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Caliburn Mag-Fed Pump-Action Nerf Blaster

by captainslug Jun 11, 2017
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There are 3 Ram files, how do I know which to use?

Hi Captain Slug,

Thank you for making all these files public.
Im finding it near impossible to source any of the hardware in Europe due to Metric sizes. Do you by any chance know where people here are getting it from.
Secondly, out of interest. Why is the clear Tube that contain the spring in 2 separate parts of different diameters? Why was it not just one long tube of one diameter? (Stock spacer and Polycarbonate Tube)

I'm shipping a fair number of hardware sets to Europe. If you need an EU source of hardware get in touch with James Charlesworth or Alastair BlasterArtz through facebook or BritNerf forums. The original design was based on providing the option for Schedule 40 PVC pipe in the 1-1/4 nominal size to be used for the plunger tube and the rear spacer. I later ditch it as an option for the plunger tube, but kept it as the rear spacer because it provides more structure since it's thicker walled. Those two tubes have to be separate in order for the sear to poke through between them and interact with the plunger.

Thanks so much, makes perfect sense now.

Printing parts, and have noticed that the stock_kiri2.stl has a thin layer (0.60mm, two print layers) at the base that seems to not belong there. It looks like there's maybe a raft or something. None of the pictures of finished builds or the instructions show it, should that just be cut off?

Otherwise everything prints incredibly well. Zero issues printing with a Prusa i3 using a 0.6mm nozzle.

Great project - looking forward to getting it all assembled soon.

That's a selective brim that keeps the two halves of the print from peeling or pulling away from each other. Trim it off with a knife after printing.

Is this printable on a small printer? MP Mini Select 120x120x120 bed?

are there any part variations (either printed or hand built) that make it possible?


I have a 120mm buildplate remix. It uses the same hardware set, but has slightly non-standard assembly and is the older style of magazine well. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2733485

Nerf Caliburn - 120mm Buildplate Components

I ordered your hardware kit a little bit ago and have started printing out the parts. For the ramrod do you print the Ram2of and then mount the ramrod core(that comes with the hardware kit) inside the Ram2of?

how many grams will the entire print be with 20% infill as you recommended?

500 grams for the base file set

HI Captain! Awesome nerf gun design. I'm not into nerf but this will be my first foray. There is a Sear5 and Sear6 STL. Which should I print? Thanks!

Sear5 unless printing it out of ABS

Thanks! Also, Whats the difference with the upgraded ram rod v stock? planning to buy the hardware kit from your ETSY site, and wondering if the upgrade is something I need to consider? Is there an option to go upgraded ram rod if I order the kit?

Btw, I've seen people mention Worker mods. He has the metal plunger. Do you offer that too? if not, are his parts interchangeable with the original caliburn?

Thanks again Captain!

The upgraded ramrod has an undercut for an o-ring at the tip, which improve fps averages by 8 to 12%. You can add the upgraded ramrod by ordering an extra ramrod core with the hardware kit and adding a note.

The Worker metal sear, trigger, and mag release work. The ramrod base works if you wrap the ramrod core in tape. The plunger works, but has a way worse trigger pull because the catch shoulder is too sharp. The trigger guard doesn't fit.

Hi Captain, I’m not very good with files and all those things, so could you tell me what I should print if I wanted to make one like this: https://tinyurl.com/y23vgvnf

Also if I wanted to make it with a katana mag.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: In case I can’t find a public 3D printer would you be able to print one of these yourself?

Sorry for being a bit inaccurate, but by could you print one I meant to ask if I could buy one that is the same as the one I designed, because I’m not sure I can find a public 3D printer near where I live.

Ok never mind I found most of the files, I just can’t find the accessories.

Thanks a lot! I will definitely be printing this soon!

Hey, the hardware kit on your Etsy shop has a bunch of different barrel options to choose from. How to I pick which one I want? Also what's the compliance kit?

The hardware kit offers three ammo type options, two barrel lengths for the Caliburn file set (18-inch offers higher fps averages), and a new option for the "Talon Claw" remix which is much much smaller than a standard Caliburn. The "Compliance Kit" is a set of parts for the licensed Worker version of the Caliburn. It restores several important features that their version currently lacks.

Hey Slug! A couple of my friends wanted me to print them caliburns. I am allowed to do so? Do I have to give you money? Thanks! -Sirprintalot

Me getting paid is always nice, but you don't have to.

An option to output a print list with parts and colors on the configurator page would be awesome.

Is it normal that I can't print some of the pieces properly? Like the KiriStock for example. I get a small gap beside one of the holes because there isn't enough space to fit two perimeters there. I'm printing with a .4mm nozzle and an extrusion width of .45mm
Also, the Picatinny rails, they kinda go horizontally out a one point, is that normally printable without support? I'm slicing in PrusaSlicer 2.0, if that could be the cause. When I set it to Detect Thin Walls, it has like a gap in the singlewall fill. Image is of the upper reciever's rails. Any tips? I have the same problem on the DOOM shroud

Everything prints fine without supports. With the exception of MilanCoupler which will be 20% stronger if printed upright with supports.

These files are incredibly clean. I'm pretty sure this is the cleanest print I've ever done. I'll post pics when I get it assembled. Thank you for sharing!

A benefit of having printed and revised the file set over 800 times.

This Blaster is insane! thank you for the great kit and amazing STL files!

I looked at the building instructions, and they said to print the Sear at 100% infill, and then I looked through the comments, and you say 50%. Is it gonna cause a problem if I printed it at 100%? Also, what sear should I use, 5 or 6? I cannot seem to find information as to which is better/I should use. I'm using Grip5t
And can the MilanCoupler_ALT work with PLA? And if so, what infill% and walls should I use?
I hope that you can help me :)

Sear 5 in 1.5mm to 2mm walls with 20% infill. 100% infill will work, but tends to distort tolerances for no real gain. MilanCoupler_Alt works best when printed in ABS. If printed in PLA print it upright with supports, 2mm walls, and 20% infill.

Alright! Thanks a lot!

Thanks for making this available! I've just finished printing the last of the parts, and looks like another week or so before the hardware kit
(ordered from Etsy) should arrive. This is my first not-store-bought Nerf. :)

Do you have a file with all the measurements for things like the barrel

There's a spreadsheet link at the end of the description that includes that information.

I hate to be That Guy but I can't find all the parts for this custom one I made (https://tinyurl.com/y2jvng9d)
Can you point me towards them?

Nerf Caliburn - VF1 Muzzle Brake
Caliburn - DOOM Shroud/Underlayment
Caliburn - Knuckleduster Handguard
Ayy LMAOliburn - Cosmetic Nerf Caliburn REMIX
Nerf Caliburn - Cosmetic Stock Spacers
Caliburn - Adjustable Stock

I am having trouble finding the files for the iron sights. Where are these located?

"frontpip" and "pip" in this file set.

Can I buy all of the hardware from a hardware store or do I need to go order it all from a nerf modding website?

I sell a complete set in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/551944941/
You can source everything yourself from McMaster-Carr, but it will cost you 50% more and require an assortment of tools to cut, drill, sand, and chamfer everything.

I have been wondering what files are supposed to have the 100 percent infill?

There are no parts that need 100% infill anymore. 1.5mm to 2mm perimeters/walls and 20% infill are the recommended settings for all of the parts. Especially the magwell parts, Milan Coupler, and Sear.

Thank you so much for this answer. I am looking forward to printing this and purchasing the parts.

I've tried doing it myself, but I can't seem to get f360 to do what I want; is it possible to get a 3-part grip, like the LMAO grip, but in the standard shape?

When I printed the grip, the (public access) printer I used gave me some warpage, about 1/8" of deflection on the front face of the grip, where it joins with the Milan Coupler, kinda squishing the tear-drop shaped holes. Will this cause any sort of major issue when assembled? And if so, can I straighten it out?

Looking down the channels from the back end, you can see them curve "down" toward the trigger well.

That's too much deflection to really correct. You'll need to fix the bed adhesion issue that caused it and print it again.

I can't seem to locate the AYY LMAO forgrip? Thanks.

It's in with the rest of the Ayy LMAO themed parts https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2655484

Ayy LMAOliburn - Cosmetic Nerf Caliburn REMIX

Do we have a spec sheet with the measurements of all the hardware?

Why is this comment flagged for moderation? >.>

I tried to link a spreadsheet which contains the information you wanted. I've put the link in the file set description instead.

Comments deleted.

Thank you, Slug! You're awesome.

Is there a document listing recommended and minimum infill percentages?

Print everything with 20% infill and 1.5mm perimeters/walls.

Captain, you are probably the most responsive and helpful designer I have ever dealt with. Thank you.

What files should I print to make this config? sorry i could tiny url it


if I wanted to use this indoors and with smaller children how would I make this thing way less powerful?

You use a weaker main spring. Either a 788 or a K31.

where would i find a 788 and what fps does a K31 get?

https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainSlug?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=24112682 The K31 averages 100fps, but the deviation is wide unless the upgraded ramrod is used.

Does anybody happen to have a break down of how long each piece takes to print?

That's entirely dependent upon slicer settings and the travel speed of your printer. At 0.3mm layer height and 45mm/s the base part set takes 23 to 26 hours to print.

I have access to a free-use 3d printer, though it's only free if your print is less than two hours. Is there any part that would take more than two hours, individually?

Most of the core components like the grip, magwell upper/lower, base foregrip, and so on take 3.5 to 4.5 hours to print even at thicker layer heights like 0.3mm.

Ouch. Alright then. Good to know!

The back of grip5t has one side filleted and the other side square. https://imgur.com/7Adru7Y

Do I need to print Ram 2of? Thanks!

Yes, the hardware kit includes the ramrod core but you need to print the base to install it into.

Hmmm. Was this in effect about a year ago? I purchased the hardware kit about a year ago and it wasn't included. I printed the whole ram a couple of days ago. Thanks for a lightning fast response!

No, I've been including the ramrod core since mid-January. If you want one they're available as a separate part in my Etsy shop now.

Thanks for the reply. I just printed the plastic ram core and assembled the whole blaster yesterday. Shoots very well! Thanks for the design I will post a make after some finishing touches.

Is there a part difference between full size dart magazines and katana half dart magazines? Will both fit in one design or are there different parts for the katana?

It accepts both. With the half-dart mags like the katana you just need to use an adapter. Alternatively you can use this magwell instead of the full-length dart magwell. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2795555

Caliburn - Katana/Talon Magwell
Comments deleted.

Hey Captain Slug, your amazing Caliburn design has finally convinced me to jump into 3D printing! Since I don't yet have a printing setup, I was wondering what the required specs to do a quality Caliburn print might be, and which you are using yourself?

I'm using lulzbot minis for production. So the minimum build area for the standard Caliburn part set is 150mm. There is a 120mm build area remix available though. The parts are very easy to print so any model of FDM printer should be able to churn them out once setup properly.

Hey Captain Slug!
I ordered the hardware kit with the k14 spring but it's so strong I can't get the sear to hold the plunger. Can you suggest a solution?


Sure. I suggest not using the k14 because it breaks things.

Can you tell me all the zip files I would need for this configuration? https://tinyurl.com/y3caac6c Thanks

Is there a stl file for the elite upper like worker is selling or are they the only ones who can use it? The one with the full top rail and beefy experiment coupler

The worker kits are now shipping with a fused upper assembly. You can make one by opening the STEP files in CAD software and merging the upper and coupler, but by doing so you will lose the takedown feature.

How much filament does it take to print this gun

Hey Cap, I can't find the buttplateflat file, where is it? Or is it now outdated and not necessary?

Nvm, i found it. It was in the outdated parts. Is it supposed to be there? Because in the instructions it says you need it.

It's been replaced with ButtplateR. The foam is no longer included with the hardware kit.

Could you make a version of the elite lower with rails, it would be cool for mag holders

is there a stl for the Magazine?

No, it takes every store-bought or aftermarket Nerf magazine for full-length or half-length darts.

Is this the takedown version?

Are these files compatible with k14 springs?

Are the O-rings necessary? I put them in, but the gun keeps jamming due to the o-rings.

It won't work without the larger ones. Make sure they are staying in the o-ring lands and not getting pulled out of them during assembly. If you are complaining about the ramrod tip o-ring that one isn't critical and sometimes requires sanding/filing the magwell print.

Hey captain, I try to get 3 of your metal ramrod however Etsy can only allow me add 2. May I know you have some more ?

Hi Captain Slug,
I bought the metal parts on your etsy store and was wondering what is ButtPlateR and is that the newer version of ButtplateFlat? Thanks.

What is a diametr of the spring?
The model is great!

It accepts springs with a max OD of 1" and a minimum ID of .65". There are 4 springs I sell for use in this blaster so a variety of performance ranges are possible by switching between them.

i see the hardware page in the PDF file and can see all the pieces that are needed for assembly but there are not any dimensions like what size threaded rod and how wide are the aluminum plates, what size clear poly tubes and barrel OD/ID. am i missing the list some where? Thank you for this great design i am really looking forward to building this.

Sorry to be a hassle. There are a couple pieces on the hardware list with no specs.

26 Short Pins. As a side question are these the same pins as in the Esper, if not what are the Esper's as well?

34 4-40 Standoff

The spreadsheet column labeled "McMaster" are all of the part numbers from that supplier's catalog for every item in the list. However you will have to cut and drill the parts yourself, and the resulting costs is 40% more than the price I sell ready-to-use hardware kits at.

Hey captain. Worker now have this nice 40 dart magazine for dominator is it possible to add the compatibility? That will be Super cool

Not only is it too wide to fit between the bolt arms, but getting a pusher breech to work with such a feed arraignment would be a real headache. So it's not likely to ever happen.

I have access to a fancypants MarkForged Mark Two at my makerspace that can print kevlar or carbon-fiber reinforced nylon. If I wanted to add reinforcement to any particular parts, which parts and which surfaces tend to have the highest failure rates? I would guess the sear, milan coupler, ram, plunger, and maybe the trigger and mag release? Are any of these plenty strong enough with just ABS in your opinion? Any other parts that tend to get beat on a lot that I haven't mentioned? Thanks!

I've found Carbon Fiber filament to be more brittle and not terribly well-suited to the kinds of stresses that the higher-wear components of the Caliburn tend to be asked to bear. So the only parts that I would recommend that filament be used for are the ones that you want a better surface finish on. The surface finish of the carbon fiber filament makes for a GREAT primary grip and foregrip print.
I'm not familiar enough with the kevlar-infused filament to comment.

Given that the part set was designed with PLA in mind, and parts printed in ABS will be two to 3 times stronger if printed in ABS. This is especially true of the Milan Coupler and Sear. The plunger itself doesn't see that much wear or abuse if printed correctly.

Cool, thanks for the quick response. It sounds like plain ABS is the way to go then, which is good because it's cheaper and has more color options :)

Forgive me if this has been said before, but is there a reason why Apps has been disabled for the Caliburn and not for the Esper?

I try to disable the apps on everything I upload because the printed parts are only part of the assembly, and they will overcharge you significantly for the parts without providing you much control over the print quality. So you will end up with parts that cost you way more than getting them through me and they might be printed with settings that would make them more fragile than they need to be to work.

Makes sense. Is there a way to order specific parts from you?

Sure, just message me on Esty. I sell certain parts in the replacement category, and I have an inactive listing for ordering the whole set. Or I can quote you for specific parts.

Is it ok if all parts are printed in ABS+? I print all of my stuff at school on Afinia H800 printers, and we have tons of ABS+, not much ABS or PLA. I want to get the hardware kit for Christmas, so which files should I print? Also, I can only do 20%, 65%, 85%, and 99% infil, and .1 to .5mm layer heights. Thanks!

.3mm layer height, 1.5mm walls, 20% infill. Here's a minimum checklist of parts needed to build a Caliburn. http://captainslug.com/nerf/biyk7.gif and you can experiment with color schemes here: http://www.captainslug.com/nerf/caliburn/e/

@captainslug: I can't seem to find the outdated parts ZIP file, has it been left out of the latest files update? (7 November 2018)

Reuploaded. Not sure why it went missing

Sir, from a fellow engineer, I cannot express how impressed I am with your design. I've purchased the hardware kit from your store, and I'm printing the pieces as I patiently wait for its arrival. 2 questions. I've read through the notes and comments, and you've stated that the ram with the undercut needs to be printed in ABS, and the ram with the straight shaft can be PLA, both of which should be printed at 50% infill with a 2mm wall. My 2 questions are, what are the performance differences between the two, and can PETG be used in place of ABS? Thanks.

PETG can be used in place of ABS. The performance difference between them is 8 to 12% fps averages depending upon the spring used. I no longer bother with printed ramrods because they will break if the end user is in the habit of pulling or inserting the mag with the breach closed, so I only sell aluminum core ones now. MilanCoupler is offered in difference attachment point thicknesses as well as with and without selective brims and the little decorative notch at the back. "C" is the most universally printable version and can be printed laying on its back or upright depending on how good your part cooling setup is for overhangs.

Thank you so much for the reply. In the case of not selling the plastic shaft ramrod, does this mean your hardware kit includes the aluminum ramrod? In which case, I’d just print the head for attachment to the rod. If not, do you have the plans/dimensions if I wanted to make my own on my lathe?

They're not included with the hardware kit, but are listed as a separate item in my shop. Here's the blueprint: http://captainslug.com/nerf/ramrod.png it also needs a short slot cut perpendicular into the tip either with a band saw or triangular file.

Thanks for the clarification. I notice the detail does not have holes indicated. Is the head held in place by a friction fit from the screws, or is the rod drilled and taped? What sized o-rings are used?

The ramrod base gets two 4-40 screws driven into it and those clamp down on the aluminum core. You can drill and tap the core and base if prefered. The base uses dash 123, the tip uses 012.

And one more thing, what is the difference between the MilanCoupler, B, and C file. I can't find any notes on the C.

Excuse me if I have just missed it but I can't seem to find which parts to print with 100% infill.

Thanks in advance,

SEAR,MILAN_COUPLER, and any parts of the ram all need to be printed with 2mm walls and 50% infill. 100% infill tends to distort the part dimensions.

hey captain, is there some problem in your esty when calculating shipping rate? i get 1 set hardware kit is 30 dollars, but when i want to add any second item even just a few o ring, it will add another 20 dollars for shipping.

can this be rectified?

Etsy is pretty bad about combining shipping. I will have to process a refund for shipping overage after the order is placed. Especially for international orders.

Hi captain. I have printed the latest Stl file for elite caliburn assembly 8. However now I want to change to assembly7 version without the 2 inch pin. May I know what are the files I need to print again? Thanks !

The list of printed parts needed are included in that revision of the instructions. And I keep all the outdated parts in the OUTDATEDPARTS zip file.

thanks! i have figured it out

Can you Upload the latest Magwell step files? specifically ones with the MilanCoupler? The current .stp appears to be outdated

They're going to remain closed source for the time being.

Alright, is there any chance you can release a design for the Milan coupler without slopes? I'm having issues with my abs curling up on overhang slopes when I print with 6 outlines. I've already ordered a coupler from your etsy store, but want to print one my self that is almost solid abs

I added one without the notches. Orient the part on your bed so that the areas you are having issues with are facing the cooling fan.

Thank you, I'll give it a shot, the cooling fan on my prusa i3 mk2.5 is split to 3 sides so print orientation shouldn't of been to big of an issue. I was able to get a 2 outline coupler to print okay and my main issues where with the notch.

Currently printing parts while waiting for hardware to ship and confused on a couple versions of the files. What is the difference between MilanCoupler and MilanCouplerB? Also what is the difference between the ram parts.
Is the DartJamB used for anything?

"B" simply lacks the selective brim of the other model and is a little thicker. If you intend to print with a full brim, go with the "B" file. The ram with the undercut should only be printed out of ABS, the other one without it can be printed from PLA or preferably PLA+. The third file is for use with a 1/2" OD x 5-3/4" length of aluminum tubing as a core. Below is a list of all the basic parts needed to build a Caliburn.


Hey slug, I assembled and have been using my Caliburn and I love it but it broke. I only put 2-3 dozen shots through it and the milan coupler's teeth got pulled off where the takedown pins go through. IDK if others are having this problem but based on Cap. Xavier's vid on the Megaburn it seems as though it is a problem. Should i just print it at 100% infill or change orientation or something like that? Thanks for all your help!

You need 2mm perimeters/walls and 50% infill. But it surviving in PLA or not is going to depend heavily on how good your layer adhesion is, and how soft the PLA is. I've switched to only printed them in ABS and the issue went away entirely. If you're not setup for printing ABS I sell couplers in my Etsy shop.

I'm thinking about getting a print just for this and was thinking what size of printer I should get to print this

The buildplate minimum required is 150mm. There are very few printers available below that size. If you end up with a 120mm build area there is a remix your can use within that limit, but you won't be able to print some of the optional accessory parts.

Hello,sir.I am now making this project.I want to make sure the size of the plunger tube.Thanks a lot

1.50" OD x 1.375" ID x 7.375" length tubing. I sell hardware kits through my Etsy shop that include all the components you need to assemble your own printed part set.

Hey Slug, sweet model, looking forward to building mine. I noticed that TrenchP and the Obsolete Parts ZIP file are missing - could you add them? Thanks!

Hi Captain, I ordered a hardware kit about ten days ago and was wondering, since the kit hasn't shipped yet will include hardware for the new takedown magwell? I'm prepared to print all the parts ahead of time and wanted to see if it will or not before I printed the takedown parts instead of the monolithic magwell and it's associated parts.

It will include the takedown pins.

Hey captain I was hoping to customize the lower magwell but can't seem to find the .stp file to edit it. Is there a file that i should be looking for?

The STEP files won't be available for the takedown magwell for a few weeks.

Oh ok. One more question, if i order the hardware kit will it come with hardware for all parts? (Railgasm, r max barrel shroud, cosmetic stock spacer, etc.)

It comes with plenty of extra screws, nuts, and pins. But it won't include enough for every possible/available accessory. It specifically does no include the fishing line for the SCAR barrel.

Does the MagWell_mono need supports for it to print properly, or do any of the different pieces need support for them to print properly?

EDIT: Another question, what are the pip files for?

None of the files need supports. The pip files are optional iron sights.

Thank you for that information, and hopefully one of my last questions is where are the files for the ryan tube and ring?

Those aren't used with the updated magwell and stock pieces. If you need them they have been moved to the outdated parts zip file.

Ok, thank you for all your help.

Not sure if I missed it but where do you find the files for the new pins set up? If available of course. Thank you!

The file set included above now has those parts. The superseded parts were moved to the OUTDATED zip file.

Thank you! I love the pin design, I am super excited!

What is buttplateTPU for? I assume its a solid replacement for the foam stock part?

Correct. It can also be printed our of softer filaments as an experiment.

Looking through the build instructions Caliburn3DPAssembly7.pdf, on the printed part set there is listed part 49 "Ansuzalgiz 7", but I cannot see that in the downloaded file set.

Being in the UK, ordering the hardware kit isn't practical. Are you able to supply a list of sizes for the various parts such as diameters of tubing and threading bar, nut and bolt sizes, bolt arms and so on.



The correct part name is "Stock_Kiri". Specifics on hardware are available here: https://imgur.com/a/MpC55

Even if you were in the United States you would end up spending 50% more than I charge for the hardware kit in order to obtain the materials. If you want to explore metric alternatives you may need to contact the person that made the following remix. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2927243

Caliburn upgrade to use OD: 40mm ID: 36mm (metric) aluminium plunger tube including the new takedown magwell design

Thanks for the quick response.
The metric conversion will be most useful, thanks for letting me know about that I hadn't come across it.

so what is the maximum size in mm to print this, aka can this be printed in under 120 mm

The minimum for the standard part set is 150mm. If 120mm is all you have you can use the 120mm buildplate remix, which has a slightly different assembly process. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2733485

Nerf Caliburn - 120mm Buildplate Components

Hey Captain,
Is the spreader part of the magwell and if so does the magwell need to be 100% infill?

Awsome. Thanks for the quick reply

It's now part of the magwell but no you do not need to print it at 100% infill. The magwell can be printed with 20% infill and 1mm perimeters/walls as a minimum.

One more question and I think im good. What is the length of the Bolt Arms and the hole pattern dimensions as I am making my own. Thanks

Thanks again. Worked perfect. This thing is awesome. My kids are going nuts. Guess I have to make a few more now LOL.

is every thing (printable) there to make it

The base components are in the 3DP_###### zip file

Comments deleted.

Easy as can be. I've printed over 450 sets.

If you printed one Caliburn, in PLA filament, how much filament will it consume? With the suggested settings. I am going to print one but want to figure out the costs.

The base part set is 500 grams.

I cant find a file of the ram rod that still has the slots for the oring. The only one I can find is no oring or for the aluminm ram rod.

It should be in the outdated parts zip. If not I will upload it tonight.

I have a 140x140x140 print bed, is there a ramrod I can print on there?

I would like to customize this blaster, but even converted STL files are difficult to edit in SolidWorks. Is there any chance you could upload the solid body (.sldprt) files too? Or is there another way to modify them that I am missing?

There's a zip file with the full assembly STEP file in it. You can import that into Solidworks.

Comments deleted.

Is it ok if I use the magwell in a project of my own?

Thank you. I am working on a flywheel blaster, and I needed magwell.

Would you recommend any specific nerf gun for parts? I have some old ones in my garage, but I'm not sure if they'll have the parts you need for v4.

EDIT: It seems like there are some parts in "OUTDATEDPARTS" that are required for the print. should I print from those or am I just blind?

The "3DP" dated zip file contains everything you need to print for a Caliburn. Anything else is optional.

Other than extension springs there are no particularly useful parts you can scavenge from stock blasters to use in a Caliburn.

yet another question: where would I get the hardware (other than your etsy, since it says you're running out)? I've glanced around a little and couldn't find anything comparable to your specs.

(p.s, sorry for spamming this thread)

The hardware list is under a spoiler tag in the first post here: http://nerfhaven.com/forums/topic/27193-caliburn-mag-fed-pump-action-springer/

But you will end up spending $100 + shipping to get the hardware to make a single Caliburn, and you will have to cut it all to length yourself. Unless you're making five or more Caliburns you're not likely to do it cost-effectively.

what are the chances I can get them for cheaper? I only want to make one...
I recently took apart a deploy and sharpfire. any usable parts from those such as springs and plunger tubes?

p.s. is there a mega bullet version?

The cheapest you can go is to order the hardware set from me through my etsy shop. I sell the hardware kit for $59 + shipping.

thanks! I knew I was missing something :b

I have an aluminum ramrod and the PLA base piece ("back half"?) is starting to deform a little, so I'd like to print my own replacement. However, I can't seem to find just the back half on its own within the Caliburn STL files -- I can see RAM2O.stl and Ram2on.stl, but those include the ramrod as well rather than just the back half.

Could you make the model files available for the back half?

Is everything that needs to be made in a lathe included in the hardware kit?

The kit includes every piece of hardware cut to length and ready for assembly. It does not include a ramrod so you either have to purchase one of those to go with it, or print your own.

where are the parts that are supposed to be printed in 100% infill they are missing in the newest zip file

Is the folder labeled 122717b the most recent set of parts that I should be printing? I've already printed all of the parts from here but I've noticed that these parts seem to be different from most of the ones I'm seeing in videos.

They are the most recent. You can assemble them from the version 4 instructions. Most of the videos online are about the r1 version.

What is the Ryan Tube and where is it used on the build? Thank You Master Slug!

You slide it onto the front end of the plunger tube.

Cannot download latest compressed zip file.

I just downloaded the files and It seems that the folder 'Caliburn_3DP_122617' comes back with a 'Compressed Folder Invalid' error. Is this happening for anyone else?

Is the Dart Jam a replacement for another part? A replacement for Jam 2 ?
Thank you Captain Slug!!

It combines the dart guide and jam parts.

Is the spreader no longer needed. I looked at the latest instructions and it shows it being used. I have been looking for it in the files.
Either way I am about half way printing one of you awesome blasters in purple and red and was just looking over the parts list and noticed my question.

Yes it is used. It's in the 100percent folder with the sear.

What design software do you use?

Alibre Design 12.1. It's old, pretty crappy, and crashes a fair amount in Windows 7. Also won't work in any version of Windows newer than that. I'm stuck with it for now because it's what we use primarily at work.

If you want software that's usable go with Fusion 360. I haven't had time to learn it beyond using it to share assemblies with friends.

How big is the largest part that needs to be printed?

The largest parts are the MAG WELL (127.6 x 108.7 x 44.4 mm) and FOREGRIP (107.2 x 81 x 47.6 mm). I am able to print everything on my 152 x 152 x 158mm build area, but it takes roughly 25 hours to print everything. The RAIL_TOP is the longest piece, but will fit diagonally as provided in the STL file.

If you have a build area smaller than I do let me know if you need help getting certain parts that won't fit on your build plate.

Thanks Capt. The Monoprice Mini v2 is a popular printer, and has a print area of 120x120x120. With my calculations, the Magwell just barely can't fit. If it's possible to make it ~124mm or ~125mm instead of 127.6mm, I'd think it'd fit for those of us with tiny beds.

Also, is there a direct link to the HW-only package? Would like to buy the metal parts and springs from you, but have the fun of printing this myself.


There is a 120mm build area Remix available.
I just recently tested it myself and it works, though the assembly process is a little bit different than the standard file set. I include enough extra 4-40 screws in the hardware kit that you can print that version and attach Grip5a to the back of Magwell4a. When joining the front assembly and the rear assembly you also have to make sure to guide the Trigger into the rear half of the grip or it can hinge down and get in the way.

Nerf Caliburn - 120mm Buildplate Components

How'd I miss this? AWESOME!

Thanks. The printer I am looking at getting (my first one) only has a 120 mm square build area. If I do get the printer then it won't be for another month.

Can you post a list of the parts in the hardware kit so I could buy them myself when they are out of stock?

You will find that under the first "Spoiler" button on the first post of the Nerfhaven Thread.


You will end up paying $100 + shipping and will have to cut everything to length yourself. Here's a cut list you cross-check against the Hardware Kit list and the CAD Files.

Threaded rods: 14, 14, 13, 13, 13, 13, and 8 inches
Aluminum tube spacers: 11.25, 11.25, 11.25, and 6 inches
Plunger Tube: 7.375 inches
1-1/4 SCH40 Pipe for stock: 3 inches
5/8" Delrin Rod: 3.5 inches
.527" ID Barrel: 14 inches

Here is the drawing for the Bolt Arm pair.


I am selling the skirt seals through ebay for a lower shipped price than McMaster.

Hey captainslug when I downloaded the files it only includes the files for the plunger tube parts can you please help me thanks