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Hera CQR Stock

by koobysnacks77 May 21, 2017
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Could this work with the VFC H&K 416? could a version of this be made to work with the VFC XCR with the M4 buffer tube installed?

This should work with your 416 as long as it's a standard m4 lower. If you're interested in printing this, I would recommend one of the remixes, they are a little better than this one I don't have access to an xcr to model the for, but if you want to give it a shot, then be my guest!

Hey koobysnacks77, I'm almost done printing this! Thanks for the awesome design! One thing to note though, I used the files for a smaller printer and I noticed the "Stock_REAR_v2.stl" part of the stock that has the Picatinny rail isn't quite right, when I assembled it, the space for the buffer tube was bent. I believe this was due to the angle on the butt pad side being applied to the stock sideMight want to check it out! Thanks again so much!

I have to say, this and the foregrip look absolutely awesome. I'll be making the foregrip for sure, but I'm not sure this stock will fit my cheap HK416. My gun is constructed with two pieces of injection molded plastic so I assume it's near impossible to replace the grip like this. I'm able to take off the stock and it would be fairly easy to fit a different one to the gun. Would it be possible to modify this so that the thumbhole only comes down to where the regular pistol grip is and attaches there, without removing the stock pistol grip?

Do you have a fully assembled model? i have a massive printer.

Do I have to print out each individual thing? Or can I find the stock file and just size it to my X-one2 printer

The different parts are meant to be able to insert the motor and battery for the AEG.

Comments deleted.

Hey I found your files while looking into getting the Hera arms stock for my airsoft build but the one made by Hera wasn't for airsoft guns and was wondering if I had it build would it fit the Matrix RIS Tactical AK Airsoft AEG?

No it's for m4 not ak

I don't think it would work with your ak as it is designed for an m4. However if your really interested I might be able to redesign the stock to fit your ak.

Awesome work!Is there any chance you could model another stuff from Hera ?Like TRIARII
Pistol to Carbine Stock System?

HI, I was wondering if I could get the CAD file for the front part of the stock? I want to make a similar stock but with a different back

I know this is a longshot, but would you be interested in remixing this for an Evanix Rex P air pistol?

Thanks Koobysnacks77! This is amazing! Quick question for you: Is there any way I can get the CAD file for this? I want to make an entirely new style of stock, but I want to use the reference geometry you've already created for the handle and buffer tube, since I already know that it works really well. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Would it be possible for you to do up a version that fits GBB M4 rifles? I am using a flashforge dreamer, 23cm x 15cm x 14cm build volume. would appreciate if you could make a version that can fit GBB rifles and is printable on my printer.

Thank you so much!

i printed it all, but the buttpad kinda has a little bit of wobble to it, can you make another pin hole in the stock and buttpad?

What % infill would you recommend? I'll be ordering the print from the site as I don't have an 3D printer of my own (yet).


I would recommend about 40% infill

Thanks! I'll get it priced up!

Will this fit on a com spec buffer tube?

Awesome Design, thanks for the work and effort, lots of shops let you pay a lot for stuff like this and you give it for free, thats the spirit, keep it up your awesome!!

i remoddeld it agin and did some minor uppgrades but givven you all the props koobysnacks77 :)

hera reworked grip and stock

I have a question koobysnacks is it posible for you to reclice the short front grip part and hollow out the part under the tube front like you did on the other full stock because i cant get the short one to fit due to there is material in the way i tried to re slice it but im no good at slicing

will the charging handle still work with this design?

perfect, can't wait to print it.

is these the correct seizes so you just cant print and put thwem on any airsoft ar or do i have to scale it to correct scale?

Yes, these are the correct sizes for an airsoft at.

hi it looks awesome i just have some minor changes if you dont minde.
the grip could be a little wider because the motor goes a bit too tight in.
and where you screw the motor cap in is also a little small.
that is the only things i found otherwise great job

I will link you the fixed file.

I'm converting this file into aspire to cut it out on my ShopBot. do you think you could cut it into 2 mirrored parts, so as to be able to cut the interior?

I uploaded mirror files, thanks for the suggestion.

Also, before i forget, all of the models are completely missing the safety detent spring hole in the top of the grip that is crucial for a functioning lower reciever

holy crap, this guy delivers. will post pics when the build is complete. itll probably be a few months


Would it be possible to have STP or STEP files of this? I want to edit a few things to make it ICS-compatible.

HUGE thx.

The conversion & import broke the model pretty bad but i can salvage it.

Dont suppose you mind if i create my own version of this and post it? I'l link it to your original.

You have a problem downlpoading form a360

would it be possible to make this work for a milsig m17 paintball gun with a 13 ci tank or remote line?

Yeah, I'll see what I can work out.

Very very nice job but i can't print because i can do olny 200mm maximum.. and i'm a loser in 3D software

Thanks for the comment! There should be a stock front and stock rear files to download, those are cut in half for people like you, however you may need to angle the print in your printer's software as the largest part is a little longer than 200 mm. I hope this works for you!

yes it work , but doesnt work on my m4 airsoft ... too big to insert at the motor

The buffer tube needs a 1mm wider hole and the motor grip needs it's inner walls removed. Here is the fixed vershion

It has a bigger buffer tube cutout and a working beaver tail.

Thanks for the fix!

Can you cut it in half its to big to print on my printer witch has a 240mm height. Also can you upload the grip and this in a cad format so i can edit and add stuff to them. I cut it into 2 parts with tinker cad used this vid

Okay, I also uploaded files for the stock with cutouts/extrusions for a stronger joint when you glue the halves together.

Yes sir, I'll upload files for the split stock tomorrow as well as the links to the CAD files.

Its a little bit rough, but an extremly cool Design. :D
reminds me in cod