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High Torque 160:1 Compound Planetary Gearbox

by Gear_Down_For_What Jun 10, 2017
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Amazing work. Have you had any success back driving any of your designs to create a speed multiplier? I'm building a mini hydro power plant, low speed input, need high speed output to run alternator, doesn't need very high output torque. Suggestions?

The only designs that I have made that are back-driveable have bearings in them. Check out the newer 20:1

Yes, I found that on your YouTube just a bit ago. And on here, already have the bearings in my Amazon cart! I sent your channel link to a like minded friend, they said "I subscribed in under 20 seconds." Great work, appreciate you sharing.

When I printed this out the ring gears did not fit on the planets. There is a pretty large gap about the size of en entire tooth for each ring gear and the middle ring gear one is even larger. How do you get your ring gears to close?

hatte ich auch,hab es l etztes jahr auf einem i3 mega gemacht und als es nicht passte dachte ich weil ich zu heis und schnell war, jez hab ich 3 prusas und wollte es nochmal drucken(sind einfach sehr genau) also stimmt was mit den dateien nicht?hab keine lust wieder ein klotz wegzuwerfen :)

Someone should try it with carbon fiber filament!

Gear_Down_For_What, do you have a email or discord that i could contact you by? I have some important questions about designing a compound planetary gear box. I look forward from hearing form you.

I will summarize it as "When I grow up I want to be like you". It is really cool!!

Great work! I’ve got all my pieces done and it’s looking good. Is There A trick for lining up the planetary gears? I notice you have lines to help with alignment. I was curious with how to handle holding them in place while I put the rings on? Seems like I need 8 hands to line it all up?

Use a rubber band or a zip tie

Comments deleted.

Very cool design, i love the videos of you stepping up the weight more and more just being shocked it can lift it every time.

I wanted to ask if you had thought about trying to cast this in aluminum or some other low temp metal doing essentially lost wax casting but with PLA instead of wax. I would imagine that could push the weight limit through the roof by getting some sturdier vanes. If I can get a good print of this off my machine, that functions, then that is my next step to try.

Thanks for posting this.

can you post which Ball bearing balls you used? i can find a lot of different diameters
and how many did you use?

They are 4.5mm and I don't know how many

4.5mm BB's and you should need 156 of them by my calculations.

Amazing!!! This is just what I have been looking for. I can't believe that you were able to lift so much with a PLA gearbox. I am about to try to print this using ABS. I do have a couple questions though ( some were answered in the comments ). What kind of printer did you use? What was your layer height? What is your nozzle size? I am very impressed with this thing and I would like to stay as close as I can to your design and settings. Thanks for sharing this gearbox, I will DEFINITELY put it to good use.

Layer height for geer teeth items was .2mm
I use a .5 nozzle
I print everything SUPER hot to get the layer adhesion as good as possible and then run the fan to cool it. But that may be hard with ABS.

You're right, it probably wont work on ABS with that approach. I might do some experimenting. Also, I took a look at some of your other gearboxes (excellent work, by the way), the only issue I have is that the .stl files are larger than I can handle. I tried running one of them through Repetier but it keeps freezing up. You wouldn't happen to have these designs in smaller files, would you?

no I don't, I can convert them but just opening up the project file can be a total PITA on my MacBook.

im also concerned about how well they would fit together of the quality was reduced. I have no idea...

Thank you. Very fine making.
Is the gear train lubricated ?

Yes I used 3 in 1 oil

I plan to print this one can you please tell me how much infill do you use?

5mm wall thickness 5mm top and bottom thickness 50% infill

woooo, looks awesome

Why is everyone saying woooo?

And thanks! I spent a lot of time rendering for this one

This is one of the best work I've seen. Again awesome work. Which is the output Sun or ring?

If you hold rings #1 and #3 stationary, then Ring #2 is the output, which is how the included mounting apparatus is designed to work.

But if you hold ring #2 stationary then rings 1 and 3 will be the output but then you would need to make your own mounting apparatus and the gear ratio would be slightly different

The YouTube video can show you what I mean a bit better :)

woooo i follow your work because it is juste amasing work the best planetary gears