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Aloy of the Nora

by StreetPiet Jun 8, 2017
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Wow, the models are great.
How did you make these tree support structures? They work very well and save a lot of material.

Thanks, Mailman21!

i used Autodesk Meshmixer ( http://www.meshmixer.com/ ) to generate the Tree-Supports.

This is great. Thank you so much. But I have a question- why is carja aloy the only one that is not ful body? I am looking for aloy carja full body part but i can't find it anywhere :P

The picture-set used for the Aloy Carja "Bust" was only a test for the Photogrametry Software and there were to few pictures for the whole body.

But...try this File :-)

Although i'm not shure if it is printable right away...
I still lack the knowledge how to clean up or modifiy the 3d-models in blender (shame on me)

thank you for your job :)

Sadly most of the stls have very little detail, except the one which states lowpoly in the filename.
A bit confusing xD
I print her right now in 24cm height and will definately post her when shes done!

Hi bickby,

you're right but you have to take to account how the model was created: sadly i have no knowledge in 3d modeling so my only chance to get a decent Aloy model was using photogrammetry and my PS4 Pro. the models are rendered from 200 up to 500 screenshots from the photo-mode in Horizon Zero Dawn, first to a point ploud and then to a printable mesh.
it took a lot of time and actually i think the result was worth the work and time.

As a big HZD fan i searched the whole internet for a aloy statue and when i didn't find one i gave it the best shot that i was able to ;-)

Hopefully someday someone puts up a more detailed Aloy model to thingiverse, that would be great!

Have fun with your printed Aloy and good hunting!

Thank you really much for this! Already printed half of her. Figured out this model is printable without support if you split it around the belt. Later I will create a remix with the split STLs. Great work on the photogrammetry!

Shouldn't this be Aloy, despite the Nora. ;)

You're right. I didn't think of that ;-)
But to throw my two Cents: Aloy is a Nora to the Core in my opinion. She learned all of her Skills from Rost who was a most honorable Nora. Shure, she does not believe in the Allmother because she knows so much more about what really happened, but she acts, fights and dresses like a Nora. She is not comparable to People of the other Tribes.

I'm eager to find out how Aloy's Character will develop in the Future... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5xsS1WZA54 )

she believes in Allmother, only she knows what it really is. She also knows that the tribe prays to a door lock lol

How did you design this model? Were you able to get a file from the game?

It's a technique called Photogrammetry. I used the Photo-Mode in Horizon Zero Dawn and took around 300 PNG Screenshots (..took a while ;-) from Aloy from all Sides and Angles. Then i copied all the Pictures on a USB-Stick and used the Software "VisualSFM" to create the 3D Pointcloud. You can also try Agisoft Photoscan. They offer a 30 Day trial Version.

Then i used Meshlab to clean up the Pointcloud and to generate a 3D Mesh. I took me a number of Approaches to do it right - its really tricky.

If you want to try it by Yourself and if you don't fear the pain... here are some Tips:

  • i used a PS4 Pro, don't know if this gives better Screenshots
  • i switched the Screenshot-Format to PNG because you get a higher Resolution and fewer Compression Artefacts
  • i took a series of Photos, copied it to the PC and tested the Pointcloud for Holes (not-covered Areas) and the took more Photos of the not covered Areas and copied again...tested again.... the PS4 was running in Photo Mode the whole time to not loose the Pose and Scene of Aloy (did i mention that this took some Time? ;-)
  • i used the depth of field function to unsharpen the background to not confuse the photogrammetry software.
  • i rotated the Camera-Sight by 90° to use the most of the Screen
  • oh.. and i used a daytime between 4am to 5am to get the flattest light possible

i want to make one of these. you did such a good job

Thank you very much. It's very pleasing to see how many people visit Aloy's page. Share it! Remix it! Spread the word! May the Allmother be with us, and may the Allmother forgive us that we all tinker around with some kinds of Plastic-vomiting Metal Demons ;-))

i made her larger and she lives in my work truck, together we hunt corrupted machines and fix them

Holy crap, thanks for the info. I might try that, its an awesome idea!