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Rampage OpenLOCK Triplex Beta

by Printablescenery May 25, 2017
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what is the height of the floor tiles?

Castle Floor tiles are 8.43mm in height.

Could You please add a note that the small front pillars are supports and need to be removed manually? I was quite hesitant to remove them as they were not mentioned.

What are the slots on the walls and pillers for. i thought they were to clip the walls together but clip only fits the ground tiles

ok i take it back you just need to push really hard lol

any easy way to get the suports out fo the inside of the clip section on the floor tiles

Yes the best way is to use some long-nose pliers and pull them out without forcing apart the tiles

Thanks for the print i am vary impressed with it

Thanks for the replay! however after testing i found that my Ender 3 can print a all of these blocks without supports.

A little late, but I absolutely love the idea of the openLOCK system! I am having a few minor issues that I'm hoping someone could give me some advice on. I find that 80% of the time, when I insert the clip, it's breaks the part of the port that locks the clip in place. I believe it's because I'm having trouble removing the supports without causing some layer separation between the base of the tile and the bottom of the supports and OpenLOCK ports. If tried using sharp wire cutters, razors, and pliers, but the amount of force required to get the support out also causes the bottom of the port to separate from the base. Is there a tool or a method that you guys use to more successfully remove the supports without causing damage? Sorry for my ignorance, but I'm pretty new to 3D printing. Thanks!

It might be bad layer bonding, You could also post on our Forum and see if anyone else has had the same problem https://www.printablescenery.com/forums

It was definitely bad bonding. Unfortunately, the fancy pla I was using was crap, which caused most of the issues. Now that I'm printing on hatchbox at about 5 degrees hotter than normal, haven't had any breakage or issues yet! Thanks! I love your work!

The OpenLOCK clip has been updated to to 5.4. We have slightly reduced the Z height so that printer debris does not affect the clip working

Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Can the clips be printed out of PLA? I tried this and cannot seem to get the clips to click in.

Yes PLA works well and fits perfectly. Please check your print settings you may be printing with an extra thick first layer

The latest update has small supports that need to be removed on the OpenLOCK ports

I noticed that the wall model is much "softer" than pervious wall models. It prints easier because of less overhangs but seems less detailed. Is this on purpose and something that is coming to your other wall models?

Yes, we designed a version of the beta pack that has fewer overhangs but is less detailed as a beta. This was to get feedback on the overhangs vs deeper walls

Is the triplex beta in the 5.3 template pack considered an updated version? I like how this version has a hollow bottom center that does not exist in the beta templates in the full pack. Also, fyi, my printer has been able to bridge the overhangs well enough that I haven't needed supports.

The New Beta Templates have been updated to include all the Triplex Options. http://www.printablescenery.com/product/open-lock

If you want to make your own tiles. Please use https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2355411 as a base

For more information on OpenLOCK, please check this page

OpenLOCK 6.0 Templates

Great idea, was just searching for something like this (a tile set) and found gold. ;)

I have printed a 2x2 tile without support (it's almost possible), the bridges are too long.
I don't like the effect of support in the 2x2 tile.
Can you put some support in your model?

This version is a Beta

As a beta I take it that it's still being tested and will perhaps change overtime? I'm excited to try this one out.

Yes, the only thing that I think needs changing is that it needs some built in supports on the big overhangs

Very interesting modification, really more modulable.