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Print a Brick: All LEGO® parts and sets

by hroncok Jun 30, 2017
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Is this going to be coming back anytime soon or is it dead now?

We have problems with the server. If somebody can help with a better deployment, it would be great.

I really need your server :( you could start patreon or something like that, or make it possible to download your whole datebase from somewhere? Id love to do that

See https://github.com/hubnedav/PrintABrick - the entire thing is open source and anybody can deploy it on their own. If you do, please let me know and we can figure out how to redirect the domain to your instance.


The website is offline :( Any chance of bringing it up again?

Aww so it is down? I should have downloaded the sets when I found it

Is it possible to download the whole database of parts and store it locally?

Is the website down? printabrick.org I meant... Can´t browse anything cause I'm always getting the same error:

Oops! An Error Occurred
The server returned a "500 Internal Server Error".
Something is broken. Please let us know what you were doing when this error occurred. We will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

I know this happens now, trying to investigate why.

Website died again :(

I have he same error but i need those bricks!!

Almost all unique parts are missing :(

Hi! Where can I make a request? Because I need a Headgear Hat, Musketeer
Item No: 93554 and it's missing on printabrick.

Comments deleted.

I just came to your side. Since I occasionally publish lego models, I've looked at your models closer. One thing is for sure, these are not original lego models / parts. There is no way how lego could produce these parts that you offer on your site for download. Please take a look at the draft-angles and tell me what you think of it. I refer to the Lego Part No.92926 (2 x 2 Rubbish Bin with 4 Cover Holders) See attached the measurement. You will soon find my reference on my profile.

Comments deleted.

this is awesome, I appreciate it!

I only find three files, where are the rest?

I have tried printing these files, but the bottom keeps spreading so that the piece cannot fit on top of another piece. (Other lego pieces can fit on top, just the bottom I am having issues with). Any suggestions on how I can prevent this from happening? (maybe something to do with build plate adhesion)

I think this is called elephant foot. If you can you can try and lower the be temperature.

Alright, I'll have to try that. Thanks!

I second that - I was getting elephant foot, when I lowered the bed temp by 10 deg C prints ended up perfect

I am using a Lulzbot Mini with the Cura slicer software, just so you know

The site is really nice, and i really mean this. The models though, i don't know if i have ran into only bad models, but they are sliced incorrectly or have wrong diameters.

Take an example https://printabrick.org/bricks/32449

The part prints out without the hole surroundings although they are in the model itself, and when printed no axles fit the holes.

Still - this is my favourite and most anticipated project here on thingiverse!

Hi Iikka and all the other Lego fans out there,

I also liked the site at a first glance, but I did not find a brick with the correct diameters till now. The Technik bricks like the one you stated (https://printabrick.org/bricks/32449) and the 3x11 panel I struggled with (https://printabrick.org/bricks/15458) are not slicing correctly (I tried several programms).

I tried generating the STL files my self from LDD with the same effect. So I think the STLs on BrintABrick were created this way, and Lego has (intentionally?) put in the wrong diameters and corrupt CAD designs into LDD.
That would really be a pity and destroy my hope of printing whole lego models from that site.

Since I just started it might be that I did something wrong. But all Lego parts I printed from Thingiverse directly like the "Train Tracks" are working perfectly and are fitting to the studs.

I hope that someone found a solution for this LDD/BrintABrick problem?


Awesome addition to Thingiverse !
This pulled me over the edge buying the Mini Cooper Lego set, now I can make multiple coloured versions of it..

Oh and the non-official Lancia Stratos too :D

I'm also printing on a Monoprice select printer, my pieces seem to be coming out in right dimensions, except for the studs at the top. Causing the bricks to not stick together. Is this a common problem with the objects or is it likely to be my printer/settings?

Did you figure this out? also having the same issue

I have tried Slic3r and S3D and keep getting nasty errors in the slicing.

Wonderful idea but doesn't look too promising to get quality models from the site.

You might need to repair the mesh using a tool like netfabb.

Comments deleted.

this file (https://printabrick.org/bricks/85489a) caused slic3r to crash. I ran it through a STL repairer, and it showed a lot of errors.
It loaded fine after that, though.

The files are allegorically created. that the way it is, unfortunately.

However, it still doesn't slice smoothly. (see top layer of spokes)

Is this still a thing? Website is not coming up.

yes, but we are fighting with the current server, it's not powerful enough.

this is legendary, i like printing but i also like building things from Lego but frown upon their cost. Filament is cheaper

Looking at some of the sets it looks like there are a couple of scales in use, particularly the minifigs. Would I be correct in assuming a 1/10 scale down for the large versions? (e.g. 30480)

All the parts should be 1:1. If not, please report an issue at https://github.com/hubnedav/PrintABrick/issues

Ok, there's my facepalm moment of the day: torso opened by default in 3D Builder with a mm scale, while the head opened by default in cm scale. Odd. TIL: always check the importing scale!

These parts seem to have a consistent problem on the thinner bricks where the bottoms are not deep/tall enough to click to together. I have tried .1 initial layer to minimize compression of the first layer.

Mind. Blown! Sit here at home and print it remotely at a friends place.

Absolutely brilliant site! However, 9 times out of 10 I get the Error 500 message and that seems to be it for about 24 hours... Such a shame.

Is there a way that you can tag sets that have been updated with missing parts? It's almost impossible to tell at the moment...

Also, some of the parts listed as missing are things that couldn't be 3D-Printed anyway such as stickers, string and cloth... Can those not be excluded from the missing parts count?

Finally have you considered converting "Darats" parts files to fill in some of the missing pieces? (https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/108739-new-parts-for-lgeo-library/)...

The problems should now be hopefully fixed.

I don't know what exactly you mean by tagging here, sorry.

If a part is missing, it's hard to tell whether is printable or not.

No, we haven't considered converting draft parts, sorry.

server errors still there.

does it fit withg real regular legos

I printed out a 2x4 brick with a Monoprice Select Mini, but the walls were too thick to allow a regular lego brick to fit.

You probably need to calibrate your extrusion width. It's not the model, its your printer and its configuration.

It depends very much on your printer.

any idea on when the site might be back up?

Not really. Probably in couple of days. We have problems with the server.

Comments deleted.

On it. Our logs have filled in all the available space.

I assume that this is your site? I have been enjoying the hell of this! I printed a small rocket the other day just to see how the pieces print and, for the most part, fantastic! I do have one suggestion, though, if I may... it would be so much easier if the multi- and uni-brick download packages included the instruction set(s) and/or the pictures as well. As it stands, once you download the brick set, you have to manually download each photo and and instruction file too. Just a small thing, but when one wants to build as many sets as I do, those steps are cumulative and really start to add up!

Created by David Hübner, student of mine, I've supervised. I don't know about images, but the instructions are actually not redistributable (see that they are not hosted on printabrick.org, but rather linked). Adding them to the archives would be legally problematic.

Could you please share pictures of what you made? Maybe trough the "I Made One" button here on Thingiverse?

I gotcha. Sure, I can do that. So far I have only made a little dozen piece rocket, but I would be happy to share photos as I make these. I cannot say this enough... awesome site!

Nice idea. But who designed all of these bricks?

Each brick is designed by an individual LDraw contributor in the LDraw format. They have been converted to STL for your convenience. If you click a brick, you see its author in the right column.

Thanks for report. I reproduced it back then, but now it works again.

Interesting idea. Clicking on the links on your site just 500 errors out. And your going to have to allow off site playing for the video to work.

video allowed. Will look at the 500 errors.

Seems to be out of RAM, restarted and it works (for now). Will try to get a more permanent fix. EDIT: We've restricted the amount of RAM Elastic Search can eat and that should be it.

I was enjoying the site, but in the middle of my browsing, it started throwing out 500 errors again. I am guessing too much traffic?

Definitely seems so. I guess we'd need to reconsider where we run this.