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P3 Gold (Prusa) - Black Diamond Bowden E3D v5 Hotend.

by carlymx Jun 14, 2017
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I'm interested in modifing the extruder mount to install a BMG extruder on it. Is possible that you can publish the files or send them via email?
I would prefer non-stl files as is quite difficult to modify a mesh

Here you have it, the whole project, download again to get the update.

There is a programmed direct extrusion version that I never got to try (it is also within the project).

I hope it serves you and enjoy the design.

I also hope you share your work and respect the licenses and all that.

Thank you very much for liking my work.

Cabezal Black Diamond Simple v1.3.zip (Download the project again)

Here you have it, the whole project.

There is a programmed direct extrusion version that I never got to try (it is also within the project).

I hope it serves you and enjoy the design.

I also hope you share your work and respect the licenses and all that.

Thank you very much for liking my work.

Aqui lo tienes, Todo el proyecto.

Existe una versión de extrusión directa programada que nunca llegue a probar (tambien esta dentro del proyecto).

Espero que le sirva y disfrute del diseño.

También espero que comparta su trabajo y respete las licencias y todo eso.

Muchas gracias por gustarle mi trabajo.

I made one of it! Works perfectly! Very tide. But i had a problem with BLTouch. The pin kicks anything that i can use to hold the bed gless. I need to get it higher to avoid destroy it... Could you help? Thank you!

Thanks for using my design.

How much must the support go up so that the sensor does not touch the pieces?

I think more 2 or 3 mm would be enough.
I tried to use 2 types of holders there. That clip for papers and a holder of Ultimaker's style.
i see that is a little bit hard to do that cause the position of the screws at the backplate... Thank you very much!

Hello, thanks for answering. Could you take a picture or a sketch of what you need to upload and why? Let's see if we can fix it soon.

That's it! The pin is too close to the nozzle level. About 1.2 mm, that is not enough to get the pin safe from the glass holders...

And 1.2mm of margin you say that it is not enough for you?
How much would you need to have margin exactly?

I think 3 mm will be perfect. Thank you!

Sorry! I was traveling. I'll do this this night... Thank you!

Nice Work! Would be possible to post the step file of the fan duct? Here is very dificult to find those inserts and the self-locking nuts are not fitting as well...
Or maybe just do a side hole to insert an ordinary M3 nut. Thanks!

Nice design!
Does the fan mounted on the back of the assembly interfere with the P3Steel frame? I made this experience with another design (that had the fan at the back).
thanks in advance!

Hi. Thanks for commenting on my design.

There are many models of P3Steel you may lose a few centimeters. In my case to be a P3Gold Ed. I do not lose height with respect to a conventional P3Steel.

Anyway, 99.9% of the pieces we print do not reach 15cm in height, so it is a lesser evil because of the advantages it brings.

A greeting.

Hola. Gracias por comentar mi diseño.

Hay muchos modelos de P3Steel es posible que pierdas unos pocos centímetros. En mi caso al ser una P3Gold Ed. no pierdo altura con respecto a una P3Steel convencional.

De todas maneras el 99,9% de las piezas que imprimimos no llegan a los 15cm de altura así que resulta un mal menor por las ventajas que aporta.

Un Saludo.

I'm printing this, but not done yet. If I use an inductive sensor instead of the BLTouch one, won't there be open space in the cooling fan mount? Could one without that gap be available?

news on the v6 version? greets :-D

Un diseño precioso y fácil de instalar, todo perfecto para anet a8, imprimí el adaptador para el sensor capacitivo en espejo para ponerlo a la izquierda, lástima de no darme cuenta que mi extrusor es un v6.
Espero que lo modifiques pronto, muchas gracias por dedicar tu tiempo en este gran diseño.

What all would need to be modified to make compatible for the E3D V6?


Trying the desing from clone wars, what measures have the brass inserts for the threads? Do you know any place to get it fast?


Probando desde clone wars :D que medida tienen los insertos de laton, sabes algun sitio donde pueda conseguirlos que no me tarden mucho?


Lo siento por la tardanza.... Los insertos son IGUS de una conjunta en CloneWars ni idea del modelo,pero puedes poner sin problemas tuercas autoblocantes que caben perfectamente y te aran la función.

Un Saludo.

Hola feb992

Los insertos son los igus M3 y M4, son de una conjunta y se compraron en Francia creo.

No te preocupes puedes insertar sin problema tuercas que te harán la misma función. Hay una foto ilustrativa en la galería.

Por cierto gracias por confiar en mi diseño, cualquier cosa me comentas.

Hi there i want this head really badly but im using a e3d v6 head is it already modified ??? Its stylish and i gues i can push its limits more than i can now wit me i2 so i hope you remodel it soon for the e3d v6 .
In advance thnx!!!!


I've printed all of the parts, and now I'm having trouble figuring out how the screws are supposed to work. The holes in the parts are way too big for M4 screws to thread into; how do you assemble this? The only way I can see this working is to melt nuts into the plastic, and that's much more of a pain than is necessary. Am I missing something?

Si no tienen insertos, pueden insertar tuercas autoblocantes sin problemas como muestran las imágenes adjuntas.

If they do not have inserts, they can insert self-locking nuts without problems as they show the attached images.


I see now in one of the pictures that you're using brass inserts for the threads. Is there any way you could change the hole sizes to fit M3 screws without an insert or at least to fit M3 brass inserts? Or maybe provide the original files to be remixed :)

This looks like a great carriage setup, and I'm working on giving it a try. I would highly recommend though that more thickness be added to the part the extruder fan attaches to because it currently requires a wall thickness of one layer with a 0.4mm nozzle which makes the part look poor and gives low structural strength. Otherwise great looking design!

Has anyone come across issues using the probe mount? It is mounted with only one hole (screw) so it might wobble some time and ruin the offset(s)...

If it refers to the front Inductive, tighten. they have not had problems.

Feel free to modify or add whatever is needed to make it more robust.

A greeting.

Would it be possible to design a rear mounted "snail" type fan and simple duct, for a layer cooler, and without the sensor probe in the middle.
If the snail fan were mounted vertically in the centre of the back plate, with the output pointing down or under/ forwards, it would allow more "X" travel, maybe an extra 20cm! since maybe 10cm of back plate could then move on either side, in front of the aperture walls unlike the current full width fan assembly which restricts X travel to the space available in the frame.

Many thanks for your excellent work Carly
What a kind guy you are, answering everyone's requests, and so quickly too!
I struggled to adapt the front fan mounting part to accept a 40mm fan ... failed, but here you have done it! Pure Genius!
Thanks again Carly, I will upload pictures when I have built the updated version


it looks very nice!
Can you make a Carriage for a Anet Printer with 45mm Space between the X-Rods?
Thank you!

Hello andreasheis.

Achieved, I was able to create a Black Diamond version for the Anet A8 (45mm X-Rods) just by modifying the base of the head. You can download it here.


Could you inform me if everything is correct and send me information (photos ... etc) to add to Thing? Because I have no way to prove it. Thank you.

I hope you like it.

Hola andreasheis.

Conseguido, he podido crear una versión del Black Diamond para la Anet A8 (45mm X-Rods) solo modificando la base del cabezal. Puedes descargarlo aquí.


Podrías informarme si esta todo correcto y enviarme información (fotos... etc) para agregar al Thing? por que yo no tengo manera de probarlo. Gracias.

Espero sea de tu agrado.

Black Diamond Bowden E3D v5 Hotend for 45mm X-Rods (Anet A8)
by carlymx

My X carriage is simpler, ligher and better, use my own Igus bearings, no play, direct extruder not much heavier than your thing using bownden with all the issues associated (no flexible filament of course). You use crappy LM bearings.
Only one butterfly screw to remove the entire extruder etc... It looks more complex to you because it incorporates in fact many features yours doesn't !
I print at 120mm/s, PETG. PETG parts on pictures don't look as nice as PLA. Anyway, many are old prints, before the improvements.
The way you attach the belt is shitty too.
As for the fan, I already gave my opinion.
On your video despite the slow print speed one can hear the rattling noise ! Awful !
Again, your thing brings nothing.
Just wanted to warn other not to waste their time and look for better design, preferably direct extruder. Even here, there are a few. The Titan for people who cn't make their own is quite good.
Mine require skills most people here don't have. But smart people who made them are happy.

Functionality must prevail, not look ! Look is for dimwit.

Comments deleted.

Thanks for proving my point. Indeed this thing is so gay :)

Hello, Thanks for commenting.

If of course I can try, the difference being so may have to modify several things, but I can try it this afternoon from 19:00 (UTC + 2).

Would you like some more changes?

Hola, Gracias por comentar.

Si por supuesto puedo intentarlo, al ser tanta la diferencia puede que haya que modificar varias cosas, pero puedo intentarlo esta tarde a partir de las 19:00H (UTC+2).

Le gustaría algún cambio más?

No !
Everything is fine ! A Stylish Extruder Mount! I Like it!
Ive printed all Parts and it fits fine. I hope you can help me with the Carriage.
Thank you !!!

Too complex, difficult to install/remove hot end for servicing, poorly designed cooling ducts, and still these junk linear bearings ! Typical example where look prevails over functionality.

Says the twit...

Why do you say it is Complex and difficult to install and remove? Only two screws of very easy access are needed to gin the entire head. However do not stay in half, tell me what you think could improve my design.

Even though I do not think you can, you just have to see your designs, the complex (really), heavy, non-existent design and especially how bad you print with them, to realize that you are nothing more than a TROLL that the only way To be better than others is to walk with empty comments and without any kind of coherent development the work of others.

I encourage you to change your Head for this and try it, although I do not think you can print it well judging by all the photos you have.


¿Por que dices que es Complejo y difícil de instalar y sacar? solo se necesitan dos tornillos de muy fácil acceso para desmotar el cabezal entero. No obstante no te quedes a medias, dime en que crees que podría mejorar mi diseño.

Aun que no creo que puedas, solo hay que ver tus diseños, lo complejos (de verdad), pesados, de diseño inexistente y sobre todo lo mal que imprimes con ellos, para darse cuenta que no eres mas que un TROLL que la única forma de ser mejor que los demás es pisar con comentarios vacíos y sin ningún tipo de desarrollo coherente el trabajo de los demás.

Te animo a que cambies tu Cabezal por este y lo pruebes, aun que no creo que puedas imprimirlo bien a juzgar por todas las fotos que tienes.


The best thing: you can see what you are printing. Nice.

This looks beautiful. I will try to start printing tonight

Thank you very much for trusting my work, I hope to see your results soon.