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Z Axis Extension with Adjustable Z Stop

by xC0000005 Jul 6, 2017
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I made this along with the NEMA 17 mod and also moved the filament stepper motor outside the tower. I also printed out the adjustable stop and cover but have no idea how to use it and I desperately need to move my z-axis switch. Could you please tell me how the adjustable z-axis switch works. Thanks

Could you please tell me what you mean by "Cut bottom rail to allow the print head to descend."?
Also I noticed you are using a red standoff below the vertical z-axis rails. I'm guessing this is to tighten up the rails? Can you tell me where I can get the standoff file?
I printed your 35mm z-axis extension and it came out beautiful using PETG. While I'm waiting on the slow boat from China to bring my standoffs I decided to also do the NEMA 17 mod. Since my V2 doesn't have a collar on the z-axis carriage I've also had to print this carriage out. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2764817

Monoprice Select Mini Z Carriage
by mfink70

The Z Stabilizers are here:

The back cover has a top lip and a bottom lip. You need to cut off the bottom lip so the head can descend to the bottom of the rails. If you take the tower off and try it, you'll see the x carriage hits the lip on the back cover before it reaches the bottom of the rail. SOme people remove the back cover. I choose to cut the lips off.

Monoprice Select Mini Z-Axis Rod Stabilizers

Thanks I now understand. I'll also just cut it off. Thanks for the link. My rods have a lot of play.

I may be wrong, but I think the 35mm version needs an update to v2.
Thanks for the share anyhow, printed it off and will be installing on my next available day!

What do you mean, an updated to V2? The V2 tower may come pre-drilled for NEMA17, but I am not aware of any other difference. That reminds me I should post a picture of my own remix make.

Ah, this is my own mistake then. I thought you had made some updates on the 25 and 45 versions that didn't get copied over to the 35. After re-reading the release notes with your context though, I'm likely mistaken.

And yes, post it up! Always nice to have more content.

Mind sharing that Y-axis limit switch holder?

You can see it on my other designs. BE SURE to tighten it down. If you don't, the deck won't clear it.


MPSM Y Limit Switch Bracket

Hi, thanks for sharing your designs. I'm looking the the Z shift screw holder, great idea for adjust-ability. But I can't figure how it would fit with the Z tower covers fitted. Do you run this without the covers? And what is the screw holder actually mounted to? Any shots of the back side available please? Thanks.,

Will doing this mod allow one to do the z stepper with integrated leadscrew mod without cutting the leadscrew?

Also since this mostly works off of standoff's, what is the risks of the parts melting inside of a closed build chamber when printing stuff like ABS?

Finally, to use the stock casing, all you have to do is cut the bottom lip/tab off the back casing part right?

It does not - I still cut some off of my leadscrew. I understand from people who've done it that if you use this mod + move the extruder out + cut a hole in the tower top for the X axis stepper to peek out of, you can come close to not cutting. I also suspect that if you used the "lift" mods to raise the base of the printer, you could drop the stepper down using standoffs and have the same effect. yes, if you read the source mod, he recommends removing the back panel, but I just cut the lip off.

Do you have some instructions for installing/modding?

There's some comments on Cory's design (the source for this one), but generally speaking, if you aren't comfortable disassembling the tower, this mod is not going to be fun for you. The short version is:
Turn off and unplug printer.
Remove bottom cover.
Label and disconnect wires.
Unscrew tower
Bolt standoffs to tower (I did it the reverse of what Corey did).
Cut bottom rail to allow the print head to descend.
Screw it all together, threading wires through standoff shell.
Bolt and tighten everything.
Reattach wires. If you do the NEMA17 leadscrew upgrade at the same time, it's only slightly more involved.

I'm working on this mod now.
How did you plan on attaching the 45mm riser to the tower?
The holes are round and too large for screws, but too small for a hex standoff, and of course not hex.
Was the thought to use round standoffs or some other type of screw?

I did it the opposite of what Genovast did. The standoffs have a male end and a female end - I screwed the male end into the tower base, then did the side panels, then slid the riser cover (the printed piece) on, then bolted the whole thing to the base using the round screws that originally held the tower on. It wouldn't surprise me to learn there might be a tower with different bolt configurations. Some people report the tower being drilled for NEMA17, as well, making the adapter unneeded. None of mine have been.

Dang. Wish I knew the NEMA17 adapter wasn't a requirement, my MPSM is drilled for the NEMA17. Would have saved me some fabrication time. Thanks for the reply.

I was going to ask about this, good to know.

is the file without a height number the 35mm one?

Will this work with the V1? I looked at the original and I think it might work but I would hate to find out the hard way

Yes. The aqua green is a V1.

Awesome, I am debating if I should try the 35 or 45mm version now. Have you tested it since July?

The 45mm version was only for brutus users, and I'm not certain it ever worked - I built it by request, not that I had a brutus bed to test it with.

I think i'll use the 35mm version then, thanks! Now to wait for my black ABS to arrive

Which ever extender you use, it must be shorter than your bed height. 45mm is too tall for a standard bed even with glass.

it looks like when you manipulated the screw mount you changed the shape of the nut holder.

Certainly possible. I actually re-modeld the nut holder portion. Last night I learned when I was modeling a gear puller for the Y axis stepper motor that a hexagon correctly sized in tinkercad does not have matching sides. So I'll make an adjustment later tonight. It should still pull in far enough to stop.

It actually did

Love it. Does the screw holder touch the z rod bracket when it's all the way down?

Yes - It costs ~2mm, maybe slightly less. I may attempt to remix to avoid - there's space on the X rod for a clamp switch that would avoid it.