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Red Hood Helmet (Batman) with Details

by Killonious Jun 21, 2017
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Killonious what are the dimensions?

can u make it so i can print it on the 5x5x5 bed of my flashforge finder? thanks!

Hey Killonious, and idea how to print the entire helmet with supports? I see the feedback that it maybe should be printed with the back piece unattached to fit. Anything from your experience? Thanks!

Thank you for the file. Built it. super easy. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work https://youtu.be/d8qYIsuU7Oo
Build Process:

Is the full helmet the same scale as the broken up files

Yes they are the same scale. I have a size 24 inch head and I printed it at 105% scale.

I'm sure this is a dumb question, but this is my first time trying to 3d print something. What does it say if it's unable to slice? Like I said, I've never used a 3d printer before and have no idea what this means.

I'm new to the whole 3D printing thing, so i was wonder how I can get all the pieces to connect, Before I print them.

Just print the full helmet

I cannot. My 3D printer isnt big enough

So instead of before, you're going to have to connect them AFTER :) Perhaps that was a typo in your original request? If so, there's a few ways to, depending on the material:

PLA you can glue together using CA glue (super/crazy glue), works best with an activator spray that will instantly set the glue. You can also friction weld using a dremel and another piece of 3.00mm PLA (google around for videos on the technique).

If you're using ABS, you can melt the sides of each piece with acetone, then let them cure together. Additionally, you can make a small "slurry" of dissolved ABS pieces mixed into a little acetone, and use that to fill in the seams.

I look into that. Thank you. And yes it was a typo.

Would you guys recommend supports for the front_V2 piece? Curious if I should risk it or go on the safe side but using a lot more filament for supports.

106 was still a bit small for me, and i dont have a very large head, i suggest 108%

What's the size of your head? I'm curious for a matter of reference. My circumference is 58,5 cm (about 23").

i really have no idea. it works if you do the back piece seperate, if i attach the back piece with like some elastic bands it would be fine at 107, it loks like the helmet is meant to be tight

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Do not print full mask.It's too small for a head

It says in the description to print it at 105%-107%. You print the front_v2 and then the back_v2. This will allow you to slip your head in

Red hood is not batman, Red hood is was The old robin becomes after he is the arkham knight.

Yes I know Red Hood is Jason Todd. I just put batman in the title for searching since he is part of the "Batman family"

I have splitted the mask in smaller pieces for the small MP Select Mini 3D Printer with only 110mm3.
Can I publish it as remix?

Check it out if something is wrong.

Red Hood Helmet (Batman) smaller pieces

What are the measurements in the reduced drawing is it inches or centimeters?

Would you please make The Injustice 2 Red hood one ? This work is so perfect !!! If I make A comic base done I'd definitely use this !!

Which one are you talking about? There are several versions of Red Hood Helmets in the game. I made this one.


I mean this one : http://do3d.com/product/3d-printable-model-red-hood-injustice-2-helmet-cowl-print-file-formats-stl/

Took me so long to do all the cosplay of that Version and even got the STL file for the guns I just need the helmet one to make the perfect master piece

Yo they guys over at Corridor Digital finished the helmet and it looks awesome! Can't wait to print it myself! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewkSCEptQy8

Yo nice job on the helmet! And i think your gonna get popular soon because you pretty much are getting free advertisement from Corridor Digital XD

Thanks! What are you talking about Corridor Digital XD?

And the XD is a laugh face

Oh cool. I had no idea. I just watched a couple of their videos. They are hilarious. Thanks for letting me know about these guys. XD

Np mate! And hopefully soon ill be getting my own 3d printer, i am so gonna print this or one of your other helmets, because they are so flippen epic!

Nice. Printers have gotten pretty cheap in the past year. I use this one with great results.


Im looking towards something like the Anet A8 because ive seen if you get its settings right, it can be brilliant, also its one of the cheapest XD

How much Filament would I roughly have to use for this?

I would say guess about 300g - 500g

how can you used 300-500g of filament ? i've try with 3 slicers and the minus one is 880 gr.......???

the opening looks pretty tight.. what size head is this fitted for? I have a 24" head. from ear to ear(minus the ears) my head is 6.5 inches wide and from the back of my head to my nose its about 9 inches.
Will this helmet slip on?

Hello. I'm not sure. I have not printed it yet. I put a pdf file with dimensions in the downloads. You might have to cut the back like I did for this helmet.


Blood Dragon Helmet Mass Effect 2 (With Back Access)

I made an account just so I could tell you, you are awesome!!! Thank you for making these for free!
I have recently started a 3d printed superhero helmet collection. So far I have a captain america helmet and iron man. I am currently making your thor helmet. This one is added to the list!

Your welcome. If you want to request a specific helmet or want to learn how I make my models in fusion 360 come visit my patreon page.


Damn, your models are so cool.. Just printed your Thor helmet and its look awesome! If you take wishes - I would like to see Hulk helmet from Thor: Ragnarok! :)

Thanks. i have seen the hulk helmet. I will add to my list of stuff to make.

Holy moly... killing it man

You never told me what mask/helmet you would like to see made...so I have to make everything :)

That fusion 360 dose make an awesome job of the digital representaions, very cool helmet, cheers Jace. So envious ; )

Yes it shows really well how the model can look. It helps with finding mistakes.

you beautiful beautiful man, this file is awesome!

Thanks. If you print it make sure to post pictures. I would love to see it.

hey i posted a different one if you want to take a crack at it https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2392304 lol

Unfortunately I will not be able to work on this helmet. I talked to the designer and he asked me not to post a version of his model. Sorry.

I will have to take a look.