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by Nelujones Jun 7, 2017
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Nice thing. Thanks for sharing it. I'll build one very soon. The BOM is on her way and printing has started. ;-)

Ok. Here you have my last design. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3297964

CUBETRIX IDEX ( DIY Sigma BCN3D Style 3D printer )

Anyone scaled this up to a 400x400mm build area?

What filament do you use for the printed parts? Infill? Wall thickness? I used PETG for the z carriage only because the possible heat around it. Any tips or tricks about printing these parts?

What sizes are the rods and bearings?

How much is it? for buil one like this

Between 300-450 depends on mainboard and LCD screen.

do you have a little smaller version? 210 x 210 x 300 for example?

trying to find a simple Bracket mount for my RepRap Discount Full Graphics Smart Controler....Sugestions?

Is the holder for the conduit and PTFE tube a 3d printed part ??
if so do you have a File for it. thanks

Great printer BTW

this is an H bot style, look at the ultimaker thats a Core XY

ultimakers aren't actually core xy. If you take a look a the hypercube build, that is a true core xy machine

Holly god, why is this so hard to get through people's skulls.

+1 on Ultimakers not being CoreXY, just look at their motion setup more carefully and you will see immediately. Simple sign: There is no belt going to the extruder.

But ultimakers aren't core xy, they are a style all on their own. Your information isn't right just because you get angry and defensive when people correct you, trust me, I've been 3d printing for years and am extremely experienced with all the different styles of printers out there. Ultimakers are NOT core xy

I did not know that this h-bot printer exist. Hehehehe. I just see it a moment ago and looks grate. But like a lot of Corexy design has a single z axis or dual motor for z axis. CUBETRIX it's different. Has a lot of good improvements from other Corexy designs.

i see what you have done with the Z axis, very smart but the X and Y axis is what makes it an H bot. If you brig the hotted to the very middle of the printer ad look straight down on it you can see an H in the printer hence why it is called an H bot. not trying to start a fight just thought you might want to know if you didn't know.

To say it is H-bot style is awful imo.. this is like you call a chevrolet a tesla, because they have got 4 wheels...

Ok i understand but "looks like" it "doesn't make it" the same. There Corexy kinetics designs looks like a H on almost 99% of printers. But are not the same.

I might be looking in the wrong place, but the BOM says 6 x 500mm smooth rods, bus as far as i can tell i will need 8, 4Z + 2X + 2Y. Or am i wrong?

I just modified the BOM with the mesurements.

Thanks to you to pointing that out.

No will need only 6 smooth rods: 2 for X, 2 for Y and 2 for Z and other 2 rods are tethered rods. I will modifie the PDF to be more clearly.

Thanks. My question is about those other two rods, they don't seem to be on the BOM but maybe I'm overlooking something. These ones. https://www.dropbox.com/s/25nrshf5zvtyzut/Untitled%209.jpeg?dl=0

Nice printer by the way, I'm looking forward to building it!

There are in the boom are 8 smooth rods: 6x460mm and 2x 500mm .

In the files you have a PDF for structure build/view and you will have all the measurements.

It shows the length of 6 rods, seems like two are missing (X axis). The extruder mount view shows the two rods but I cannot find the measurement and they seem to be missing from the BOM. Thanks in advance.

I just modified the BOM with the mesurements.

I will modifie the Pdf with more clearly measurements. Thanks for pointing that out.

is this 2020 or 3030?

is 20x20 aluminium extrusions