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Articulating, Wall-Mounted, Magnetic Phone Mount

by doctriam Jul 23, 2017
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Hi! Thank you for sharing the files with us
The world need more people like you!

Wow... I've searching something like this for a long time... Well made and polished... Well done dude!!!

Man I wish the anchor was a clam instead, other than than is perfect

Have a look in the makes. I designed an convection part for a clamp

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The tolerances are really bad in my case. Nothing fits together well and the screws don't screw on because they aren't big enough

Hello mate nice work, is it possible to share one of the articulated arm on stp file please ?

Anyone else seeing Gladdos in this?

I wasn't but now I do and I would love to make it happen!

Hello everyone, i'm printing the last of the pieces out now, can someone tell me how many pieces i need of the (wall mount nut) / (knob) please, I can't tell by the pictures

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I modified it to fit under IKEA lack using no additional bolts for a light ring.
I had to increase the knob size 2% (scale by 102%) to make the threading work.
I also had to file the inside of the wall mount so the bolt can slide through it.
Otherwise works great.
Will post my remixed parts later.
Thank you doctriam

Great Idea!!! I loved it!

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As others have asked, wondering if you can share the source files. I specifically want the magnet holder so I can use different sized magnets. I could edit the STL, but that is a royal pain. Nice project!

Did you share a source file? If so, I'm not seeing it. Thanks!

It's the link I added to the Summary under Thing Details

I love this design! One of my favorites! I made a video about the make.


I am using sketchup to edit the stl file for some changes but seem like Arm_threaded.stl file is not water tight. is there anyway you can share the native file? thanks, great work by the way...

Added link to downloadable file. Good luck.

Can you share the fusion 360 design using a public link? I want to make an iPhone holder. If you can't share the whole thing perhaps just the male/female connectors with the threads and grooves on would be really useful.

I finally added the public link in the description.

Comments deleted.

how many of each parts are needed?? i want the basic kit and then add more arms as i get the perfect size

combine this with an inalambric charger, and BOOM!

I stumbled across this the other day. Got me in the mindset to finally check my messages on thingiverse. Pretty cool.

How thick are the magnets? I see they are .5 in in diameter but how thick? I can't seem to find those exact ones so ill jus try to find some neodymiums in the same/ similar size

The magnets should be up to 6mm thick for the original model. The ones I bought on Amazon were 12mm diameter and 3mm tall so I'm editing that piece to fit the magnets correctly

lol its a bunch of pieces

is there any way we can get 1 more piece, Threaded and/or unthreaded that allows the same pivot action given by the wall mount but like... applied somewhere 3/4th into the length? my roommate cant mount this right over his head due to wall restrictions. if we could get just 1 link piece that has another pivot motion like the wall mount does, that'd be PERFECT! ^.^ OOR ORR!!! this would be even Better! ...if possible... ( example- Wall mount is set so it pivots in the Horizontal axis. while a short Link can Pivot point BOTH vertically on one end & horizontally on the other. ) what do you think OP?

Hello, I'm on Windows 10 and I downloaded the files but I cant seem to be able to open them with Fusion 360, the .stl files dont show up within the Fusion file import. Any suggestions?

Great jobs Doctriam its awesome !
I download all parts except the wall mount , I need it for update my camera tripod.
Thanks alots

this is very cool. I am printing at 50% infill and it is very solid! thanks!

i'm currently printing this for my mini computer :)

Let me know how it works out.

it turned out great! ill bet you get crazy tolerance on your machine as i had to sand down a few parts. i'm printing on my cr-10.
did you print this on yours?

No, I did mine using an Anet A8 and a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus. I didn't have the CR-10 at the time. Saw the pics; nice job!

For people out there that don't have access to magnets that exact size and dont want to commit to putting double sided tape on your phone, I bet you could print out a phone case for your phone and hot glue it to the mount ( FYI I haven't printed one, this is just a suggestion)

You could probably pull the Mount model and case into 3d builder and merge them to print as one piece. I'm actually toying with this idea and a pi3 case for my enclosure

Not a bad suggestion. I'd like to know how well that holds if someone does it.

I actually created something similar in tinkercad. I took the OP phone magnet piece and cut off the magnet part that touches the phone and merged it with a clip for my phone to slide into horizontally. Worked out great, also doubles as a phone stand!

How hard would it be for someone to put a c clamp instead of the base mount that screws into the wall.

i might try to put this clamp on the base or something bigger.

G-Clamp fully printable

That would be really cool. Let me know if it works for you.

Not sure. You could either edit the file yourself or maybe bolt one of the pieces to something that can be clamped. If I get some time between work and school, I might give it a try, but it may be faster if someone else with more free time can take a stab at it.

Hi, what application do you use to create the 3D model?

how many of each part should i print

I did:
Arm - Threaded (x2)
Arm - Unthreaded (x2)
Short Arm - Threaded (x1)
Short Arm - Unthreaded (x1)
Knob (x7)
Everything Else (x1)

You can try more, but I haven't tried to test the breaking point. For each new section of Arm or Short Arm, you should just need 1 knob.
Note that, in the picture of it mounted to the wall, I had not added the short arms. So, to match the picture, do:
Knob (x5) and remove the Short Arm sections altogether.

thank You, Ill send you a pic when its done

Please do. I'd definitely like to see how it works for other people. Mine has been working out great.

This is very nice! By the way, the fear of being crushed by a television in your sleep is called telesquishosomnophobia, I think. There are support groups!

I should definitely seek some help for that problem.

What filament did you use? PLA, ABS, nGen or something else?
And that turquoise color you have there is great. Who makes it? (Is it Polylite PLA Teal?)

I used PLA. It's a brand called Inland, but I can't recommend the Light Blue PLA. I don't know if it's the batch or that specific color, but the flow rate was inconsistent. I've had good luck with their PLA before, but this particular roll was really hard to work with.

Thanks for the reply. I have Polymaker Polylite True Gray and Teal and will try it today. I have some ideas for some mods/remix I might make to hold some other interesting stuff if I can find the time. Thanks for the fun model.

If you do any remixes, definitely share them. I'd like to see what other people can come up with.

If you'd like to encourage remixing, please share some editable CAD files - STEP, IGES, ... or the Fusion360 sharing link - which would be the easiest.

-> Right click on the model in Fusion360 sidebar, and "Share Public Link"

That would be awesome!

I finally figured out sharing files from Fusion 360, so I added it to the description. Sorry it took so long. Got really busy with work and school.

Out of curiosity, how do you like the Polymaker PLA? I found a store near me that sells it.

Awesome work! I can't seem to find the plate that mounts to the wall in the download.

Looking into it now, and I'm reuploading a couple of parts in the correct orientation. Should be ready in the next 10 or 20 minutes.

Cool man. I will put this on the docket. Will upload my make later this week and link it here. Thanks!

I'm excited to see it. I changed some of the info in the print settings. Essentially, keep the parts oriented as they are in the file, and use supports touching the build plate.

I can't edit my post on the phone, but I will add this info when I get to a computer. Parts with threaded rod print sturdier on their sides using support and 20% infill. In cura, use supports Touching Build Plate