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Garud-500 DIY Drone

by VarunHeta Jul 27, 2017
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Hi guys ,
I have motors from range (2212 920KV Brushless Motor ), but wires from motor are going little bit from bottom and after to side so I think because of this cables I ll need use some kind of spacer right between arm a motor. Do you guys solve this wires issue by editing model ? Or what you suggest to do with it ? Anyway best looking drone model here in Thingiverse. Also fusion 360 files will be nice to easier modify it. Thanks

Hi great design could you share your fusion 360 files please

Hey Sean,

FC and friends sit inside the frame and I keep my battery on top.
Thanks for the feedback.

Good stuff. One other question, the stack mounting slots seem to be 36mm apart. All my FCs are 30.5mm spacing. What's best practices there? I can easily whip up an adapter, but wondering if there was some process I was missing.

I always use a double sided tape to mount my FC on the base plate. It provides the right amount of damping as well, nylon nut bolt never worked for me.

Where are you putting your FC and friends? On top in a box or in between? I would put the battery inside to keep the lowest CG, unless the battery doesn't fit. I designed a GPS mast for this (as you've probably seen) and I may design a simple 30.5x30.5 FC / Receiver box and camera mount for it over the next couple days. It's one of the more elegant and robust quads I've seen around here.

This is a cool stuff. How did you power your flight controller? Did you directly connect to the lipo battery?

how did you build it?

Can anyone recommend a good battery for a longer flight time?

I made some additional parts for my setup. They can be found at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2995449

I'll post a make when I get it rebuilt. (I'm a terrible pilot and it's seen some crashes.)

Garud-500 Addons
by 1ceman

Awesome Design which needs so little pieces... Definetly will try this one with the Parts I still have home but probably I will modify it a bit according to my needs.

Thanks for sharing

I opened the STL files in Fusion 360 and the base is like 10 feet long. There must have been a resizing issue with my files. Do you have a fix?

Fusion 360 imports stl an order of magnitude too big. Scale it by 0.1 and it'll be correct.

I would not suggest to open the stl files directly in Fusion. You might want to check the files in slicer, i am sure it will work perfectly there.

Thanks, that fixed it.

On another note, what brushless motors did you use? what would you recommend? I'm new to this.

Cool, I used Sunnysky 2218 980kv motors. You can check the description to know more about BOM

Comments deleted.

Printing this now. What length of 5m screws you using?

20 mm works fine.

Have you tried to add a POV camera ? If so did you make any mounts? I am printing the frame now. (2 more parts to go) They look amazing. I would like to add a POV camera. Do you have any ideas for that?

Thanks! Great model!!

Hey Jmd3,

I haven't tried a POV camera with this drone but this definitely sounds like a cool idea. Would you like to share your camera details? I will design the mount accordingly.

Thank you

Hello VarunHeta, I have printed all of the parts in PETG, and everything has come together smoothly on the 3DP end of the project. I am now onto selecting my BOM, and came across a question that I couldn't seem to find an easy answer to on google. To provide battery power to your four ESC's, did you simply solder them all onto a breadboard, and then feed off a single T-connector to the battery pack?

Thanks for the fun project!

I received all of my motors and ESC's in the mail today. My motors are the SUNNYSKY 980KV, which I noticed from your pictures you used the same ones in one of your builds as well.

My issue is that the screws to mount the motors to the arm are too short to go all the way through the arm and into the motor, also the mounting plate is not sized correctly with the drone design for it to be mounted using the plate. What suggestions do you have? In your pictures it seems like your SUNNYSKY's are mounted seemlessly. Tips?


Hey BenderPrints,

Yes, i used Sunnysky 980 Kv with my drone and it came with 8mm mounting screws.
Can you share your motor connector photo with me via email varunheta@gmail.com

Mine fits perfectly, not sure what issue you have in your mounting plate.
Happy to help!

Hi, du you have the weight on this drone without electronic? It looks nice! :)

Hi Mariusvk99,

500gm is the overall frame weight with 65% infill in PLA material.

Hey VarunHeta, Do you have any videos of it in flight?

Hey BenderPrints,

I will get one video of it very soon. Sorry for my late replies, I was completely disconnected from Thingiverse from past two months.

hello VarunHeta & community

I am a long time thingiverse lurker first time poster here

I really really like this design I think it is quite inspired (hence why I chose this one) please don't take the below as an insult

I have printed one of these airframes and had some difficulty assembling it (issues outlined)
basically all issues stem around the fastening positions of the top and bottom plates to the legs

both the top and bottom plate countersinks/risers needed to be drilled out to 9mm as the heads of the bolts I used (m5 x 15) the heads wouldnt bed down as they are clearly intended to. also this design will not accept a conventional hex headed bolt (due to bolt head positions being shouldered).

now the arm/arms - these suffer from a similar issue the slots where the nuts are intended to go are also undersize and would not take a conventional hex head nut - I presume that is what you intended on the main page as you didnt specify a nut type I take that to mean it takes standard nuts. Sadly this is not the case the slots need to be 8mm deep (top to bottom) and 5mm wide (left to right) they are currently around .5mm undersize in both width and depth.

these issues make assembly require tooling (custom fabricated nuts and a drill press to open up the countersinks).

by the looks of things I am the first person to print your design and I really like it - it is very rigid and in my opinion it really looks good. Hopefully the following very minor issues can be addressed. okay now thats the issues out of the way I propose a modification to the legs

as it currently is there is no protection whatsoever for the wires that need to run along the underside of the arms to the motors - two raised ridges from leg end to motor end would give the wires a channel to be glued into to offer them some protection in the event the drone clips something - it would be quite bad if the wires on one of the legs snag something and get ripped out.

theres my thoughts on this design thus far and I hope someone with the skills can implement these changes.

Printed on a prusa i3 btw

Hello Wayne,

Thank you for the appreciation and your kind feedback.
I would like to share some of my insights to the issues highlighted by you :)

It seems like your quad frame is undersized and that's probably due to bad calibration of 3D Printer or slicing error. I would request you to print this on a different 3D printer because I myself have printed up to 10 frames using a Makerbot Replicator and the assembly worked like a charm, I had the similar issue while slicing the parts using Makerbot Print and printing them on Flashforge Creator Pro. My entire design was downscaled by 90% automatically which led to problems with assembly.

I would suggest you try and mount the motors. I am sure you will find difficulty in positioning the screws as well. You can perhaps share the dimensions of your printed parts. I am also adding one drawing file of the arm and top plates.

thankyou VarunHeta for your response - I measured the lower deck at its widest part and it is around 195mm - is this incorrect?
the motor mounts/arms are around 185mm from flat back edge to motor center hole - is this incorrect?

Allright, i tracked the issue. I used Fusion 360 to directly export the file for slicing during my test prints. But when i exported the top and bottom deck it was my previous iteration in which two screw connectors are of 9mm size and rest 8.2mm. Thats the reason you experienced that assembly issue.
Sorry for my bad, i have updated the files, you can try now. It should work fine now. :)

Thankyou for the update :) that should solve the screw heads not bedding down into the shoulders - but can you please check the slots in the legs where the nuts go - these too were undersize sadly (a nut wouldn't fit in there) they are also a fraction too small

Thanks again :)

I have updated two photos of the arm and upper deck assembly. Just give it a look, i hope that will help you.

Sure, the M5 nuts i am using fits perfectly within the arms. Btw this slot is not meant for lock nuts.

I am not using lock nuts either just standard off the shelf nuts to suit the m5 bolts and they don't fit - maybe the ones on sale in Australia that I got are a different size (they shouldn't be) but perhaps they are - I will subject them to some measurements with a set of verniers and advise on the size

Dimensions looks correct! The arm length is 205mm from one edge to the motor connecting edge. Let me check my stl again, i hope i am not missing anything in my design.