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Thor Ragnarok Helmet (Wing Rotator)

by Killonious May 28, 2017
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Woah wait hold on should the helmet be perfectly mirrored on either side? Parts 6-12 and 7-13 sizes aren't the exact same for me. I've printed part 6 and it does line up with the rest so far. Does anyone know the dimensions that actually work? or if the helmet is asymmetrical? I'm using CURA as a slicer so maybe it is messing it up?
*edit i am seeing that pairs 1-9, 3-11, 6-12, 7-13 aren't actually mirrored but the other 3 pairs are.

Hi Killonious, Do you have suggestions on how to size this helmet? I have a cr-10s and would be printing the whole helmet in 1 go.

hello, may i know how much filaments approximately used to complete the helmet?? :)

Comments deleted.

What's the smallest print bed size you van print this on?

Only two pieces left to print. Has anyone figured out the mechanics for the rotator wings? I'm considering some kind of pin for them to rotate on, with two magnets positioned inside the crest of the helmet for Up and Down positions, then a magnet on the inside of the crossbar, to align with the two positional magnets. But this is completely theoretical, I'm not sure if it will work.

Hi, part 18 is too big for my QUIDI X One 2... any suggestions?

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Probably a ridiculous request, but - would you be willing to rework this as two pieces for those of us who have insanely large format printers?
or, for someone who is starting at this, how hard would that be for me to do?

That looks gorgious, and I'd love to get rid of the helment I'm using now. (and the shin armour, and Mjolnir, and the chest armour plates...)

Did anyone else notice that part 6 is larger that the rest of the files? At 100% scaling on both parts, part 12 which is the mirror half is (in millimeters) x:173.231 y:67.94 z:89.819 but part 6 is x:159.093 y:51.175 z:104.396

I wish I noticed before I printed it, wasted 8 hours of print time on that one. And I'm trying to get 6 to print with the same dimensions but when I set Z to match part 12 the x and y don't scale to the same sizes. Should I turn off uniform scaling and adjust them all manually?

edit nevermind - I popped 12 into Simplifiy3d and mirrored it.

This helmet is incredible...

Hi there. have U or anyone else printed the whole helmet, minus the wings?

I have - whats your question?

Hey do U happen to have what your settings were on, the angle of the print that sort of thing? I want to try it in 1 go.

I printed it upside down with minimal supports. I’ve got a small head, so scaled it to 84%. It printed no worries. Settings - 20% infill, 3 shells and the rest standard. Good luck

man getting all these pieces to line up is a pain lol

This is probably a total noob question but what part of my head am i supposed to measure to figure out the scale of this thing? im pretty big headed and have a hard time finding hats that fit me but ive never printed out a helmet for myself lol

I'm having the same question, did you ever print it? I'd hate to waste a bunch of material on the wrong size.

Printed and assembled everything. First off thank you so much for this model it turned out better than i could've hoped for. i'm having trouble with the wings and rotator bar. How do you keep it attached to the helmet. There doesnt appear to be enough tension to keep the wings pinned on the nubs on the main helmet and they fall off. i was thinking of using rare earth magnets to hold them in place but was wondering what you'd recommend.

I printed the helmet that can not rotate the wings and just glued it on. I was also thinking magnets would be the way to go with this.

I was not going to do it because of the cost but I just may have to buy some steel fill pla and print this man, you are awesome!

What infill percentage and wall thicknesses would you recommend for this helmet

I printed it at 15% infill and 2 wall thickness.

Can you add a file that has the two parts as one part thankyou

I'm not sure what you are asking.

and can you post the pictures of the helmet in real life and it on. i just want to see how it looks being worn and how it fits

Sorry I not longer have the helmet. It was a a gift.

whats the wall thickness of it in mm

the wall thickness is 3 mm.

Keep up the good work man your a beast! I appreciate you sharing your work!!

No problem. I'm glad you are enjoying the designs.

Hello, I am aving problem with part 13. I go to slice it, but with no succes. Maybe the file is broken?

I'm sorry to hear that. I have printed the helmet and had no issues. I checked part 13 and see nothing wrong with it.

Currently on printing part 4 of this helmet. Part two messed up a tiny bit in the corner but I am thinking it could easily be repaired. Since I am a total noob to all this would someone mind giving me some pointers. Once all is printed (fingers crossed it all goes well) what do kind of adhesive do you guys use to assemble this? I appreciate any and all help.

It's depends on the plastic you are using. For PLA I use locite super glue. For ABS. I make an ABS slurry.

Is that better than E6000? I am using PLA. Would I have to sand in order to spray paint or will using a primer prior be ok? I was really nervous about printing part 5 but but it came out great! so far everything is working out well. Thanks so much for this design. Please keep the pointers coming. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I am also really having a tough time with piece 20 and 22. Ive tried many rotations and no luck :/ Literally the last piece I need and Im ready to assemble! Any luck on a possible fix?

What exactly are you having problems with? It's not sticking to build plate?

yeah the edge that is shown in with side fin (not the swivel bar that goes around helmet) printing without support it fails to print properly. printing with auto created supports same thing. Tried using custom supports underneath and still fails. Also tried many rotations but even with support underneath its failing and im not sure why. Had zero issues with any other part through out the helmet.

That is weird. I'm looking at part 20 in simplify 3D and the fin side does not need a support at the bottom. Only the bar needs a support at the bottom. Unfortunately I have only printed the helmet part so far and my print is down so i can not print that part to see what is happening. Once my replacement parts come in I will try to print that part.

Is there a way to describe the circumference of the helmet?

I have printed this helmet at 100% scale and it fit my head. I am a male adult over 6 feet tall. There are some dimensions in the pdf file.

I looked at the pdf and looked at the dimensions. Are the dimensions measured by centimeters, millimeters, inches, or something else? I am also over feet tall however, my head is about 25.5 inches around, so I just wanted to see what this helmets base measurements are.

Thank you.

The units are in millimeters. My head is about 26 inches and it fits me at 100% scale when I printed it so you should be fine. It was just big enough to put a little padding on the top.

Wish me luck, I'm going for an all at once print, I'm thinking it will be at least 50 hours. S3D says 48 hours, but I usually have to add an additional 10-20% printing time.

Good luck. Post some pictures. I printed the entire helmet at one time upside down. It turned out nice. Just need sanding at the supports.

Actually I canceled the print about 10 hours in, cause I didn't feel like wasting so much Filament on support structures. I guess that is a part of the 3d printer world. Half your Filament goes towards support.

Yes if you try to print the whole helmet at once it uses a lot of support filament.

If I print the helmet at a different scale would I have to print the wings to the same percentage or could it be something else?

If you print the helmet and wings at different scales you will have to adjust where the wings connect to the helmet. Also the wing rotator bar maybe too long or too short to go across he helmet.

So I should just print it all the same scale and it will be all fine?

If you print everything at the same scale you will be fine correct.

I'm having a hard time with parts 20 and 22, they aren't perfectly flat on the bed.

I will check them out tonight. In the meantime you could either rotate them a little to make them flat in your slicing software or add supports to the areas that are slightly up.

nooooooooooooo im just about to finish printing the main helmet of the V2

would i be able to print the new wings instead of the old ones or would that not work

I can add a set of wings with the contention bars to the old model. It will just not rotate round the circle on the wings.

This first helmet was not really made for the wings to rotate so the connector on the helmet was not in the right spot to do that. The rotation is not around the circle on the wings. I fixed this with my next helmet and moved the connector in the right spot . Sorry for the inconvenience.

it looks like in the description he stated that he scaled this model for an adult male so its larger than the other model I think. I'm about to finish the helmet and start on the wings as well so I hope to print the new wings with the rotator piece

This helmet is 15% bigger than the previous helmet.

So would we be able to print parts 5 and 14 from the new files along with the new wings file and fit into the previous model? I've only printed the back half of the helmet at 115% scale so that's why I ask.

Sorry I don't think those pieces will fit properly even at the same scale. I split them a little differently.

When downloading the files I notice there is no Part_1_v3 or Part_2_v3.

Sorry they are there now.

Super cool ; ) Looks fantastic

i had a lot of people ask me to add that rotator thing.