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LM8/LM10 Y-Carriage for Mendelmax

by tommyc May 29, 2012
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What material do you recommend printing it ?? PLA or ABS


has anyone tried ABS, could not get it up ??

How do you level your bed with this?

Also where the is the configuration.scad. I wanted to use this for a different printer and changed some parameters but the belt clamps don't seem to render.

Edit: NVM.... https://github.com/josefprusa/PrusaMendel for anyone else that was lost like myself.

Does anyone have a template for drilling out the build platform holes? I am trying to create a template and am having a bitch of a time.

Did you figure it out? There is an scad you could just export to DXF and use that to print out a template for yourself.

I have not figured it out. I am new to the land of 3d object files. I'll look in to that export option.

Which is the one you want to do? I could probably help you out once I get home.

I would appreciate any help I can get. I am using the LM8x3 version, as it came with my box of plastic parts I ordered from Ebay. Thank you.

I'm impressed I was able to do this where I currently am....Besides that. Please pay very close to attention to this.

There are 2 sets of files in the zip.

The center to center distance of you bars will determine which one you will need.

As the original poster of this said, it is best to measure your actual distance due to inaccuracies in general. I have however included the files so you can print for the standard 100mm spacing or for the default that tommyc recommends. i would just print both and then align your plastic piece on it to see which one matches.


Sweet! Other than the power supply which I just ordered yesterday this was the last piece too figure out. I'll check them out in a little bit. Thank you very much!

No biggie, It all serves to teach me things.

Chris. This worked out well I haven't cut the template out yet (works been busy), but I did print it out on paper to compare to my carriage plastic. The width was perfect. The length was off, but a little tweaking in Illustrator and I was able adjust it. You totally saved my sanity Going to search out a piece aluminium that is 22x22 this week so I can get the bed assembled.

How do you attach the belt to this?

What infill do you recommend for this carriage?

Hi, should I measure the distance between rods from the center of each rod?

What hardware is recommended for pinch bolts on this carriage?


I'm just getting started with a MM build. What's the deciding factor between using three or four bearings?


I like 3 personally because it is less prone to binding.

what do you mean by "binding"?

i love this design, could you make one that uses the 16mm OD and 8mm ID bronze bushings. I have tried to do it in scad and just can't seem to get it. Thank you

Will see what i can do when my bronze bushings arrive.

I tried one of these, when I installed the screw on the lm8UU bearing, the holder broke off. any way to beef these up a bit?

if they break off easily, then you need to check 2 things, 1.) nozzle temp. Try up your nozzle temp by 10C and see how it goes, 2.) check your E calibration and filament diameter measurement again, I did a test and found that a 3% difference in filament diameter(1.75 but actual measured dia is 1.70) result in very weak parts no matter how high i set the temperature to.

I noticed that the spacing of the smooth shafts for the lm8x4.stl are 98.4mm instead of 100mm. Is there a reason for this? I'm a bit of a newb at SCAD and couldn't figure out how to change the rod spacing so I tweaked it in SketchUp. Nice update though!

Because that is what i got when i measure the distances between the rods with a caliper.

It doesn't have anything to do with the calibration of my printer, I confirm that by printing a 25mm test cube, it came out off by less than .05mm.

So i would suggest you print the y rod mount first, mount the rods onto the MM body and measure the actual distance between them. Then adjust the distances to make them fit perfectly. this way, you wlll get a butter smooth Y stage.

I have a hunch that if you are slicing with Slic3r, you will en
d up with something similar to mine.

Please do report back about the measured distance between your Y rods.

Interesting, seems like all these machines have their own peculiarities. My y-rod spacing comes out to 99.5mm (using the same y-mounts you have mounted). I will have to update the y-carraige to match. Thanks for the tip!