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by Thevirge May 16, 2017
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Thing Apps Enabled

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FYI, it looks like the link to the USB cable goes to an Apple Watch charger

Guten Tag

Thank you for the design! I have two of those in use. Unfortunately Amazon changed the adapter format in germany and my new echo dots dont fit in your design. Can you upload the original files that i can modify the size to the new adapter size?

Thank you

I love the design - it's super. Would it be possible to get a version without the inner mounting holes? They are not needed since they mount to a wall outlet, and removing them would make it smoother.easier to print. Also, is there any chance to post the design files so I can remix, or remove every 2nd or more of the pieces that hold the outer ring to the inner ring for better audio ?

will this work with the first gen?

I understand that the 1st gen was a tiny bit smaller. It will fit but might be a little looser than the 2nd gen. I don't have a 1st gen to try it but if you could and offer feedback it is greatly appreciated.

works with mine tho you might have to sand the plug area just a bit

Is this working with the german version ?

We have been able to produce an Australian/UK version. That version may work if the plug is similar. The dots seem to be the same but the plug is different. You can check that version or if you can take some measurements and pictures of the German plug I will attempt to modify the design to work.

It works with the "old" echo dot 2 (ordered in october). Use the latest au/uk version.

I received two echo dot 2 yesterday and they have a new adapter that does no longer fit.

Printed it in PLA. The holder for the dot fit great, but the rounded square for the power plug was too tight. I was finally able to get in, but it took quite a bit of work. Not sure if they changed anything on the dot, but it was one that I just received yesterday.

I did another print!
Added new pics with the old ones. It looks amazing!!!!

Im printing now but will report back in 18 hours, cheers,

Just checked out your print. Did you stop it early on purpose? The top did not finish smoothly. Also it looks like the cutout did not really lineup as planned. I can move the cutout up a bit so it lines up with the switch. Would you be willing to take a picture of it rotated 180 degrees into the bottom switch as well. That way I can see both sides to adjust them.

My printer stopped for some unknown reason so my bad but was very happy with the print. Photos to come. Cheers

Finally got my 3d printer fixed. Did a print run for the AU version however after and awaiting the results...

I did not try to print that version. I can try a run to see if it works. It looks fine on my slicer but who knows. The only thing I can think is the half-moon cutouts might have caused an issue.

I love this! Printed great first try. One suggestion I might have would to be make the power and audio opening on the both sides and top to accommodate multiple cable options. This is my favorite mount though!

I will see if I can adjust the file to accommodate both options.

I added the opening on both sides. I have not printed it but the finish looks clean from the stl. I will test on out in a few days and post results.

Thank you! I will as well.

Is there any way I could edit the plug size? Mine is bigger as it's an Australian plug...

I don't have one to measure, if you can provide any dimensions then I will adjust the file.

Hey that would be fantastic, I'd like to print about 4 for my family so they can go on the wall.
Currently using a Chromecast plug (AU Plug). I see it is also the same as the UK one here: https://regmedia.co.uk/2015/10/05/google_chromecast_2_3.jpg so the dimensions should also fit on Uk plugs.

Height = 4.2cm
length = 4.9cm
width = 2.6cm

Thank you.

I have given this one a shot! The plug is almost as big as the Dot, haha. I did my best to match the 4.2(tall) by 4.9(wide). It seemed like that was the orientation. I could not tell from the picture which way the plug goes into the wall, so I assumed its wider than tall. I can swap it if it needs to go the other way. Also I am guessing on the corners. So you might have to print a quick one and let me know. I will put a file that is just the plug housing that way your test print will minimize waste.

Hi there, just looking at the final design that you have made. Is it possible for you to raise the power adaptor up instead of where it currently is at the moment on the bottom part. If you check out the pictures that I sent you and the other response it will probably make more sense to you. Thanks

Yes wider than tall :-)

Did a test print and the au fits perfectly!
One thing I forgot to mention is the USB output but based on the look of it I think it's perfect. I'll send some pictures of the great fit!
Check them out...

If I move it up from the bottom, then it will need supports to print. I can extend the power plug depth to cover more of the plug but then we will have to do a cutout for the USB. I will need to know what measurement the usb starts at from the "wall". I assume the round part of the AU plug lays flat on the wall, or does it "insert" into the plug as well? I am traveling this week so I cant do any test prints but I am happy to adjust the design if we can come up with a good plan.

Here you go, I've also taken photos to clarify my statements...
2.1cm start to 2.7cm end for usb.
Yes the round stays flat. I've included some photos for you. Cheers

Here's some pictures to accommodate the measurements. Cheers

I am not sure if this is what your looking for but I gave it a shot. Please give me feedback. I extended the collar to cover most of the AU plug and then cutout the area for the USB. This should provide full coverage and still allow for printing without supports. Sorry for the slight delay I was traveling last week and did not have a chance to edit until today.

I was just looking back over the photos and I see why you need to raise the collar. It looks like it interferes with the rocker switch?? I can possibly add a small cutout for that, maybe rounded so it can still be printed without supports.

I added a rev 3 file that has half moon cutouts on both sides of the collar. I think with the angle it will print without support and provide clearance for the rocker switch. If we need a new design let me know.