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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

7" Touch screen enclosure (pcb800099) and mounting

by atanasovgoran Jul 10, 2017
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I´m getting weird results from the frontplate and can´t repair it (coz of lacking skills ;) ).
Plz upload a version with fixed faces.

What file causes you issues?
I will try to repair it.
Sorry for the late response, just came back from vacation.

The front cover has some mesh errors i think, my slicer is closing the opening for the touch panel.

I oriented correctly all the faces on all models, it should slice correctly now :)

If you are interested I have a new design for it that I made a couple of months ago, but never tested, or published, can't remember if I finished it a 100%

Looks good, thank you! Sure, why not, maybe i get a second display for one of my other printers :)

There must be two styles of LCD panels they use for this because mine flat cable is turned 180 degrees from these pictures meaning the board is upside down and all the slots for the connecters are backwards. In fact most of the others I have seen are like mine and most people seem to be folding them at a 90 degree angle and coming out the side and not the top

How hard would it be to make/change this for a 5" screen with the PCB800168 and keyboard PCB800023?

I'll see what I can do during the weekend.

How did you make with the modifications to a 5" screen? Any luck?

Sorry mate,
I didn't even start with it, I have been busy.
I'll try and do it on my new years vacation time, if you could provide me with a mechanical sketch of the display and button PCB (meassurments) it would be really help full.
Also I am thinking of making the buttons an add in module part so that people could mix and match whatever they have without the need for specific files. (Which makes me wish I knew openscad right about now :P)

No problems, life happens, trust me I know. Thanks for even entertaining this. Attached are the documents for the boards and screen. I've added the link to the product and the dimensions from their website.

Dimensions of Screen: 121mm x 76mm x 4mm / 4.8" x 3.0" x 0.2"
Dimensions of Mini Driver Board: 50mm x 71mm x 2mm / 2" x 2.8" x 0.08"

Hej, sorry to bother you,
but could you print this on a normal printer?
Make sure to print it at actual size and not scaled.
Then overlay it on top of the screen and tell me if it matches the screen.

I cut out the print and overlayed it on the screen.Looks good. I have added a couple of images of the to show the sizing. The one with the paper cut out on it has a ruler on and the measurements mean nothing. It was just there to hold the paper still. That image is also upside down for some reason.

I finished it up, but I am not sure if the PCBs are oriented correctly. If you want to check before you print it and inform me, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, I've downloaded the files and will have a look at the PCB orientation and let you know. It may be a couple of days tho.

Did you check it out?

I did look at the images and they look right as far as I can see. I just purchased a 3D printer and have spent all week putting it together, and of course there were a couple of small things missing, so I'm in a holding pattern to print it out.

Cool. PM me if you need any help with the printer.

Went to print tonight and each of the files are all the same with all of the pieces bundled up. I tried to bring it into Cura and it is all to big for the bed of the printer. (Tevo 200mm x 200 mm) I then tried to separate each of the parts and place them in a separate file using Sketchup. When I brought the front frame into Cura, it was very very small, probably mm instead of inches.

Any other software I should perhaps be using instead of the ones above. I am using Debian Linux.

Thanks again.

yeah, I am using mm I am using ideaMaker. Never had a problem with it. And you don't need to use their printers. It's usually slower than cura for prints, but that comes probably from my settings.
It has a repair function that fix the mistakes from sketchups meshes.
I think there is an option in Cura to select what measurements to use for the file


Thanks. I think I have figure it out. I'll keep you up dated on the fit.

Printed the case. The back does not seem to be correct. I check the link you provided to the 7" listed on eBay. The 7" uses the exact same boards as the 5". The front appears to fit the screen if it is inverted, I guess. The ribbon cable for the button board protrudes too for the back to fit.

I've added some images. If I've missing something let me know.

I probably did some mistake.
I will try and take a look at it, but not sure how soon
I am moving between apartments right now.
Can you list what are the problems from the photo I see that the ribbon cable to the keyboard potrudes and will probably need fixing
Also do you have a problem screwing it together? Because in my 7" one the screws holes I made gave up so I just drilled them up and used screws with nuts. I am thinking of removing the screws altogether and make it slide together(if possible).

Out of curiosity what filament did you use?

I used PLA 1.75. The back fit, but without the boards inside. The access to all of the ports, I think should be all separate and not one big entry.

Comments deleted.

Yes work in progress. Trying to print Front cover and after several layers with the screen area open the printer started filling in screen area. Two pics added. At first I thought my file was corrupt but after redownload and different card got same results. Printing with an ANet A8 with black PLA filament using Cura v15 to slice. All others files printed fine. Also need some 3mm-5mm spacers for the button board as when tighten too much will not let buttons work and is too loose without. Hope this help you fix issue.
Note: After clearing screen area of material the Box fit perfect.

The problem is the model is non-manifold and slicers don't like that. I had to run the front plate, the back plate, the wall hanger and the axis mount through Netfabb and then everything was good


Sorry for the late response.
I'll check out what the problem could be.
I'll try and make different size buttons. Since it's a printer tolerance thing (at least I think it is.)

I like the industrial like design with edges and proper enclosure functionality. Thank you for sharing this design, I will definitely enjoy this!

Keep in mind I haven't yet printed all the pieces, there might be a need some adjustments for tolerances.
It will take me an other 12 Hours to print the remaining parts, and try to adjust all problems i find with it, without printing the newer ones.
So if you print it make sure you get the updated files, and inform me if you have any problems with it.

BTW: I already found a problem if it is used with the touchscreen add on, the screen then is thicker than the model was designed in mind with.