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CR-10 Steampunk Legs - Control Box under bed mod

by Exterminate May 20, 2017
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"Grandma's coffee table" doesn't really say Steampunk to me.

i believe this is a variation of the "queen anne" / "Ball and claw" style.

Then exactly what does your grandma's coffee table say to you? And what does your therapist think about inanimate objects talking to you?

Just glue some gears on it and you'll feel better :P

"glue some gears on it" HAHA i lol'd. I think someone else asked this, but are you happy with the secureness of the printer on these legs? I just bolted my table to the wall because the printer was causing quite a bit of wobble to the table. I'd love to save even more space but I just want make sure it's not going to add wobble. Thanks for the upload!

They don't make the wobble any worse ... but they certainly don't improve it either ;)

These look absolutely amazing! I definitely want to make some for my own printers, but I have a couple questions: have there been any problems with the legs causing the printer to wiggle? Have you noticed any changes in the quality of your prints after this? That looks like the 300x300 model. Any idea how these might impact the performance of one of the larger CR-10s, like the 500x500, for example?

Printed a set of them (the right-hand leg is non manifold btw- it took a while to figure that out) that finally came out awesome - I've been using Slic3r... but I ran in to a kind of problem. The holes don't line up for the grooves in 2040 extrusion for some reason. Specifically the two on the side of the mounting plate farthest from the leg itself. I'm curious if that could have been an issue with my slicer, or if you have suggestions for a (novice level) fix?
They are absolutely stunning - and I painted them in hand-hammered copper to get a little more of that steampunk feel.

One leg broke.Is there any way to print only one leg instead of to two

Printing 24 of these now for 6 printers. no support is needed I print them upside down and they come out fantastically!

for cleaner results in a multi print rotate the second set 180 and line up so the backside of each leg faces the center and place then in the center of the bed. Instruct your slicer to make 150x150 the start point of each layer so your zipper lines up their where you will never see it.

GORGEOUS. thank you for making these. bought the cable extensions kits from tiny machines and printing these. I already use ender spool holders on the top extrusion. works great!

this just made the top of my list to make. I'm short on horizontal space, but plenty space up. thank you for the much needed print

I made 4 (25 hours), but two already broke :( The parts need a big fat fillet all the way around, right where the steampunk meets the screwplate. Currently, there's only sharp concave edges... max concentrated stress.... multiplied by the long leg. They look cool, though! Although I shouldn't have printed in bright red :(

Print them horizontally

that would fix it but a better solution would be a gusset or fillet at the stress point so they can be printed without support.

I got around this by using 5 perimeters and 25% grid both ways infill I also cranked the temp to 230c for better layer adhesion. the prototype feels strong enough so I am going for it tasked 4 printers to crank them out. 14 hours a set. I might put a bead of glue at the stress point too if it looks like it might need it.

hi there, I have made my own legs thanks to your idea.
so firstly thanks, you sparked another idea
Did you have to extend the cables that feed to the 3d printer from the electronic box?

Nope, I'm using all stock cables and haven't lost any print height. Some needed to be rearranged for maximum length but anyone that 'gets' 3D printing should be able to figure out the best positioning on their own.

Always happy to ignite the creative fires! I'm really excited about all the positive feedback I'm getting about these. I'm a n00b and only wanted these for myself so I wasn't expecting such a response from the community.

In this one, i have added the bigger legs inspired by your design


the only design difference is that mine do not need to be screwed in. they slip in.

Anyway, well done my friend.
And lets keep on enjoying using our cr-10!!!!


I printed these but found the holes are a little out. Any advice why?

Where to find that spool holder?! Thats up in frame.

It's http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2138271 . It's terrible which is why I didn't link to it. I created my own afterwards.

2020 Spool Holder with Filament Guide

just get some m5 x8 and hammer nuts and mount the stock spool holder to the top extrusion. I use ender spool holders but I imagine the CR10 holder should mount the same way.

what would your recommended cura settings be?

I can't make Cura recommendations because I've never used it.

" It also requires a 20/20 top-mounted spool holder. "

Have you extended your wires? this would surely reduce the amount of height you can print. The wires are not really long enough as it is so placing under the printer would make it worse?

Surely it doesn't reduce anything or require any wire extensions. When utilizing the maximum print height simply slide the back of the control box under the Z Axis motor.