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GeeeTech i3 Pro B Air Duct

by PrintingGulliver May 25, 2017
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Didn't work out for me either (Geetech i3 pro b), maybe I have the new version with metallic parts (X carriage). Roughly the ring should be "right" 5 mm, "back" 5mm (though then it hits the back plate of the carriage), and up 2-3 mm. Maybe I will try to fine tune it in a 3D editor.

I bodged a new one to fit my machine (Geeetech i3 Pro B in 8mm Acrylic)

Geeetech i3 Pro B air duct fan shroud BL Touch
by GAQ

It seems that the BLTouch-Version doesn't quite have the right supports. Can you create a version that has the lowest layer of the BLTouch extension closed (without holes)? That way my printer can properly bridge there.

Hello, I really love this fan duct design and it works very well, but I want to add an inductive sensor to it. Do you think that you could make one it is just thread, instead of mounting holes for the bltouch. Thank you this would help a lot because I don't want to use a different fan duct.

you got the step file for this, i use the 26mm MicroSwiss through and nee to shorten this by 12mm

I'm suffering with clearance on a new I3 pro B,It's effectively touching the ring. Not sure if the design/extruder they package has changed but it's worth bearing in mind IMO

I bodged a new one to fit my machine (Geeetech i3 Pro B in 8mm Acrylic)

Geeetech i3 Pro B air duct fan shroud BL Touch
by GAQ

For someone that is printing this for the Pro W: it does not perfectly fit: the nozzle is not centered (to near to the left part of the circle), and the circle is touching (so goes down) the extruder block.

we need a version with the "S" form of the duct more marked, resulting in the circle duct goes to the left by like 0.7cm more

I bodged a new one to fit my machine (Geeetech i3 Pro B in 8mm Acrylic)

Geeetech i3 Pro B air duct fan shroud BL Touch
by GAQ

Hi, I have exactly the same problem on my I3 Pro B.
The fact is the Extruder block is mounted 90° backward on mine.
See attached picture.

Can you provide us an update for our case ?
You designs are realy nice and I'm realy bad a 3D Design



I bodged a new one to fit my machine (Geeetech i3 Pro B in 8mm Acrylic)

Geeetech i3 Pro B air duct fan shroud BL Touch
by GAQ

Hi, just a few questions, could you tell me what fan you put on this piece ? Is it 12V? What is the amperage? Do you have a model to propose? A link to a commercial site?
Thanks a lot.

Hi Arnos, 50mm radial fans are quite standard. Mine is a 12V model from Sunon. Just search for MF50151V1-A99.

Your fan has 2 pin. How do you plug this to the mother board (3 pin) ? Thanks a lot...

You only need to plug the negative (black) and positive (red) pin into the PWM-fan slot. The yellow pin is not needed. However I had an old 3 pin plug lying around to which I soldered the two cables.

what are the measures of the fan?

My guess is it's a 50mm radial. Pretty common.

It would be nice to have this duct also for standard not-radial 40mm fan :)

Comments deleted.

Hi, I have no plans to create a version for axial fans. In the beginning I used such a fan (40x40x20mm) with a fan duct and was not satisfied with the results. I suggest that you go for a radial fan. While axial fans have a nice air flow they do not build up pressure. This is what is needed for such an air duct and radial fans provide way more pressure (about 10 times more) than axial ones.

Any possibility to get this with the BLTouch mount? ;)

Geeetech MK8 BlTouch Circular Fan Duct
by Naiki

Hi Niklas, I currently don't own a BLTouch. But maybe, if I find a little time in the next few days, I can give it a try.

I see that you have added a BLTouch version! Thanks! Will try it out.

You're welcome. Let me know how it works.

Had to stop the print now. It tries to print the BLTouch-part in the air.

Could you provide the duct without all the supports? I can add them manually. Thanks!

What a pitty. I uploaded the part without any supports. Give it try.

Printing with the duct mounted. Working good.

Only thing is that it is very tight for one of the screws. See here:
I needed to use a screw with smaller head to make it fit (same problem with the other model here on Thingiverse).
The probe mount could be a couple of mm to the left.

Yes, I suspected that this could be a problem. How many mm to the left would you suggest? Would 3 mm bei fine?

3 mm was perfect.

Timelapse: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13H1MftDH4lbjdIUDJMVVVBalU/view?usp=sharing
Printed the duct with the new spacing with the old one mounted. ;-)

Wow, that's really cool!

Yes, 3 mm should be enough. It is good to have the probe as near the nozzle as possible so more could be bad maybe.

Trying now. Done in about 1.5h. Used automatic support from build plate only and removed the auto generated supports for the ring. Using S3D. Thanks!

is the model ok for the 3d touch sensor?
it seems to me that supports in the model are not enough for the sensor mount (the model has only perimetral support, nothing in the middle), am i right?
i fear using support from the slicer since i think it will fill the model inside :)
thanks :)


i fully printed with the support included (only permetral) but i think we should add 2 middle support as i got a lot of loose filament printed in the air :D

Hi, I did not print the version for the BLTouch myself. However, it was reported that my build-in support for the sensor mount does not work properly. This is why I also provided the version without support. As it turned out it printed nicely with generated supports. But make sure to generate supports from build plate only. This prevents the inner supports in the duct.

Yes. Support from build plate only. If you use Slic3r, use Slic3r Prusa Edition that has the option to do supports from build plate only. You could get some support material in the openings for the air. I don't know if it will be hard to remove. I used simplify 3d, generated auto support from build plate and manually removed the supports for the openings in the ring. I also added some manual supports to the air duct.

well, it is going to build supports even inside the circular air duct, so no way of printing it in this way. i'll need to edit the model manually..

CraftWare maybe?

Thanks for your consideration.

BLTouch auto leveling sensor (dummy prop)