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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Raspberry Pi Desktop Tower Case

by joeyC May 11, 2017
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Where I can find the instructions and other info?

Sorry, but I have not had time to work on the instructions. I'm hoping to post the code soon.

If I wanted to use this just a Raspberry Pi, and not all of the additional components that you include, would it still work, more or less? Would I be able to access the ports still? I'm guessing no based on the configurations in the picture. I would love to see a guide to replicate your exact build. I've been looking for something like this forever. I actually want to put in a mini closed loop water cooling system just to be extra ridiculous.

With the current design the only port you can't access is the USB port used for the hard drive. The other USB ports and the Ethernet are brought out thru cables, and the video/audio/power ports come out thru holes in the back panel.

Hey I am planning to make this soon one can you try and get instructions out soon that would be great and I have a Anycubic Mega-S and it doesn't do very detailed prints would this work and I am trying to find another 3d printer but I don't have a lot of money like MakerBot is expensive do you have any idea of what cheap good quality 3d printers I can get my buget ATM is £200 ik not a lot but any suggestions??

The instructions are on my list, but it will probably be a while yet. You can use the OpenSCAD file to view the assembly and see how the pieces go together. As to a printer, you don't need anything fancy. It just has to able to handle the size. The biggest parts are the sides, they are about 125mm x 185mm.

Hi, i have found your case and it is great... any question: where are the next steps? (Assembly and Software) ?

I will be doing those soon. Hopefully sometime in the next month.

Hey, how would you print of the .scad files? It's either not working for me or I'm overlooking something.
When I try to convert it to a .stl so i can print it off on a makerbot it says theres a bunch of errors in the code.

Or at least, how would you go about printing this?

You can print the STL files that are part of this thing, they should be all you need.
You can't print the SCAD files. They are the source code files for OpenSCAD that are used to create the STL files.
If you want to use them you have to install OpenSCAD. You can edit/view them with any text editor, like notepad.

I tried doing that but the files roduced a bunch of errors, too many for,it to properly parse them.

I am guessing you mean you tried to open the SCAD files in OpenSCAD? If you want to do that, all six of the SCAD files must be in the same directory. You then open just the Pi_NUC.scad file, the rest are automatically included. Also, make sure you are using a recent version. I am running version 2018.09.05.

I get it now. I'm not entirely familiar with the language openSCAD uses, but i understood that some files were referencing other files and was starting to make sense of it but I guess I didn't look deep enough. Once I opened up the Pi_NUC.scad file, everything seemed painfully obvious. Thanks a ton for letting me bother you with all these questions!

No problem, glad you were able to get it working. If you look near the top of the file you will see some variables that start with "Show" they control the preview views. If you set Show=0, then the "Print" variable takes over and controls which part is printed. There are comments that show all the possible values. Enjoy.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I should be able to put these straight in my MakerBot now that they're all .stl right?
I'm not familiar with the whole .3mm 2 extra shell with 15% infill and the .2mm 1 extra shell with 20% infill. Would all that be already instructed within the files?

No, they are all settings for your slicer software.
.3mm is the layer height
2 extra shells means you want 3 solid layers on the outside of the print.
15% or 20% infill is the percentage of solid plastic in the object. I recommend hex infill.

You will have to figure out how to put those settings int your slicer software before you slice the STL files.

Yeah, I really liked how you included that all together, it made it super easy to use! Much enjoyed!

awesome design. do you have a youtube vid or anything showing this thing off?

Sorry, just the pictures you see.

You Should Print a "NVIDIA Geforce Founder Edition" to give it the final touch. https://www.thingiverse.com/make:333174

Pendrive Case - NVIDIA Geforce Founder Edition
by Intashu

Looks good - I'd like to make an Orange Pi version sometime!

Many Thanks For Great Project Please Share Step By Step Guide

Jesus, this is super cool!

Thank you.

So can you talk with you device?

You can plug a USB mic into the jack in the front.

clever, really like this!

Looks very cool, great job!