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Plantygon - Modular Geometric Stacking Planter for Succulents

by printfutura Jul 23, 2017
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Supports does not really seem to be dependent on your printers ability, it's impossible in the default position.

Wowww its so creative

This design is brilliant! Thank you so much for creating and sharing this.

love the idea of stacking them!

Cheers keep up the good work!

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Hey! how well would this work if i scaled up? i needed a slightly bigger one but almost every time i try to scale other things up it doesnt work out.. (even with supports) i dont think i have enough filament for a practice one but i still want to do it haha

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Print this upside down if you don't want overhangs on the edge of offsets on closed walls, or you can use supports but it is not necessary.

Is anyone else having problems with layering around the drain holes? I've printed 2 so far and the area around the drain holes looks extremely messy.

Are you printing without supports? I think you need supports (Touching Buildplate) for that area...otherwise the extruded walls print in thin air.

Hi, can be scaled at 50, 75 %?
I have smalls succulents, and this is way too big

They can be scaled down but depending on your printer's tolerances the interlock fit might be a bit snug.

My succulents have outgrown mine by now so I'm reprinting a set scaled up!

Thanks, I will try

Hello all,,,! Is it possible for the printing to take almost 8 hours for each one? go 4 hours 22 minutes for less than 50 percent right now.
My printer is Prusa i3
Thank you

Mine leaks horribly (the one without holes) any idea how to get them more waterproof?

I havent made this planter but I have made a few different ones. I use Titebond III wood glue and brush that on the inside of them. Its waterproof and FDA approved for indirect food contact. I got it from homedepot.

I print mine with pretty thick layers, which may help. You could try adjusting your infill overlap % or flow multiplier.

This is so cool - great design and fun to work with. Thank you!

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Some things I noticed with these:

  1. Print upside down if you dont want to use supports, the areas that will sag are the areas that will be covered with dirt anyways
  2. Plant might outgrow quickly but you can always scale these up and they scale nicely.
  3. Kind of sturdy, be careful when stacking them.
  4. at 140% scale they take about eight hours to print. Maker Select V2 w/ Mods

isn't pla bidegradable

PLA, unless specially modified, is not biodegradable. It's derived from corn, thus it's considered a "sustainable" material. It does absorb moisture, which will make it somewhat less stiff, also not terribly UV resistant (unless black). But it should be quite durable for this print, esp. indoors.

Yeah, but maybe spray with a protective coating or sealant first before adding dirt?

Mine have held up pretty well without coating/sealants, but you could coat them with brush-on epoxy or concrete sealant if you want to protect them. The plants I've used don't require frequent watering which has probably helped.

Excellent idea but ... what if the plant overgrow ? :P
Design one with removable top :P

About how long would one of these take?

Quick recommendation make one with the drain holes that come out only one or 2 sides

Yes! One side should be enough!

Updated now! One side and two (opposing) side versions available.

these look very nice i will definetly print them but how big are these

They are 100mm^3. I've had luck with scaling them and still having the interlock work between 75%-125%

Your plants are going to outgrow their plantygons quickly, which you might be able to remedy with a more hollow-ish plantygon to stack below and above.

The hollow-ish is a nice idea :)

They would likely grow sideways after hitting a wall/ceiling and exit the plantygon towards the sunlight.

Or just scale them up and print bigger ones!