with)
Solution: Mesh - Separate connected surfaces. It splits the model as several lillte models, but at least now it is sliced as expected

Doesn't truly work. Printed it and because there is no 'latch' for the joycons it doesn't lock into place, meaning any weight put into it makes it slide out and onto the floor. I may remodel this.

I have a new version with the latch and new logo, just haven’t published it yet.

Any chance you will publish the updated one soon?

When will you publish it?

Is there any way to change the angle of the controllers? If you flatten them a bit more (maybe 20 more degrees) it would be more comfortable while sitting on the couch without spilling the drink. Also, it would keep the controllers from coming out due to the weight of the drink. The angle would help it stay together. I've been trying to learn Fusion 360 just because of this model so I could do it myself. But it turns out I suck at that...

Could sliding the joy-con into the rough plastic damage it?

Oh no, how terrible! How DARE someone try to sell a 3d printed item. I know! Let's sue them! Sue them all!

You seem to be ignoring the actual issue. It's not that he's selling a 3D printed item, it's that he's selling something under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license that they don't own. That's intellectual property theft.

Well it breaks the copyright license on the item, so yes it is a problem. Those sellers could be sued if the creator of this would like to.

Can confirm. Saw people talking about this on Facebook, hopefully OP has taken a look at this!

Not all heroes wear capes

WOW COOL!!66666
Why you so smart!

Question, I printed this on my Da Vinci Jr 1.0 and had no issues with the actual printing of it, but the rails for the joycon don't seem to be compatible with my joycon. The joycon get stuck on the holder. Any suggestions?

Nvm, I figured it out!

What did you do to get them to fit just sand?

I am giving this as a gift. Can you suggest on how to sand because I don't have the controllers?

Unfortunately, it will be extremely hard to tell in my opinion without the switch joycons to test it.

What I did was I would try to put my joycon on it, take them off, sand, and basically keep testing till I had a decent amount of tension so the print didn't slide when I actually had a drink in it.

In the image provided I am pointing to the part you want to sand, but you will have to do both sides of the rail to get the best results.

This thing is great for motion controls

hey guys can we get a trademarked name on this? how bout the "switch 'n' sip"

hi there! does anyone knows where can i find one like that?? u.u or how can i do it ???

You print it. This is thingiverse.

Well done! you saved me about $60

awsome but it works but if you print it on high speed it messes it up really bad

You are my hero! I wish I thought of this first.

Tried to print one, but the sides don't appear to be connected to the cup body when slicing in simplify3d? one side has a larger gap than the other.

EDIT: the model has a problem on the switch logo on the left side where the circle part sticks out, I ran it through https://tools3d.azurewebsites.net/ and it fixed the problem... printing now!

Can we get an adjustable Version for different can- and bottlesizes? I'd love to print an augustiner-beer version of it. The bottles diameter is 70.5mm.

Would be so awesome and of course i'd send you a photo of the finished print.

That's a good idea, I should also make an energy drink size one one.

I printed this (Monospace Mini Select V2) and while I don't think I'll ever use it as a drink holder, it keeps the JoyCons at the PERFECT angle to play with it set on my desk. Brilliant!

Very nice. Terrapin Sound Czech too. I live right outside of Athens. Great beer.

nice :) I just updated the .stl which fixes a small logo artifact on the right side of the logo

That appears to be where the mesh hole was that was causing me slicing problems. in the Circle part of the switch logo that sticks out according to meshmixer ( so left side when looking at it from the front ).. But I just downloaded the file today aug 15th. Microsofts netfix thing fixed it for me though.

Love your design! Anyway you could update the tolerences a little? With a drink in hand the weight causes the joycons to fall out.