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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Assassin's Creed Modern Hidden Blade (Connor Style) - Open Source

by Arkotel Jun 12, 2017
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Are you going to fix this model or have you abandoned it?

2 questions:

  1. What size magnets do we need?
  2. I've seen a lot of comments about this not working or having missing parts, is this a complete model?

Over all how long does the build take to print?

Roughly twenty hours. ALthough, you may need to install 123D Design since he didn't export all the necessary part.

Comments deleted.

Hey, you are missing a key important piece from your small parts, that little piece that locks the handle on the slide, great job by the way, i really wish i could 3d model, so i could make one that looks almost like ammnra's connor kit (ammnra's kit is just similar, but still good) and get it printed and made out of metal, so it would be a real knife. (Ofc i wouldn't bring it in public, since the type of the knife is illegal (at least in my country).
Anyone has modelled ammnra's hidden blade that i could get somewheret? :D :P

like promise i have send you the link of modified parts in your MP
sorry fore the taken time

I just tested the hand rail that I modified and it is ok it remains to print and tested the modified blade but before I pressed I do some small maintenance on my machine but from that it will be tested I would make a document Compressed with the files and a Word document embellished with photos that I would put on my cloud so that you could have access to the files.
You can add them as is or edit your own files with.

I would give you the links here when it will be good

Hay alguna forma de contactarte que no sea por aquí?

Este es uno de los mejores trabajos que e visto :D

Gracias, viejo.

Y sobre la de connor... Lo primero que pense fue en hacer el diseño exacto, pero basicamente estaria replicando el trabajo de ammnra y no vaya a ser que luego me rastreen y me intenten demandar. Quiero tomar todas las medidas precautorias, por lo que si al menos 50 o 100 personas me piden el modelo, pues lo hago.

Por otra parte, trabajé en un modelo similar al de connor con unos detalles mas modernos como otro estilo de aguila, una empuñadura basada en un cuchillo militar que encontré por ahi pero ese era personal y tenia muchos errores... Si lo termino bien, podria subirlo.

Aparte me parece genial la idea de una hoja oculta con el mecanismo de connor en una versión mas moderna (todos los modelos de hojas ocultas modernas que e visto hasta ahora no tienen ese mecanismo y técnicamente deberían tenerlo por que se supone que es una versión moderna a las originales)

1: Si pero técnicamente el no es el creador original (en todo caso el creador seria ubisoft) a si que no tendría que haber problemas.
2: Ademas el lo vende, y eso me causo molestia ya que ok, me parece bien que venda el articulo por si lo quieres hecho pero hay gente que no tiene suficiente dinero para comprarlo, yo admiro a la gente como tu, que crea cosas y las comparte libremente con en mundo, en mi país literalmente solo las empresas trabajan con dolares y dado la economía actual a casi nadie se puede costear esos lujos (soy venezonalo) es mas mi impresora 3d fue un regalo de cumpleaños de parte de una tía que recientemente se mudo a panama.

Vaya, principalmente, tu razon 2 fue la que me motivo a hacerla. "Si no puedes comprarla y puedes hacerla, hazla". Solo por esto y tu comentario, haré mas cosas cuando tenga tiempo... En verdad se aprecia tu comentario y la motivacion. Te envio en msj priv. un enlace para un grupo de whatsapp en el que estamos desarrollando hojas.

ok, aunque llegue un poco tarde a lo del whatsapp

Tranqui amigo :) te apoyamos, recuerda que lo importante es que te diviertas haciéndolo y que entes orgulloso de lo que haces.

Wow amigo esta genial, serás capaz de crear una como la de connor ( Si ya se que este es su estilo pero me refiero a una como el modelo original?)

Hi ARKOTEL if you want you can add my assassin's creed ring v2 for Hidden blade in your STL filesTo be able to really have a complete pack with all you need for the assembly and make the blade that you propose

Looks interesting... I'll think about it....

I printed all the parts, and I noticed some small problems that I settled by retracing your blade.

  1. the groove of the rail hand must go completely to the rear of the main rail, Otherwise the door will not close properly.

  2. the groove of the blade does not go forward enough, which does not retract the blade completely and also prevents the door from closing properly.

  3. I modify the handle so that it is partly glueed to the super glue, in one part the print medium and very hard removed due to poor accessibility.

  4. I had to isolate one a one all the pieces of the file small parts using 123D because when opening the stl as it is makerware put me as the door as if it existed only in the file

If not it is a good job continue like that.

If you want I can provide you the fix I've done to update your pieces

This could save you some time, arkotel you can contact me by email if you want the fixed parts this will be faster, and more, I walk very rarely on thingiverse.
I give you my mail: flozum68260@gmail.com

Do not worry arkotel this is not a reproach, I like what you did, and if I can help you, it is with great pleasure
for the ring i give you the right to add in your files, it's testing and work with the ammnra's connor kit

I really REALLY appreciate your observations. If you could send me some pictures of the problems, so I could fix them... or if you wish to remix it, you don't need my permission. Go ahead. This is an Open Source. Just don't forget to link the original.

I can send you the fixed if you want it's not a worry, like this you can compare them to yours, if you want I can send them to you by mail or by cloud.

On the other hand I do not have to publish a remix because this is your work even if I modified some parts. Thingiverse for me is a platform for knowledge sharing and help between users

I know it's difficult to start from scratch, I work myself on a replica of the hidden blade of ezio auditore (not the Roman blade but that of AC2) based on the same mechanism

Sure, Thank you. If it's in 123Design, much better, so I can modify the other designs i've made after this one. Just message me. I'll be waiting.