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Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 40mm Fan Shroud

by keco185 Jul 24, 2017
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I had also problems with fixing with the original clips, so I have moved the holders 2 mm. Now it holds tight. Attached is the modified STL for others with the same problem.

Thanks for the initial design of this fan shroud !

Great fan shroud! cools great.

Hello Keco. That is great design! Thanks a lot.

Just wondering if you dont have problem with original clips or anybody. It does not hold shroud tight to head and has 1mm play. I have bough my v2 week ago, not sure if something changed. Maybe that left, right nib to move 2mm away from head body?

I have the same issue. Just bought my V2 a few days ago, and the stock clips leave ~1mm of play between the heatsink frame and the shroud. Going to see if I can whip up / find a spacer that will help close it up. Otherwise totally loving the dimensions on this thing!

For what it's worth, I just printed and installed this shroud on my V2. There is zero play. I'm quite happy with how snug it is compared to the stock shroud.

Awesome design, I printed the shroud. Do you have the file to hold the fan at the top?

There are 40mm fan screw holes at the top. You can either 3D print the provided screw file and use them or use hardware you have lying around.

Printed great, wonderful addition to my mini, thanks!

Great design. Can you please share the CAD file or make the shroud a bit longer(5mm).
I had to change the nozzle on my V2 and the new one is slightly longer than the original nozzle.
I did try to modify it in Fusion360 but couldn't convert the mesh(too many facets).

I can, but I think this might be more useful. I have a version a couple mm longer which I made to support the longer e3d nozzles.

Much appreciated. Exactly what I needed.

Just made this and it turned out awesome! :)

Best fan upgrade for e3d!

Has anyone tried a 50mm fan with this shroud? Using a 40mm to 50mm adapter?

Hey I remixed your screws to fit Noctua fans. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2852250

by Tgest

Has anyone tried using this and printing ABS by taping over the part cooling nozzle?

I have. It took a bit of work to get the tape to stick, but once it did, everything worked well. I did make sure to place the printer at the top of my server closet in a cardboard box to increase ambient temperatures.

Awsome. Thanks, I have my card box box ready to go already, very high tech :)

Has anyone tested that the layer cooling is actually improved using the Noctua fan? Also, does the weight of the fan strain the printer?

Can't find a V1 hotend version on this, massive shame because I really liked the look of it.

I only have a V2 printer so I could only make one for that version. Not sure what the differences are between the 2 versions.

Would I be able to print this in PLA? Or would it be too close to the hot end?

I printed mine in PLA and haven’t had a problem. It stays plenty far from the hot end and heater block. Plus, there’s constantly cool air blowing through it.

One issue is that the screw holes are too big for this on for most screws that come with stock fans. Needs some minor adjustment to the holes to make them too small rather than too big. Better a tight fit than one that doesn't stick. But anyway I did see you provided printable screws. That's good, but stock screws are metal and many of them are just the right height. Suggest possibly making a alternative that has somewhat smaller screw holes.

By the way, great design. It's very beautiful.

It says v2 in the title but the file says v1

It’s designed for the MPSM V2. The V1 in the file is from the version control software I use.

Personally I find that the bottom of the fan shroud goes way to low, there's about a cm of space between the bottom of this fan shroud and the extruder. Also my first print with this shroud lead to a clog. I haven't had a clog in a long long time. So I found that kinda concerning.

I have no idea how the print would cause a clog, but as far as the height goes, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as the part doesn’t warp (and if it does, then you have bigger problems). However, if you’d like, I’d be happy to make a version that doesn’t go down so far. Just give me a distance to raise it up by.

It's about 3.6mm to long at the bottom. I'm using an official E3D hotend/heatbreak/heaterblock so it doesn't stick very far past the heater block. I've been able to use it, it seems to have worked after I changed from using Cura 2.5 to going back to cura 15. So it could have been very well the program. So far it's hanging in place with the springs creating tension on it, but it is just kinda hanging in air and I'm worried it might slide around.

I shortened the end of the shroud by the amount you suggested. I don't have your setup or even access to my own 3D printer right now, so I have not tested it. If this doesn't work for you, I can always give you the fusion 360 file, but I must warn you, I didn't know how to do parametric modeling very well then so it might be a bit confusing to work with. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2587137

Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 40mm Fan Shroud (Shortened)
by keco185

I had the same issue, but the tip of the duct is also pressing against the side of the heaterblock. Can I assume your shortened version is the same distance horizontally from the heaterblock?

For the most part yeah. Are you using the stock hotend?

Yes. Thanks, I'll give it a try,.

Is this supposed to be a 12v or a 5v fan?

The existing part cooling fan that is built into the MP Select Mini runs at 12 volts so it is easiest to buy a 12v 40mm fan for this shroud and splice the fan wires into the original fan's power.

Great thanks! Did you find that you had to retune the PIDs afterwards or was it pretty plug and play?

It was completely plug and play for me. The exact fan I used was a Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX which I got primarily because it was quiet and comes with special connectors which eliminates the need to strip and solder wires.

Hey @keco,
I'm looking to print this and I found the same Noctua fan as you, except mine says it's a 5V. Do you think it will still work?


Also, did you follow any video walking you through the steps?

@Lunchb0x Check out this NF A4x20, it is 12V https://www.amazon.ca/Noctua-NF-A4x20-FLX-premium-quality-quiet/dp/B072JK9GX6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522393497&sr=8-1&keywords=noctua+40mm

The same fan should work for your main board cooling if you wanted to replace that as well.