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Etched Honeycomb Glass

by kojo-jojo Jun 8, 2012
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Hey, how do you like that Japicabot of yours? How did you make your enclosure? With electroinics inside the enclosure or outside? any more pics of your enclosure? Thanks! 

If I get time I ll try to get some pics of the enclosure so far. I still havent finished it but every project never really is finished always room for modifying and improving.

Sorry, I ve been busy with work and havent been on here in a long time. I ended up with the Electronics on the outside of the Enclosure, they are on the bottom of the enclosure under the base floor.

Visually looks cool. I've never tried printing on the glass directly but have been told that it works great for use of ABS. I use to use the blue tape and had problems with the ABS sticking and switched to using Kapton tape. Kapton tape works great for ABS although it can be hard to apply a smooth coat without having bubbles form underneath. In my experience blue tape is the best for PLA plastic and Kapton tape is the best for ABS. I can see the etched glass being a good alternative for both types of plastic. 8-)

Hey bud,

I am thinking of trying laser cut etching into the glass. Wish me luck. If it works, I may just have to add that as an option for the printers. lol

Good to see you on here! did you end up trying it out? did it work???

Good News! It's sticking!!! Had problems with my wiring on my heatbed (came loose) had to take it apart and resolder the connections on the bed (I dont solder, well didnt solder until that point...) but got it working and almost back together (still need to level the bed better).

But last night I was printing right on the glass!!!! First time printing with out having to use blue tape!!!

There is one thing, (see pic below) its pretty cool, but could also be an issue depending on how you want your finished parts to look, but the honeycomb pattern shows up on the surface of
you part!

I think it looks pretty cool and led me to think about how it could be used to apply finishes to your parts. different patterns (camo) (matte) (carbon fiber checkering...) words letters and numbers too!

But if you dont want that on your parts I could see how it would be a problem, howeve
r the nice thing about glass is there are two sides! if you dont want the pattern on a part you could just flip the glass and print on the other side and still have the the cool pattern on your heatbed.

Looks cool! Let us know in the end if it helps with adhesion or if it remains just a visual upgrade?

Out of curiosity... if one doesn;t have access to a vinyl cutter etc. could one just print the negative of this in plastic directly on top of the glass sheet and then paint/ spray the glass etchant on???

Not a bad idea, I never thought about doing that. I guess as long as you have a good seal between the plastic and the glass it should work. you just dont want the etching cream to be able to seep underneath the plastic.

That final product looks great! I can't wait to try this on the waterjet, I wonder how easy it's gonna be to path the drawing.

uploaded a dwg file if that works better for your waterjet...

Thanks! the ai file is created with paths not sure if your waterjet can read ai paths as I m not familiar with waterjets, I could save and upload a dwg or dfx file? would that work better with your waterjet?

The "ai" file seems to be a "pdf" file =-O

In ai saving options there is a box for allowing the ai file to be pdf compatible. its checked my default, and it was check when I saved it. So that might be why you can open it as a PDF, however it should open in Illustrator as a ai file....

there should be 4 files, ai, pdf,eps,
amp; svg. the ai however was created in cs5. I ll resave to cs3 so there is a lower format.