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Gothic Lantern

by Shira Jun 21, 2017
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I edited the top to make the slots the proper size to fit the bottom.


Thanks for the great model.

Fixed Top For Gothic Lantern

I cant slice it with Repetier-Host + Slic3r :(

i am new to printing
i tried printing this i sliced it using cura for my anycubic i3 mega
it was a total disaster unfortunately
the main body was a hexagon with very complicated in-fill and i shut it down after @10hrs when i finally realised that it was very wrong also cura insisted that the lense was a 6 minute print i checked back on my computer and the 3-d models had gone into cura correctly and the only change i made was in the size which was carried through all 3 parts
does anyone have any ideas to help please

Many thanks for this model, it's wonderful. Slicing using cura went very nice and printing on an Anycubic I3 mega is wonderful. I'm just wondering what are the holes in the base and the flat base suppose to be? Isn't there a missing piece, like a closure when hanging it?

Very nice design! I would like to print it, but I don' t now which Filament color I should use. What have you used? Black/Gray or whatever? Have you painted it afterwards? Some instructions would be nice for beginners like me ;) Greetings from Germany ;)

Great design. I printed the base yesterday, and the top is printing as I type this. I sliced it in Cura (4.0 BETA) using the "Extra Course" setting, so it printed fast but pretty rough looking. However, that's fine by me as I'll be using this in my 2019 Halloween display, so I'm happy to have it look rough (it will add to the effect).

What I'm wondering is: What is a good way to seal this and make it weatherproof? I printed it in PLA (because that's what I had handy). I'm sure it would last a few days outside in the fall weather, but if I could do something simple to it to make it stand up better, that would be nice. I was thinking of using some sort of spray lacquer or possibly even a metal black Rustoleum spray paint. I considered a black spray rubber coating (kind of like "Flexseal"), but that might make it look less gothic and a little more cheesy.


there is a few methods since you dont mind it looking rough the cheapest way is the paint it with a fibre glass resin its the cheapest and makes it rock solid and water proof

I have a problem with the Tulipa, i can't Print it at 50% Scale, it just shows me the Lower 45° section and then it stops

Anyone have advice on how to get the tops of the arches to print correctly? I've printed this 3 times, resliced each time using both Slic3r and Prusa Control, and used 3 different PLA filaments... Each time the tops of the same 3 arches just don't print.

Repair the model first...it contains 464 errors.

right click on the model choose "fix STL through Netfabb" then you are able to slices it correctly and print it correctly.

Ouwekaas - I also noticed that the base had errors. I tried to fix them in Netfab, but even the repaired base still had errors. However, I was able to slide it using Cura (4.0 BETA) and print it without issue.

That's odd, Because I fixed it in Netfabb via Slicer Prusa Edition, sliced it and print it. ( just finisched my print ). No problems at all.

The lid won't stay on, I this made for a high shrinking filament? Gonna print the shims now to make it fit.

What do you Mean with shims? I seek solution because i have thé same problem

From a rough measurement the lid has a 6mm slot and the base a 4.5mm notch.

Can't seem to get this to print properly. It gets about 2/3 of the way up and it just turns to spaghetti. I've tried repairing it in 3D builder with still no luck.

Hi... thanks for til lantern, just printed the lantern and it's pretty nice ... printed the inner part of the vase fashion and it's just good but but ... the 2 slices in the top are all too big for them on the bottom and you can do not even lift it to the top without falling apart ... a bit offensive

No matter what I try, slicer won't slice the base correctly, even after fixing all manifold errors with meshlab :(.

Tu trabajo es magnífico. Felicidades.
Me encanta.

Great model!
I created a base (two options) and a LED tree in Tinkercad for mine and shared here.

I love this model, I've printed it, it came out great, but FYI there's this guy...


Thought you might want to know.

Looks like it got taken down, victory!

Is anyone else having trouble making the inner "glass" piece? I am using cura to get my gcode ready for my Monoprice mini printer, and all other parts print nicely, but only the base of the inner piece will print... once it reaches the part where the walls would just go up it stops... Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

It happens when the walls are so thin that they are not even single perimeter. Use slic3r and pick thin walls option as a solution.

My 3D printer just finished the last part. I must say that I just love this lantern. It is so beautiful.

The STLs are horribly broken but I found opening them in 3d builder (free in Windows 10) fixed all the files so Slic3r can make sense of them. About 60% through printing the base at the moment

Thanks for the tip. Using 3d Builder worked for me. Here is timelapse of the top being printed.


Greedy question: would you mind uploading your fixed stl's as a remix?

When I try to fix them the dang thing crashes.

Normally I would be happy to upload the fixed STLs, but the licensing from the creator prohibits it.

I've printed this twice at 100% scale and the fit of the lid is way too loose. One of my prints falls off anytime i hang it by the loop.
I was planning on tightening up the tolerances on the fit between the lid and base, but the licensing prohibits that too.

I will instead be uploading a "C" shaped shim for the 2 slots in the next day or two.

I know that doesn't help you, but the original creator has my hands tied.

Any chance you managed to do that? I'm having the same issue, my top hardly wants to stay on at all :(

I'm uploading the shims in just a few minutes. They are only a single extrusion width and you have to custom fit them based on any shrinkage you might have had on the joint, but they do work.

How did they print for you? When I used Slic3r to print, i was able to print the bottom portion of the base however once it started to print the sides of the base, my print turned into spaghetti...

made the entire thing in ESun aluminium fill pla.. took 37 hours for the base and 17 for the top (sliced at 0.1).. but so worth it.. now I need another two weeks to sand and polish all thos etiny details.. lot of work but my wife will be SO happy ;P

Ok... i think i fixed it. Open the files with "3D Builder" and repair it, than save as a new file (stl or obj). Works with S3D.

Thanks to Shira for sharing the model. If i am allowed to share the fixed files, please let me know. ;)

Thanks for the tip, 3D Builder repair worked for me too :)

I have also big problems with Simplify3D, XYZware Pro and meshmixer. Its not possible to slice the base-file, too much fails and errors.

base > 1143.000 errors in slic3r :(
top > 4.900 errors

May I ask why you choose to not allow remixes to be posted for this object? I sliced it down to smaller parts and was going to share them to the community for those who have smaller printers like me but wanted a larger size lantern made.

But of course I can't/won't because you have it listed as not allowing that. I was curious of there was a reason or simply how it was set.

Love this design however. the small version I made (about 55% scaled down) looks great and it's a good test of accuracy for my printer for both stringing and layer accuracy! It's adorable but tiny!

You can post a "make" with instructions on how to slice it included, if that helps.

i downloaded it but the model is so broken meshmixer breaks it even further trying to fix it :/

This would be great for lithopanes

Is there a bottom part for the Gothic base stl?

just scale down the top piece and attach it to the bottom if you are going to hang it.

It has no bottom yet. But it is designed to be able to hang it from the ceiling, in inverted position. You can put led light bulbs.

Beautiful and support free! Great thing => on my todo list.

Sorry to borrow you, I don't intend to minimize you work -which is absolutly awesome- but on my way to get it printed I spotted a lot of mesh issues either on the top and the bottom case.....For exemple when I slice the bottom case in S3D it create a large bridge just before the top "frame". It also create some holes especially at the top of the window's paterns. I tried to repair it w/ the MakePrintable apps but it failed each time.
So my request here is : any solutions? Would you check it or may be share an *.obj for a remesh?
Thank you.

I have uploaded .obj file
With cure you can print it without problems.
I hope it works

Thanks a lot!
I didn't play w/ vertex for years now, so idk how much time it's gonna take me but I'll let you know.

What light fixture do you use with that?

Christmas lights leds

Thanks! That looks awesome, I'm going to have a try at that later.