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Otto DIY+ Arduino Bluetooth robot easy to 3Dprint

by cparrapa Jun 22, 2017
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I give up. I spent 3 days trying to compile and upload firmware to my nano properly. I have downloaded and tried Arduino IDE, tried mblock3, either invalid version, lack of library or some else annoying problem. I have the correct driver, communication works ok for mblock, but only OttoDIY program does not work with bluetooth interface/app. On the other hand loading smooth criminal ino gives me missing libraries alert or transfer error. Is there anyobdy that could give me a link to complete package of software with all libraries compatible to each other, all .ino files with proper directory structure - so just unzip, open, transfer? I haven't thought I might be too dumb but it seems I am. And my patience is getting low ;-/

Hola Camilo, perdón por hacer la consulta aquí, pero quisiera saber si hay un código para Otto que solo tenga funciones básicas como para ir desarrollando luego nuevas funcionalidades. Porque los códigos que he descargado ocupan todo la memoria del arduino con librerías y resto de cosas y hace inestable el funcionamiento. Muchas gracias por tu respuesta. Saludos.

Hola Victor
No hay problema pero me demoro en ver las preguntas cosas por aquí.
Para códigos básicos visita el Otto básico https://wikifactory.com/+OttoDIY/otto-diy/files/Software

.scad file bad, .step file good

it depends .scad good for customizer

Hiya, I've built Otto and he is ready to go, just no software.

I cant find the OttoDIY+ zip files. The link on the ottodiy website seems broken and I get a message from GITHUB that zip files aren't supported.

I did find some wonderful files.. However, they seem to require the file servo.h and II cant find that.

I'm completely new at this. Any chance you could send me the original zip files or indicate a site that has them?

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Dude, could you use an arduino one and plug the servos straight into the digital pins? or do I need to use this "Arduino Nano Shield I / O Extension Board" ????

yes of course but how are you gonna connect them to 5v and GND? you is a mess of cables i made the first prototype in a proto board works for a while until a cable drops.

Where the heck do you buy the plus kit? I dont see that on your website.

Hello Craig

First of all we’d like to thank you for your interest in our Otto DIY project! The project is currently undergoing a little transformation due to our relocation to Europe but new Ottos will be ready for shipment soon (in a couple of weeks). We will keep you updated and let you know once Otto is ready. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our Otto community!

Best regards

Hallo, is there a App for iOS Phones?
Thanks for your support.

launching soon stayed tuned!

I am really struggling with assembling the legs. I have printed the latest versions of the files and they came out great. However, there was a lot of wobble when I attached the legs to the body using the servo arms, so I added a couple dabs of hot glue and the wobble is gone. Now, when I feed the wires through the holes, the legs can not rotate the full 180 degrees as the wire binds between the body and leg. All the working Ottos I see seem to use a different version of the body where the wire went through a slot next to the leg but this version has the slot directly above the leg. I don't see how it can work. Does anyone have a close up of exactly how the wire gets fed into the body? Thank you for the help.

Did this to remove wobble
Not noticed problems with cables. Maybe you need to leave more loose cable.

Spacers for Otto DIY+ v8
by usonic

Hi Ian
i also noticed the wobble but when i tested somehow the key of my servos were wider, but better bigger than small in this case so glue will fix the issue. With the new cable slot Otto looks more clean since the cables are not visible anymore.and i also doubted at the beginning but it works and moves pretty well

Hi Camilo,
Firstly, thank you for creating and sharing OTTO with the world - it's a great project indeed.
I have successfully printed the OTTO DIY+ and have my Nano (clone) board connected to the expansion shield and bluetooth module. I can connect to bluetooth via the app, as well as other apps such as "Bluetooth Terminal" and can see Serial.print text working.
The problem I have is that the app doesn't make OTTO do anything - pressing buttons does nothing. The normal dance sketches work just fine so I know the servos are fine.
I have tested a separate sketch using the bluetooth module over SoftwareSerial and this seems ok. What could be wrong please, or how can I debug this to provide more information to you?
Thanks for your support.

Hi Alex

You are welcome glad and happy to find grateful Otto builders like you.
If Otto does not response the APP then make sure your Bluetooth module is setup for 9600 baud rate or change the bau rate in the APP sketch to be able to communicate both should be in same "synth"

I have ordered the DIY+ maker kit from your website and am just awating delivering. In the meantime I am going to print the parts - what are the best settings to use?

Hi AT32

For 3D printing i recommend 20% infill, and Resolution of 0.15mm or less, no supports required.

Can I install a MATRIX module in a new version?

Can you give references of the "sound sensor" item?

Analog Arduino Sound Sensor in pin A6 or digital if move to a different pin

It is impossible for me to mount my feet with the MG90s that I have bought, could the plastic that makes the shaft be thick and does not fit in any way on the feet, can someone tell me how much the servos have been used in this model? . I have broken two servos when trying to fit.

Hi Pepgra
can you attach some visuals i am not sure what are you refering to, everyone uses this files and so far no prob.
Can you show me how the MG90s got broken? they are made of metal

I have bought these:
The pieces of plastic are thicker than the hole and do not fit correctly, I will measure those pieces and send them to you.

I also have exactly the same problem. Previously I built the otto without any problem. Probably diferent versions of both the body and the otto legs?

Try to 3d print with more accuracy the pieces should fit with little pressure make sure to check instructions.
Andres the version did you print before had he same system?

Yes, the construction is horrible and frustrating. I can not find any design that fits MG90s well without breaking them

Hi Pepgra
have you try the new version? make sure you are printing in the right resolution.
you are welcome

I have had a similar issue and worked out the cause. It seems that the distance from the top of the mounting tabs to the top of the servo is non-standard. e.g. in the photos of the MG90s listing with the most orders on Aliexpress, the distance obviously varies between the photos, even for the same listing. I have the size on the left in the attached image, and just under 0.5mm of the top of the tab hits the bottom of the shelf it is supposed to sit on top of. I've managed to print a couple of spacers to wedge the servo in place underneath the shelf instead.

I think that the rubbing of the wires is caused by the round piece not sticking out as far, so there is less clearance. I still need to work out a solution for that.

I also noticed that the customiser is based on v4 of the legs, which is completely different to v8.

I compared the MG90s servo I had with an SG90, and size seems almost identical, so perhaps for some MG90s servos, it is better to use SG90 print.

Comments deleted.

I am a student and I need to build a project for my assignment. Since I am new about this things it is easy to build or should I go for the simple OTTO? And can I avoid touch sensors and sound sensor?
Thanks a lot

yes you should go for the simple as start and only have the ultrasound sensor

Don't know if this matters or not, but the holes in the head for the power connector and usb are on the front left side, and the pictures show them on the other side and to the back?

old version not big deal but updated

I'm in the process of building this and I was wondering about the the custom stl's for the head & body, are those are for using an arduino uno controller? Also I am using MG90S servos and there is a big gap between the legs and the body, i'm guessing I should of printed the smaller body and head?

Hi Charley

The custom body and head are only optional for bigger boards like UNO.
What gap are you talking about the distance between body and legs, if you mean 2-2.5mm big is mainly so the cable can be put inside easily
nothing should be print smaller just give a try you will see the magic and sense of every part design for very easy 3D printing and assembly.

Best Regards

Hello again,

I ended up printing the newer head & body pieces today that you just updated and things are much better(using a nano w/controller board), the only thing I am working on is getting my HC-SR04 sonar to fit into the head, the holes are spaced just a little too far apart where I have to either sand or dremel the holes out a little bit. Is there a more current SCAD file available to customize this? Thanks Again.

The Ultrasound as the board and the motors since there are many manufactures sometimes they have up to 1mm difference in some dimension, plus the resolution of the 3d printer make it very difficult to design "one fit all components" the SCAD is right in the download files there is also FREECAD file in github and also the link for fusion 360 file or even TinkerCAD if is easy for you. Hope to see you "Post a Make" pictures!

you are welcome

Hello :)

The scad file that's in this download here says that the body & head are from version 3, and the legs & feet are from version 4, do you by chance have an updated or more recent SCAD file? Also what setting do I need to modify the spacing for the ultrasound? I have two very well calibrated 3dprinters, and after printing from both I need to move the eyes 1mm closer to allow the ultrasound to fit(HC-SR04). I am using .15mm layer height and 20%infill per instructions.Thanks again

mmm this SCAD works for customizer somehow, another Otto builder made this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2460511/files that it seems more updated

Otto DIY+ OpenSCAD
by oda

That is perfect, i'll be posting up my builds as soon as I get them done, Thanks again!

Hello and Thank You for getting back to me so quickly!
The gap is from the top of the leg where the servo horn meets the servo mounted in the body, The gap is actually 1.8mm. the legs are pretty loose. Just to make sure you know I am using the CUSTOM head & body files from here(OttoDIY+_CUSTOM_Body90x80.stl & OttoDIY+_CUSTOM_Head90x80UnoShield.stl).I am still working on the head because the arduino uno does not quite fit. Please let me know

Hi Charley
i see the problem there that head i just put there for special cases but i will better simplify this thing by deleting the UNO ones, for UNO i have this other version that i just made using the customizer https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2460699

Otto DIY Arduino UNO

i´m about to make my own little otto but, i don´t know which STLs i need to print to make the version with bluethoot and all the sensors, do i print the bigger head and the body or the smallest ones? there´s any difference between them except for the size?
Thaks and congratulations, this little robot is amazing

Hi Dani
i just updated the STL files you can print this one, the main difference is size and the fact you can use MG90 servos

Thanks for the compliment
Welcome to the Otto builder community!

is it the 5V nano?

Comments deleted.

Hi, I'm fan of this little robot :) I'm about to make mine ;) I just wanted to know if there are differences between the model of the OTTO DIY and OTTO DIY+ (despite the bluetooth module) ? Thanks a lot ;)

touch sound motors basically you can check more details in the website ;)

Im having problems with the feet fitting the legs. using tower pro SG90's and there is a gap where you screw it in and it moves to much. also the lump on the foot dont go in enough so it flops about

Hi Micky
as you see in the description Otto DIY+ works with MG90s go to Otto DIY for the servos you have

yes did print the diy one out it was v5

if there is some gap then is the servos you bought maybe have other size, lump?


Any reason why the side openings on the legs have a slope of more than 45 degrees unlike the previous versions? It makes them much harder to print without support.



Hi Mike
Really was actually to make it easier to print the old design had a flat area

I think this is a great project and have had fund building it.

1) Is this the most revised 3D parts? I've seen v5 in another site and am a little confused which parts are most up to date. I know the legs were modified at one point.

2) Has there been an improvements to the body and head? I've had problems with the head and body staying attached to each other and the head tabs breaking off.

  1. Yes you have more options of legs and you can customize this one

  2. Yes snap is softer and difficult to brake, you need to print with good fill and thickness

Welcome to the community where is your Otto?

Great work
Are those legs for the MG90S servo?

the legs not yet but for the body yes

Thank you for the update.

you are welcome

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