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Green Lantern Battery

by Cody_Rivas May 20, 2017
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Hello! Is there an explanation somewhere that explains how to make this light up? Thanks!


Do you have the ability to give STEP/STL files so that I can use Fusion 360?

The files were posted in .STL format

Great model, but Im having trouble with the Large Battery Center. When I slice in repetier host, it adds a solid plane in the bottom. The analysis indicates it IS manifold, so I fix normals, as it is slightly tilted, and the bottom is solved, but the top has a solid plane. Im not using supports and I am quite familiar with 3d printing. It seems the model of the main center body, may have an irregular manifold issue.

I'm sorry for the trouble.
Have you tried scaling up the Small Battery Center? You could also try the models from my other Lantern Projects.

What is tilted? Also, I'm afraid I can't find a plane like you've described on any of my models.
I looked into this manifold issue as it is new to me and was unable to come up with an identifiable issue or solution. Do you have any suggestions I may be able to try with the original autocad models?

Hey Cody, Thanks for getting back to me...
I didn't try scaling. I did however get it to slice correctly with repetier. I don't know if it was tilted for sure, but repetier indicated it was slightly tilted, were talking 0.25 degrees or less. I think the plane is what repetier does when there is an open edge, to help fill the gap in a manifold... BUT.. I don't think its not manifold, I think it may have had some double faces. In my photos, there are some green triangles. These can be inverted face, double faces, or two planes EXTREMELY close together that the slicer reads them as one. The slicing engine repetier uses is CURA. I also sliced at 0.25mm layers, which may have contributed to how repetier defined the edges... Or it could be how the program saved the STL, or it could be CURA, as its not as good as high end slicers... Who knows...
My solution was to take it into MeshLab. Meshlab is AWESOME for converting file formats and simplification, reconstruction, etc. Its difficult to use, but there are a few tutorials on youtube. So I loaded the Battery Center into Meshlab. Then in the (Filter) menu > (remeshing, simplification, reconstruction) > (Quadratic Edge Collapse Decimation)...
Then I chose to reduce the faces to 37500, just to make the computer reconstruct the model and simplify any double faces... You can also use this feature to create lower poly counts or smaller file sizes.
Long story a little shorter.. I took it back into repetier host, and it sliced fine.
Starting this print this week... Ill definitely post finished pictures when its done!
Also, Its a beautiful model, very nicely realized.

Thanks for the software advice, I'll check out Meshlab and see if I can do something to prevent this issue.

Glad you were able to get it sliced and good luck getting it printed! Looking forward to seeing your final product.

Thank you for the support!
This was my first large project, and I have redesigned in several times, so feel free to hit me with any feedback.

Hey Cody...
Well, Im just finishing the lenses now. This is for a friend, and he's going to assemble it, so no photo... YET... Every thing printed well. I did find textures on the large handle, texture on the large handle supports, and texture around the outside of the top and bottom cone. The textures are micro tiny ribs. They are in the STL model. When printing, they actually cause the print to jitter when going around the outer edges. They cause the outsides to be thicker and make the fit too tight, but some heavy sanding works.

Comments deleted.

Since you made a full-scale model, do you know how many meters of filament you used?

I have not done the math, nor can I recall my slicer estimates. However, after having made six full size lantern batteries, I would estimate each one costs approximately half a spool or 0.5kg of filament. At this scale, a single extra wall can cause a large change in print time/material.

My print of Large version took 36 hours at 50mm/s, 20% infill, double wall, .4 nozzle. I was able to get it in 8 prints on my 8x8 bed. Handles were tough to fit both at angle. About half a roll of PLA, so $8-$10 depending where you buy filament.

1 Main body - with supports 8hr
2 Top bottom 5hr
3 Top bottom 5hr
4 Front back 5hr
5 Front back 5hr
6 Logos and handle support 4hr
7 Handles - with supports 1.5hr
8 Lenses 2.5hr

I could have Printed the logos and handle supports on other parts, but for retraction efficiency and clean print I kept each cone separate.

Has anyone printed this beautiful masterpiece in full-scale yet?

I just posted pictures of a full scale model that I painted and lit

Im looking to print this now. Is this exact size or do i need to scale it up or down?

You shouldn't need to do any scaling, just pick between full size or desktop size.
If scaling is required for some reason, there is a 300% size difference between files.

Is that 300% of the large or small files?

The large is 300% bigger than the small files