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Anet A8 - Power Supply Cover with Switch

by Cyberlamb Jun 16, 2017
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the v2 fit most of the shape of my anet a8 but the screwhole didnt line up for attaching to the psu and i had to dremmel out the support bar because it was too high and didnt let me attach flush to the psu.

Is this working for s-250-12 PSU ?

Also interested in fit for 250-12 @ 110mm wide?

The AC-DC S-240-12 PSU that anet is using on what i bought recently is approximately 109.96mm wide, if you decide to redo this one.

Hi is it possible to put the A8 branding on the right and the switch on the left also isolated? Having the AC and DC that close can be very dangerous. Great design

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I like your PSU Cover/switch combo, however, it didn't work on a 30 watt PSU upgrade. I had to model it up and tweak it to fit. I uploaded the remix along with a PSU bracket to mount the 30 watt PSU: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2983859

Anet A8 30A (360watt) PSU Upgrade

I designed a cover for the bottom to prevent anyone from accidentally touching high voltage at the pins.


I hope you like it and maybe some else find it useful :)

Anet A8 Power Supply Bottom Cover for Cover with Switch

have i understand it right at the Comments below ? its ok with PLA or musst it print with another Material ?

Screw holes did not line up on my 30a power supply. It did slip over snug and I just drilled a few new holes to match my supply. One can't expect it to fit every power supply on the market :-) other than that I love it! Dose an excellent job incorporating a switch and wire protector. Makes for a tidy presentation. Thank you for sharing your design! !

Can i ask please what are the dimensions of this box. I have measured the width of the power supply and it's 110mm width. Is this too big for my supply. its the original power supply an a A8 i bought last month end of March 2018. Thank you.

I just finished printing this, and it doesn't fit correctly, has anyone else had this issue? I have a brand new a8. The lip inside near the top edge of the piece, which would rest underneath the corner of the power supply, is a bit too high. With it resting under the power supply's edge, it lifts the printer up off the surface of my table. Also, the screw hole to screw into the side of the power supply doesn't line up. Has there already been a modification accounting for this difference that I just can't find?

file down the legs a bit till printer is level

I had a similar issues, width were too short to fit into my 30A PSU that I recently bought, holes on the file didn't aligned with the PSU as well and it didnt sit correctly on the bottom. But cool design though.


I think i will have this problem also, i have printed one out to find this and also the width is smaller by about 5 mm. The table Top to the bottom of the Power supply is 70mm i believe this is 86.93 mm and the Hole from table top to screw hold right hand side is 79.8mm.

It appears that some things have changed with the A8 frame since I created this. I will be remixing this myself and posting a new STL in the near future.

Whats that plug/switch component model name??

Can i print this in PLA? I'm just worried that it might melt if it become too hot, or that's highly unlikely?

Printing in PLA is perfectly fine.If your power unit gets hot enough to melt it, then you have a much bigger problem. :)

I see thanks for the info! Just new to this 3d printing thing haha i just got worried since i started blow drying the print cover after i washed it with water, since i want it to dry faster (it got a little bit messy after i sanded it) then to my surprise it started to melt a little bit, dumb of me of course i should have known haha. Anyway thanks again, love the design by the way!

Comments deleted.

I just have a question. I recently bought the etopxizu 30A power supply. I live in the U.S. so I have it running at 110v, plugged into my bedroom outlet which is also 110v. All of these switches I see you guys using are 220-250v switches. Is it okay or safe to youse this switch on a 110v power supply? This is the switch I wanted: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XNMT3WL/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A2Y736KGZ14HTQ&psc=1

Yes it is safe to use that type of switch. With something like a switch, the rating is for the MAX voltage approved. you can still use it to switch 1 volt if you would like

I must have another type of PSU cause I can not use screws from the side to mount it together.

Didn't fit on the newer model I guess it has a different PSU. I had to cut off the lip inside so it can be moved up enough. If you make a new model the placement of the lip on hishamalassedy's version looks to be correct for the new psu

what the best orientation to print this?


any chance of the cad files??
im struggling to edit STL's and i want to add a square hole for my Volt/Amp-meter to go.

Very nice design. Unfortunately doesn't it fit 100% for my A8. I used V2, the hole for the PSU fits, but the upper screwhole for the switch was too high and colided with the PSU. I also had to remove the little partition wall to get it working.

As my local hardware store only sells screws if you like to buy a ton of them, I'm wondering which screws you need? So I could order them online.

Hello, can tell me what font you use?

I made on, but it doesn't fit my machine.

I've had the A8 for about a week now. On this cover, the ledge or lip on the inside that the power supply is supposed to sit on is a bit too high. If I lift the machine a bit I can slide this in, but then the whole back side of the machine is a couple millimeters up and off the table. I'll probably just sand or cut down the legs a bit on each side to make it fit since I already spent so much PLA on it (I hate to waste it).

Excellent design. Very beautiful and fits perfectly. Thank you!

What are the electrical components necessary for this? Please attach links if possible. Thank you.

Wonderful work... Thank you for sharing. I'm looking for the exact same design but a little bit wider for my 60A PSU.

Do you know if this will fit an updated PS ?

AMAZON: eTopxizu 12v 30a Dc Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply 360w

The lip in this design doesn't seem to agree with my PSU and the screw holes it has.

Is it a stock PSU? If it is, I wonder if they changed it?

I had the same problem, and I'm using a replacement PSU from Amazon, but I would swear it's identical. So yes, possibly the dimensions have slightly changed, and the box comes a few millimeters lower now, which makes it impossible to get the screw holes where they should be. I could take measurements for you if you wish to publish an update, though I'm not very good at being accurate. It would be far better to use the PSU's datasheet, if it can be found.

EDIT: to be more helpful, the label reads 'S-240-12', with no indication of th identity of the manufacturer. Hopefully that should help to disambiguate what we're talking about.

Comments deleted.

In the version with one mount on the frame, do you think it would be possible to use the leftover hole that's around there ? I mean the one that corresponds with the motherboard corner on the other side. That would avoid drilling into the frame, which I'm not very comfortable with.

I assume you are talking about the hole that is a few centimeters above where the top of the case sits? Yes, it definitely could be used...

So I attempted to print this and hit my printer at 60% and had to re try it.

Meanwhile I tried to size it on my PSU with this unfinished piece and found out it doesn't fit.

This is my PSU:

It just barely will slide in. I have to push the sides open a bit but it won't fully slide in.

This sucks because I like the design.

If you have Sketchup, you can import the STL and modify it to the size of PSU. I could even upload the Sketchup files to make it easier to edit.

Hey mate ! Just to let you know I got inspired of your cutout while doing my own design. Gave you credits on here if you want to get a look at :


What is the link to yours?

I've corrected my comment. Just realised I linked yours instead of mine.


Do you know if this switch is compatible?


What are the measures of the hole?

Do you know the measurements of your switch?
I loved your idea


This is where I got mine: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ME5YAPK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Dimensions of that switch are in the description.

The dimensions of the hole are 48mmx28mm. It is hard to say if the dimensions would work with the Banggood switch since the given dimensions are the outer dimensions and not the insert... It looks like it might.

Sketchup files are included in the download if you need to modify (you will want to take out the mounting screw holes if you use the switch from Banggood).

Hello is it possible to upload the model files for easier modeling? when I import in into fusion 360 it breaks the A in 'A'net and 'A'8 , preferably something that is compatible with Fusion 360 :) thanks!

I have uploaded the Sketchup files. I believe that Fusion 360 can open these...

Okay thank you very much! :)

Let me start off with the fact that I know next to nothing about electronics. I have been wanting to do this type of upgrade for a while but have not been able to find the black part (Switch & male socket) in 120v for the US. If anyone has a link or an explanation it would really be appreciated.

Go to Ebay, or go to Amazon. The switches are readily available there.

This is where I got mine: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ME5YAPK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I believe I used this tutorial (follow these instructions at your own risk...): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUYqMc07xV0

HI Puddlefist, my only concern with this and all the alternatives on Thingiverse is the AC switch is in line with the DC output of the power supply.

In an ideal universe the switch would be on the opposite side to where it currently is - it would then be adjacent to the AC inputs on the power supply - and have a bulkhead printed between the AC side and the DC side so there is a reduced chance of any AC contact with the DC side of the power supply and wiring. We have 240VAC in our country and it's nasty stuff!

I don't have the design skills - yet - to make one but hopefully soon.

For clarification, are you suggesting swapping the positions of the switch and the logo or just rotating the switch?

Thanks for getting back!

Swapping the location of the switch and the logo. This would place the switch in front of the AC inputs on the power supply, isolating the switch from the DC output side. I think this is a design flaw with these cover designs. And I know it would be a bit uglier as the AC cord would run across the front of the supply. Safety before aesthetics though.

And as I said if there is a physical barrier ie a bulkhead between the AC and the DC sides of the power it should be a lot safer as it would isolate the cabling if an AC cable detached from the power supply for any reason.


My $0.02c worth anyway.

that's very helpful!