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Battlestar Galactica Reimagined

by EDY209 Sep 8, 2017
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Yes major issues with this STL flipped vertices and its not water tight. this is the Model to cut your teeth on learning how to fix mesh and use programs like Fusion 360, Blender, Slic3r,OpenScad, and NetFab. all of them i have and are currently using to fix this model. when i get it finished I will post the fixed STL as a whole model. the one I am working on is just over three feet long when finished. and has taken me over 6 months of work to learn how to fix and print the parts.

hey, are you still cleaning up this model? if so, how's it going? very interested in printing it, and would gladly help if I had the bandwidth to dive into the geo and clean it up with you.

Awesome, thanks for the help! Can’t wait.

Please do. Please. I'm genuinely stumped on this one. I can fix most parts, but the flat panels always get messed up. It doesn't help that I'm trying for a miniature version of it...

Anyone else ending up with holes in the left and right pods, just above the entry and exit openings? it looks fine when i import into Prusa Slicer or Simplify 3d, but when sliced these holes open up. Any one been able to fix this issue?

This model has so many flaws im amazed anyone got it to print. So many reversed faces, overlapping non-intersected shells, and a huge number of internal faces and shells that shouldnt be there. Its obviously a conversion from a 3d model, but really isnt suitable for printing.
Really no wonder peoples slicers are unable to process it. It needs a LOT of work to make it properly printable.

Not sure if this helps but Prusa Slicer 2.0 auto repairs it in like 8 seconds. For example, says there's 438 errors in the MidL "repaired" cut 2, but still slices it fine, just fixing it itself. Also, before I got side-tracked last October, the old Prusa Slicer sliced it easily, printed I the 2 front sections without any trouble, and back then i was clueless, so i def didn't fix anything myself.

Where you able to do anything with it? I've tried and other than the hangar pods having errors, I corrected the bulk of it.

So far i've fixed the 2 "head" sections. But it took a lot of effort and its still a solid piece at the moment. I want to hollow it with walls maybe 2-3mm thick so i can light it. Its hard going though.

Has anyone noticed the missing layers when scaling down? Solutions? This is great model overall, just want it to be perfect when printing. Thx!

I have same issue. Even at 100%, there is missing textures near the end of the pods. Seems like a missing layer in the file.

What's the best way to print this? The panels over the ridges are pretty much entirely detached from the main body and I doubt it'll print well and/or they won't stay on.

can anyone point me to a uncorrupted zip file of this incredible model ? I have tried downloading it so many time over the last 6 months or so and the zip file comes up as corrupt each and every time! Tried to repair the zip and it does partially work but I only get half the files out!


you may have trouble with you internet connection, packet loss? dowloaded, opened without aby issues... try link its tested and OK.

Nobody knows measures of the ship when printing at 100%?

This is an incredible model, but I'm having issues with slicing - simplify3d and cura are both crashing on me. I'm having trouble finding any repair tool to work on these models. Is anyone else having this kind of problem?

Yes, the model itself is badly converted with reversed faces, and overlapping intersected shells.

I love this and have to build it. Any problems building it with PLA? Any chance we could get both landing pods without the windows on the next revision or options? Just asking. Beautiful design.

Is this model recommended to be printed using Support? There looks to be some serious overhang on a few of the parts ...

I use supports on every piece when printing at 80% size. No brims or rafts, just supports from the bed.

I am on my last part. Using a robo 2 printer, ive scaled it at 130%. Can anyone find the stand to display it on. Its not in the zip file.

Wow How big is that?

Um am I the only one that has noticed that the Starboard landing pod is supposed to be the museum pod, you have the port pod as the museum pod, if I viewed the files correctly

Mirror image the pods if you wish to reverse them

Anyone else getting this to load decently? Every program I try it comes across as pretty badly broken.

Its VERY broken.

How long is this when assembled? Im trying to figure out how much I need to scale it.

This is great. Would love for some mods/alternate parts such as fully armed & armored options ala Blood and Chrome.

What was your original model ?
Is it Hesperides ?

Simplify3d is having serious issues with the Lat_R and Lat_L models.

Use CuraEngine .

Had similar issues with a few other models and Slic3r. A different approach is to simply load the model in Windows' 3D Builder, accept the model to be repaired, then export as a new STL.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've searched high and low for a detailed BSG, and haven't found one. This is the best thing.

Dang, guess I'll have to "waste" a bunch of filament on that one. :D As far as I can see the big turrets have their mounts but they're not included?

Exquisite! I've been looking for a detailed BSG model on here for a couple years now.