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Command and Conquer Mammoth tank 1/35th scale

by apievuist Jun 29, 2017
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this thing is massive i love it im about a third done and will try to post pics as soon as its done mine wont be painted tho

Mammoth tank incoming :), should be done in a vew days, hope my fillement supply holds out, 100% scale takes quite alot haha

Hi Ar0s, is it finished yet?

Would love to see the result. Its true.. printing this takes time, but seeing the tank finished is very rewarding!

Hey! First off, well done. I love being able to print off all the individual parts without supports! I printed at only 40 percent of the full and worked great. I'm using it for a war top game.
Quick question. What is the part labeld track V2 for?

I need this. In a printable model that I can turn into a RC tank.

Hello project in progress, progress of the project to 75%.
The model is of rare perfection! I made some additions, like the logo of the GDI and the number 5 on the back.
Thank you to you for this jewel that makes one of my fantasies kid!
I'll post pictures when the project is finished!

Hi thx for your message, im looking forward to seeing the pictures!

hello, is it possible to scale this down to like a 5th ? I want like small models, let's say 6-8cm long models. Will this be possible, or will the cannon be too small?

This is something you have to try for yourself. The model is pretty big so scaling it down should work. Reducing it to 20% will cause loss of detail though...

In my front and rear chassi appears a hole at the bottom where the axle is mounted. I think the axlehole is a way to short at the outerwall line, so there is a low wall thickness of approx 1 layer. If you print like me (0.15 -0.17 mm layers) there will maybe a long smale hole.
If y can move the axehole 0.2 - 0.5 mm higher, it would make the print much stronger, even its just the bottom of the model.

I see.. i did not have this problem. Maybee someday when i have more free time, i will update the model.
Is yours finished yet?

Not at all, I've had some printer issues over the holidays I had to repair. I'll send you my pictures of the unpainted and painted model, when i assambled it. :) but it is quiet impressiv actually.

Another issue i faced is that the tracks are very fragile. I printed a charge of 30 and every second track get destroyed when i take away the support layers. I decided to design a similar one, but with much stronger walls. You can print this track, with a resolution of 0.2 mm layers. The tracks can mounted together with the typical 1,75 mm filament (holes scaled to 2 mm because of shrinking after cooling down).
You need at least 90 pieces of them, like in the main model.

Layer: 0,2mm
Speed: 60mm/s
Support: Yes (Printing plate only)

Hi, i had this problem you are describing and adjusted my printing settings. After that all tracks would be fine after printing.

Hi, is your mammoth finished yet? Can I print all parts and nothing is missing?

Yes, this model is finished, Please look at the pictures in the gallery. :)

Use filament for the tracklinks. Brilliant... too bad I had to scale down to 80% original, my printbed is only 15x15... ow well, I'll figure something out.
Any plans for future releases?

awesome model big fan of C&C here thx for sharing it here and on tweakers ;)
will print and keep you updated

You're welcome :-)

great work!

however, could it be that we are missing the turret pin?

Hi Korneel, it is named Chassispin.stl.

Have you started with printing the model? If so, I would really like to see it in the made section when its done :)

it's actually almost done ;)
just doing a quick and dirty print to test some of the printers..

the chassispin was used by me for the chassis.. they seem to small for the turret?

You are absolutely right.. i checked and the chassispin ( * 3) is indeed intended to connect both chassis pieces.
The turretpin is missing, i will add this this evening. I'll keep you posted.

any details how you connected the tracks together?

The turretpin has been added.

For the tracks:
Snap off the added supports and clean up the holes with a 1mm or 1.5mm drill bit
The tracks connect with a piece of 1,75mm filament.

hmm.. i use 2.85 mm filament.. need to find a different solution..

Many stores for filaments will sell small product tests, you could probably buy a few meters of filament for a buck.

Is the Mammoth finished yet? :)

yes and no :)
yes the chassis is done and put together, but i just need to finish the tracks.... that'll be next month since i have a lot of printing jobs I need to finish first..

For those of you using larger filament, I used stainless TIG filler wire at 1.7mm. I had mine lying around as I'm a fabricator, however, you can likely head to your local welders and ask for a couple. They are cheap, you can probably get a few for free!

Hi, is your mammoth finished yet? Would love to see it in the made section! :)

Wow dude ! Mega Nice ! I like it, i have started my printer already with the first piece.

Keep up the good work! Should i expect the other models soon? ;-)

Maybee.. i would like to design a firehawk someday ;-)