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XYZ Full drag cable chain for tevo tarantula

by Maxdarkdog Jun 21, 2017
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those will work great for me thanks you so much have a great day..

awsome job on the chain waiting for my black filament ot come in to make but i saw brackets on the upper front of the gantery in your pics made from aluminium is the a file i can print those? once again great work thanks

Do. You mean those Bigger Z-axis stabilizer bracket https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2108211

Bigger Z-axis stabilizer bracket
by jartza

What X-carriage is best for this setup? I'm running into the problem where the X-carriage mount is too close to my x-endstop.

Tevo Tarantula X carriage for E3D V6 with BlTouch sensor mount
Full Cable Dragchain XYZ (the spine) (tevo tarantula ready)
Tarantula full Compact X carriage assembly for E3dV6 + 1x4040 + 2x5015 + MGN12H

Oh ok, cool thanks. Awesome job on the design

In process of printing all this for my new tarantula.. but I've already ran into a big problem... I printed the Z Motor bracket and installed already (broke the acrylic after printing due to a malfuctioning auto-level), and the X-Axis Bracket runs right into the screw.. any ideas to fix this?

Witch screw ? can you upload a pic ?

Z-Axis Screw. If I can get the side extended out maybe 5 mm and the mounting screw moved into that extension, it'd work beautifully.

ow i see... that's why there is a specific Z motor bracket in the kit... i suggest to print it, because you'll have some troubles with the bed hitting the Oldham coupler if you install one later (and you should definitely install one) Check the Z wobble eliminator in my designs ;)

I wont update this chain now because i already moved to the new one and i wont be able to test any modification because i thow this one away

link to the new one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2785330

Full Cable Dragchain XYZ (the spine) (tevo tarantula ready)

No. I want the z-chain. I don't like the spine. Your not going to help, fine. I'll get it done myself.

This looks awesome, and I can't wait to try printing it out. I'm still waiting on my newly ordered printer to arrive.
Will this work with the larger/wider bed? As I understand from what I've watched/read, the wires for the large bed come out the side rather than the back. Are the wires easily routed to go out the back without risking any damage?

Check the lastest one (the spine chain) https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2785330

you'll have to route the wires to the chain and prevent any movement to the wires or bed connector

Full Cable Dragchain XYZ (the spine) (tevo tarantula ready)

for those that have the control board mounted in the factory location can you provide description of how you routed the wires for the z and x axis

Use 2020clampchainbase.STL and go around the right pillar and up to the board

does this require any of the wires to be extended?

IT Depends on where your mks board is located. Mine is under the plate so I had to

Will this work with inverted Z?

The stock X carriage must different on the newer tarantulas. The X end for the stock carriage does not appear to fit properly. The base is backward if try to fit it on the right side, where I'd prefer to mount it. And the X end stop gets in the way on the left side. See attachments. Can you invert the base or share the file so I can do it?

I printed this out of PLA blue, looks great, however, I need to get some longer cables as the X stop is too short, I did a temp splice, and the thermocouple cables just bearly fit.

my next step will be to design and print off a control box, this will be tricky as I ordered a full TFT touchscreen and a TFT touch screen for the raspberry pie, ill hook up octo print. ( i may just do two boxes?)

Any suggestions on what kind of wire to use to the extensions would be great.

Also yes I plan on printing a better spool holder but it works.


I used 0.75mm² wires and JST connectors
0.75mm² is enough even for the hotend heating cartridge
(i think 0.75mm² is 18 AWG.... PLEASE RECHECK)

Should I print in abs or will pla be fine?

Mine is PLA and works fine in my enclosure

I'm confused as to what the 2020clampchainbase.stl goes. theres no picture showing this.

Just what I have been looking for - Love the engineering that has gone into every part of this collection. Just printed the first 6 links and they go together perfectly.

Thx a lot James ^^
And thx for the Tip :)

Printed this and it came out beautiful, links fit perfect and the shape it falls into is great. Thanks heaps

Thx for the feedback buddy ^^

Hey, I've printed everything out. But I am not sure where to mount the Z mount. you stated that I "MUST" print the stepper bracket, yet I don't understand where the Z mount goes on the bracket.

The Steppermotor bracket has to be printed and mounted to clear the way for the acme screw and it's fixed part on the X aluminum extrusion.

The part calle "X_fixed_end" has to be mounted on the upper left wheel bolt of the X motor plate (see pics)

Thanks! It wasn't very clear what role the Z_steppermotor_bracket.STL played. Thank you for your response. :)

may it be possible to upload the step files for remixing it ? I want to make a adapter for the tevo tarantula modular x carriage.

What's the size size of each link? 10X10?

Please have a look at the last picture :) (à tantôt)

There is only one problem that I've found with the 'Y' carriage and that is the extra weight/drag pulls the corner down so the bed isn't level. need to find a way to mount this in the center of the carriage

personally i don't have this issue... (but i'm on a carbon fiber bed support and a MGN12H rail under it)
i cant design a chain going over the motor there isnt enough room and the chain will lay on the belt