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Springy Spool Hub (customizable)

by mmOne May 21, 2017
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I printed mine at 1.1x size, to fit my spools which are... uh... where are my calipers?

Anyways, a new spool was pretty heavy, and was easily pulled off the hub arms. I "fixed" this by running a pair of rubber bands between the two hubs, which hold the two hubs to the spool better and keep it from falling off. However, this has the potential of getting the rubber band twisted around the axle, which would obviously be bad.

I think I'll print again, and print a little bigger on X and Y, and even bigger on Z, to give it more strength and more grip on the spool.

I take it when you say "bearing" you don't mean the USUAL 608 skate bearing, i.e. 8mm hole, 22mm outside diameter.

I said "yes" to addSeat, and it printed an 8mm hole (seat?) with a 4mm hole on the bottom. Not sure what that tiny hole is for.

I love the design, but am just missing sufficient detail for a 8x22 bearing.


addSeat only ads a lip on one side of the bore the bearing can sit against preventing it from slipping out. You still need to set "centerBoreDia" to 22mm.

I found setting the "centerBoreDia" to 22mm, meant the bearing had to be press-fit in a vice, and I worry that this will stress the plastic as it loses its plasticity over time (as I've seen plastics become brittle -- I do NOT know the PLA characteristics)..

So I set it for 22.1mm, and it can then press fit by hand, and feels very snug.

If I find a spool that is so small I have to bend the arms quite a bit to fit, they still do great, but I then come back to SCAD and print a 2mm smaller pair, and use those for THIS spool. Eventually I'd like to have a hub for nearly every spool, especially since the bearings are SO cheap ($<9 for 20). One of those 20 did not run smoothly, but for that price, who cares.

I've customized it for the 608ZZ bearings. - works great! Thanks!

I struggled a lot with customizing, only to find OpenSCAD (2015-03-02) is buggy.

The preview function only works ONCE. A 2nd preview omits much of the middle.

There is some green cylinder in the middle of the otherwise yellow model, I'm sure that means Scad is trying to tell me something.

I found a model-independent fix (meaning if the problem, and the green, is in your model, this fixes it anyway):
Enable Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Force Goldfeather

It was a fraction to small for my spools. I cant get them to stay in on their own. I'm going to look at making it a little bigger in the diameter without affecting the material widths. They would seem to fit much smaller spools but I don't have any to try does anyone know how small a spool they will fit in? btw I made the 58x8 which is quite flexible.

I like. It was hard to find something that would work. Also your tool is great. Most spools are not the same.
After printing so many types of spool holders this makes it easier to just print the hub.

Glad you like it and it saves you time and plastic :-)