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Q1 mini Quadruped Robot 2.0 (Designed by Jason Workshop)

by jasonleung8866 May 17, 2017
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Do the STL files support MG90s servos?

Hello, jasonleung8866!
The Left shift, Right shift and Turn right buttons do not work, you can see in the video. Do not tell me what's wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Hi. Could i please have solid work files?

Just finished building. Having trouble with calibrating. Always goes to flat position when moving any way. Double checked wiring. Do you know how i can fix it?

Sorry for late reply,

Please refer to this movie about Q1 mini calibrating, and thanks.

Different 3DP will have different tolerances. Recommend to fill the screw hole with screw glue.

Hi, I have started on the screws but they don't seem to fit. The holes in the design are a millimeter to small. Could i hot glue gun them on some how?

great design. i am working on it. Simple but fun.

Thank you, Simple but fun just I want to do.

how long would it take to ship the electronics?

Hi, electronic parts delivery by Hong Kong Post Office, usually takes 10-14 working days.

I have the original Jbot. Do I need the new Linkit 7697 board to upload the new firmware?

You mean you have 1st Gen Q1 mini (using TinyPlan Servo Control Board)?

Firmware 2.0 just for 2nd Gen Q1 mini (LinkIt 7697+RS) If you want old version firmware for 1st Gen, please contact me, Thx

Yes, I have the first generation Q1 mini using the TinyPlan Servo Control Board. What is the best way to contact you?

Please join Q1 Robot FB Page and send me a message

Sorry, The link fixed ^_^

Where are the instructions? The link is broken

Originally choose M1.7 for lighter weight, but if you can't buy M1.7, also be replaced by M2 screw, if you want to use M2 screw please use 1.5mm drill first.

But this is also a good opinion, I will consider the universality of the material in the next version, thank you for your comments.

Does anyone have alternative screw types? m1.7x8mm is the rarest screw on the planet?
I suppose I could just super glue it

Comments deleted.

When I turn my jbot on, the legs seize in random directions (I'm super new to robotics), anyone have any suggestions?

  1. Confirm your servo motor good quality, and can turn 180 degree. (Your can check your servo with servo tester)

  2. Install latest firmware before connect servo motor to board.

  3. Charge battery.

I'd love to see a version that wasn't also bent with a hair dryer.

Version 1.5 support MG90S, SG90S Servo and you can choose thermoplastic parts or not.

And... version 1.5 coming within few days...

I got mine working in a way, I am using the sg 90 servos version. It does everything well, except walking and turning. It a kind of just sliding on the floor and carpet. I used hot glue gun on the tip of foot to give it more fiction. But it still doesn't move well. Anyone has the same problem?

P.S I made a App inventor version of the control interface to run the robot, works pretty well....

Firmware version 1.5 have new walking program, and coming within few days...

Demo here:

This is such an awesome project, but do you mind me asking the following:
How big of a difference would it be if we use an alternative board to control the servos in terms of programming/do you know of other boards that would do the same job?
Also how do you go on to set up the programming (from the files provided, I noticed a compile error for ESP5226wifi.h that I could not find)?

If you are a maker, you must be know you can make everything you want ^_^

Hello Jason, i finished building my jBot, its all setup but how do you control it ? i cant find this interface > https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-uJwk7AiTZYs/WTVIwBFgIlI/AAAAAAAAIms/ZXz-_IIEpIcuD-0VNYSucWg7xviAe9CTQCPcB/s1600/20170605001.jpg

when i go to, the page is empty (all white no content) :(
if you can send me a link that would be awesome :)
thanks a lot.
ps : the tinyplan v400 board is awesome, super easy to setup, good job :) !

jBot just like WiFi Access Point, please use your device connect jBot, then go to, that's all, enjoy!

there is no control on that page, just some "program" icon (?)
i have a /zero and /setting page also but no control either on any of these :/

page info says tinyplan firmware 4.10, is that the correct version ?

Please scroll down, you can see the control panel under the motion editor.

any chance u upate the servo calibration page ? im a bit stuck trying to calibrate the servo properly. All tutorial stops before the calibration :/

ok i found it, i reflashed with the correct firwmare :) i was using tinyplanv400.bin instead of tinyplan_quadrupedv110.bin :)
thanks a lot :)

did you manage to make it works with arduino?

You can remix a new version to support Arduino, Thx.

SG90 version there:

also you can remix Q1 for arduino + esp8266 ^_^

Wow it's very nice. Is it possible to share the f3d files? I need to edit to modify to fit the servo and board

Thank you "TaoBao"... many people use Q1 for profitable business, so I decided will not publish f3d file, will only provide stl file, I am so sorry about that...

Please give me some time, I will fine tune Q1 and release f3d files soon ^_^

So you heat up and bend the mounts in the newer design? Is it not possible to print it in that shape and squeeze the servos in? Just curious why the need to do extra work when we could print (almost) any shape... but I'm probably just missing something. I love the end result, though!

You right, 3D Print possible to print out any shape. In the first version, leg1 need 5 3d printed parts with 8 screws, second version change to only one parts but need to heat up for change shape. Also you can print unibody leg1, but It is more difficult to ensure the accuracy of the shape, and need more time and supports to printout.

Hi I'm 10 and am working on some other projects and am pretty low on funding whats your estimate for the cost $
thank you

No way! You can get everything you need from banggood or amazon for like $20 to or $30 max! No joke. That includes a board with wifi/bt, a 12 or 16 channel servo board and a cheap battery plus a bunch of servos.

3D Printed parts x 20 / Free
TinyPlan V400 Servo Control Broad x 1 / 42$ from official facebook
TowerPro MG90S Servo x 8 / 50$ from ebay
M2 x 8mm Screw x 28 / 4$ from ebay

so around 100$ for everything :)

seems like they dont mail to Australia T_T

Thank you for your estimate ^_^

im a bit lost here, i printed all part last week but now i dont find the same model listed anymore.
MOLD file wasnt there last week ? also the part i printed are not as discribed in the ASSEMBLE tutorial ://// damnnn

ps : ok found out the tutorial has been updated as well :) re-printing the new parts \O/ :)

Sorry about this, I just release version 1.2 yesterday, so still a bit confusing.

Version 1.0 Instructions can download from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B63pt85qF_MYMlppUkpJMmpac2c

Version 1.2 improve leg1, servoBottom and bodyBottom parts.

its ok i re-printed the new part :) its printing so well thats great.
i try the hairdryer trick to bend the pieces but its not working that good :/ the edge of the 3d printed piece just melted out and the place im supposed to insert the servo arm is now curved, it worked, but its damaging the piece a bit :)

later tonight i will try and see if its not easier to separate the cross in two part, and print them on the side already bended, then clipse them.

two U printed from the side, might be a better solution :)

im unlucky so far with the legs, the first version seems to be too big to hold the arms and the new version (cross) doesnt work either, its too flexible now to hold the arms properly, i failed a bit at bending it properly. i will try to reprint the first version a bit smaller :)

Version 1.2 leg1 parts can tolerate more difference, If too much oppressive, just little heating can be adjusted.

i made another version of the legs cross, its smaller than yours, its printing right now, once its done i will see if it works better for me :)
i plan to use my dremel to weld both part.
here is the STL file (im not posting it becasue some holes are still missing for the screws)
https://we.tl/RQKRvnFM5I (print from the sides)


ps : its a very ugly/dirty edit :/ im not too good at designing 3d objects

EDIT : YAY it works fine now, the arm are firmly fixed with my version. maybe my servos are bigger than yours, very strange it wasnt working with the other files :(

Great! I like your maker spirit!

interesting design. thinking of making one of these. When I have time...

Thank you, Go ahead! you must have time!

I love the aggressive look! Awesome!

This will never walk, you need one more servo in each leg to be able to bring the weight close to the body when you lift a leg

Thank you for your suggestion ^_^

oh, i watched the video and at least it seems to crawl, good job

I will improve the robot action later ^_^

looks hot ! good job, any idea when u gonna release the code ?

Great news! code just released!

where did you found this board ? > TinyPlan V400 Servo Control Broad ? google doesnt give any result when i search for it ? :/

haha :) awesome, cant wait to test it, still waiting for my servos to get shipped
thanks a lot !

There is TinyPlan V4 Official FB Page, they are very nice guy, they will be very sincere to help you.

thanks a lot, ordered a board :) cant wait to get it !

I will workhard in coding, please wait few days ^_^

Does not compile, I doubt this works and to say I'm disappoined would be the worlds greatest understatement

I don't understand why you feel disappointed, if you have any question please feel free to post here, I will try my best to help.

It doesn't compile on windows, only on mac, you left out the part of installing the USB drivers for the boards plus, once everything is installed, the right side doesn't work.

Q1 mini program is Arduino file (*.ino) This is no compatibility issues with Windows or macOS, and LinkIt 7697 + RS fully compatibility with windows and macOS, didn't need any driver, so I don't quite understand your problem. Can you describe it in more detail?

You absolutely have to have a driver, how else can you connect it to a computer?