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The $30 3D scanner V4 - Samsung Edition

by SoundDoc May 22, 2017
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what scanning app did you use?

  • Posted with 3D Geeks Thingiverse Browser App

Recommended infill?????? Source for Samsung compatible ear phones/buds??? Any special camera app to scan?

Infill if I remember correctly varied, most the parts I believe were 10-20%, the thin covers and screw post due to the threads I would have done at 100%.
Don't have a source for compatible buds, I used the ones that came with my phone, at that time a S6. the newer style buds that come with the S9+ (my current) also work, I just needed to add a folder piece of paper shim under the button unit as its slightly thinner than the S6's buds and didn't hit every time.
I don't use any special camera app, just the default, best to lock/set the focus to manual so its not changing every image (had it cause some issues) then copied to my PC to process. Its been a while since I needed to scan anything, at the time I used 3DF ZEPHYR for photogrammetry, there's been quite a bit of change since then, there may be better software or new phone apps that will scan/process directly. (I never tried the phone apps, I'd rather work on my pc).

SoundDoc, thank you very much for the response. Am very curious to test the concept. Buds on order.

Hi !
Nice design but I have a question. Why is the base of the Samsung S7 cradle thicker (~5.2mm) than the spaces on the chassis (~4.8mm). I am currently trying to file the base of the cradle to be able to insert it inside the spaces. Also, is there a reason for the sides of the cradle (to insert in the chassis) to be diamond-shaped instead of perpendicular ?
Thanks !

I modified the base of the Samsung cradled, reducing it to 4.7mm then printed it again, and it fits in the top slot. For the screw for the handle, I had to reduce its diameter to 90% to be able to use it. I also had to file the round bottom of the plate because it was too high and the plate was tilting during its rotation, resulting in lost of transmission between the handle and the plate. Besides that, all good. :)

Hello, I know that is meant for the S7, but I have a S8, and it seems like doesn't take pictures fast enough to get enough shots for every angle needed. I'm only getting 17 shots per full rotation of the bed, because it takes a second or two between each shot, skipping angles. I can't find any settings to help this.

Is there a work around, like another camera app, or do I just have to crank extremely slow?

hey, awesome design, I just started printing the original design then found yours. So far I printed the: crank wheel, 2 handle parts and the cog. If i continued printing the rest of the model (chassis, stopper, etc) with your design will the cog, wheel and handle i already printed from the original design fit with yours? Or is yours different fit and need to start over? thanks

Hey devils27,
I think you should be ok, the only changes to the crank/handle assembly I made were to add a threaded handle so either are fine, and there's no change as far as I remember to the cog gear.
I haven't checked back on the original in a while so I don't know if he's made further changes that would cause issues with my modifications, but all parts should actually be interchangeable.
The changes consisted primarily of:

  • a modified stopper for the samsung headphones (when added should fit in mine or the original)
  • a modified samsung phone holder
  • modified main chassis 1 & 4, this was to account for the larger headphone jack passthrough and cog cover changes allowing it to lock in to place.
  • a modified cog cover to keep it from pushing away from the cog gear.

I believe that's pretty much it, you should be fine from here on out.

I took a quick look at the original and it doesn't look like he's changed anything else either really, he modified chassis 1 for the larger connector (I might have to do that to mine to fit usb-c in the future) but other than that all parts should be interchangeable.

Let me know how it goes!

I have the original already printed. Can I only print the cog cover and the phone mount and reuse the rest of the original parts with Galaxy S7? If not do you know which other parts have to be reprinted?

Thanks, wish I saw your remix earlier :(

Hey HQZ,
Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I had to pull the latest V6 and compare all the parts.
I'm honestly not sure exactly which parts I modified in the end as I rebuilt / drew the whole model

  • My modified cog cover won't fit on the original as there aren't post holes for the pegs, but you can easily do as I did prior to modifying this and drill 2 small holes in the cog cover ears and use 2 small screws to hold it in place. The V4 Cog cover it looks like he thickened it, that one with a couple screws would work fine.
  • the modified handle should work fine with the original, if you've allready printed it no need to reprint.
  • the original phone cradle should be fine, you might need to cut a little plastic on the sides to make it fit a samsung, the cradle should be interchangeable between the twoo.
  • The v6 "base" it looks like he pushed through a larger hole for the headset cable & volume control, this will be fine, I might do that to mine and update later on. Id you printed a prior version no worries, you might just need to drill out the hole a little.
  • I did make a couple small tweaks to the base where the volume control goes, but that was primarily to enlarge the wire passthrough, good news is that the volume control "part" should fit there fine.

So, all you need in order to fit a Galaxy headset in the original design is the V4_stopper_Sansung.stl to hold the volume control and maybe a little filing on the parts.

Optional would be V4_Samsung_cradle.stl, all the rest are interchangable.

Hope this helps!

What size in mm are the V4_Turn_Table supposed to be ?
It measures 200mm in diameter when I load it.

Yep, its big, that's all original from the design I based it on. There's notes on the original about how much it can be scaled down but that would also affect the headphone button mount, not sure if it would work scaled down.

Ok, thank you for answering. I think I have an excuse for a new printer :-)

Nice Remix, I plan on printing this today for use with my S7 Edge.

Did you use this with your S7 Edge? I have one lying around that I could repurpose.