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Jumanji Board

by Audrey2 Jun 29, 2017
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Awesome work! The painting job really is amazing!

Any plans on when you'll release the playing pieces?

Great job again :D

this is amazing. I'm joining the gang and CNCing one for a Christmas present. this is going to make someone very happy

Hello Audrey2,
I would like to print a Jumanji's Board in the entire and the one you make is really impressive ! I red the comments and i saw that you will maybe make the interior, will you do it ? I would be very interessested to print it ! :)

This is awesome... I'm going to carve this out on my CNC machine for my son for Christmas. Doing an exact complete replica would be amazing. Thank you for making this file!!!

Comments deleted.

This is great! I really want to try and make this with my CNC. Have you seen anywhere where there are some stl's for the pieces? Thanks!

Haven't seen any good ones yet, I'm sculpting my own pieces at the moment.
What CNC do you have? I was wanting to get one to CNC my own board, it would be a great thing to have a proper wooden carving of!

I made the mpcnc. It is the mostly printed cnc. It is great, and there is a huge community around it. You should check it out. I built it printing the parts with a cheap anet a8 so anybody can do it.

That's awesome! I was planning on importing a cheap chinese CNC and tearing out all the electronics to replace with my own.

Mine was About $300 to make but that includes the table for it and it had a cutting area of 3’ by 2’. It seems like a really great way to get a nice cutting size. Just loooots of time printing the parts.

One of the pictures shows hinges but the stl doesn't... whats up with that?
Oh wait I thought this was a box that opened...

The hinges were added afterwards, it was easier to print without them (the support would be a nightmare!), and it seems that I completely forgot to upload them!

Thanks for pointing it out, I'll upload them later today. :)

Someone should mod this into a box that opens. It would take a lot less filament and provide a basis to build on to complete the interior.

hola el tablero es fijo despues de imprimirlo o se puede abrir como es el tema me gusta lo que hicistes

Great file, but part 3 and 4 are not even on the side, where you have to place them together. (just noticed after part 3 was printed =( 32 hour job.

Hey there, I'm sorry I don't quite understand the issue you're having. Is there an issue with part orientation? I'd placed them in such a way that will hopefully minimise support structure requirements.
Can you PM me a picture of the issue you're having? I might be able to help :)

Comments deleted.

Entirely in PLA. I don’t think there is a printer out there that could print the item full size in ABS, it simply warps too much.

Thanks so much! Also, do you have the exact dimensions of the completed piece? Just trying to get a good idea for the overall size. Will attempt this in wood pla

Just download the file “Jumanji Plans A0”. I drew them up after a few years of research (got my hands on a few of the originals), and they have the exact dimensions of everything you need!

Great job! I carved the top into MDF on my CNC. MDF gets a little fuzzy when carved but looks great otherwise. I then did a small section in hardwood (persimmon) and it turned out GREAT. I just did a 4" section that included the rhino and the elephant. I even painted and stained it. I would post some photos if I could. (maybe I can?, I'm new here).
Hey, I'm also a Blender user. Would you mind sharing the Blender file?

Tim don't forget to mention all of the great YouTube videos. Amazing details and ideas for electronics.

Like this one.


It looks like an amazing CNC job! Message me privately and I’ll see what I can organise for you file wise! :)

Awesome file! do u have just the carved panel to put it on a wooden box?

I’m afraid I don’t. I wouldn’t be sure how to set up that file as it is anyway I’m afraid.

Thank you! This is Awesome!
Are you going to design the playing piecse?

Absolutely! I've already modelled up one of them and the dice. I'll probably put them all up online in a big ol' kit together!

Outstanding! Can't wait to roll the dice and see what I land on... hope it's not anything to do with snakes.

Incredibly generous of you Audrey, thank you for sharing.

Does this file include the interior?

Not yet - but it will go up eventually! I gotta organise it all, and I figured people would enjoy a complete one for costumes in the mean time!

hiya new to all this, and this is a new be question, how can i cut this down to fit on my printer bed 200 by 200 i think :-/ looks AMAZING btw

Hi there, depends on what you mean by “cut down”, if you want to scale it down your slicing software will be able to do it, and now some slicing softwares will cut up objects so you can print it in multiple bits to fit on your print bed! So what are you wanting to do? Also what slicing software are you using?

Thank you so much perfect