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Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs

by adafruit May 10, 2017
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I printed on ended 3 and all the pieces looked good but when I started screwing the pieces together, the brackets snapped off. I just used clear tape but then when I screwed the halves together, those snapped too. Is there a more reinforced version of this? I’m gonna try soldering the whole thing together next.

Is it possible to find out what your layer settings were on this marvelous project? How many bottom, top and perimeter layers? I use Simplify 3D. Thanks for any info on this.

did you ever get an answer on this? I was wondering the same thing. Looking at all the makes here and on Sraf's, most people went with 20% infill even though the guide says 10%.
And no one mentioned top or bottom layers, I printed one with 2 top and bottom layers and one with 0 top layers and 2 top layers. Trying to figure out which would diffuse the light better. And of course any chance to save time, material, and weight is nice.

Ok, I got my lights working but I don't like the infill showing through on my print. Has any one printed this at 100%? I also removed all holes from the files because I plan on gluing.
Another neat fact, If you print with one wall your stand off's will print correctly with a three wall perimeter lol.

Comments deleted.

is there any differences between the neopixels skinny vs like 3528 or 5050 rgb led strips? and will the coding and components all work the same?

I'll let you know soon. I have most of this printed, and am going to try it with a cheaper LED strip.

It was a tight fit, but it worked with a normal sized 5050 strip, even with the silicone sleeve still on the leds. Would be easier with a skinnier strip.

Was the coding for the Trinket the same or at least similar? Im not great at coding...

Yes. No change to the code.

What are the settings for Cura? Does anyone know what options create the best print?

follow their tutorial on adafruit. You have to adjust the nozzle and width, but it still has some issues that you may have to fix for stand offs.

I made one, but the battery won't hold charge for some reason ... anyone having the same issue?

any request of witch PLA to use for printing???

also how does the led strips have the right color

thx very much

for some reason the gem for the sword tyhe top of it is a gapping hole and not covered when i use simplify3d

After all connections are made with the trinket and the battery, does it charge by connecting the trinket to a USB charger or PC? Or do i need to remove the battery and charge it separately?

It will charge. You can make it charge faster if you look on the back you can solder two points.

Hey ;-)
just a question , the battery, is it a 3.6 V and for the trinket, where is the code for programming ? ?

I need some Help and was wondering if anyone has the answer i need..

I am making this for my son for his birthday and have run into a problem with lights..\
When i power on the lights (the Neo Pixel strip that is recommended in the guide) are mostly blue with a couple of gaps here and there and also a couple of red lights..
I am using the 5v trinket board, i copied the code from the adafruit site it all uploaded successfully but the lights dont do what they are ment to do..
I am using Arduino 1.8.2 with the installed neo pixel library and adafruit boards installed..
I am using a Windows 10 machine
I have tried multiple ports
My arduino settings are correct according to the guide
I am at a loss as to why it is not displaying correctly

Any help would be greatly appreciated

This happened to me too. Connect to the other side of the strip and see if you got the direction backwards.

You may be using the wrong kind of RGB led strip. Something may be loose in the strip. You might have the thing soldered in the wrong direction. It may not have enough power to push them all. You should be able to get it to work with any type of addressable led strip. There are a few different ones out there.

Please post any technical questions to https://forums.adafruit.com our support team can help you there. Thank you.

Thanks for that

Issue sorted... I over looked the simplest thing ..... I did not look at the damn arrows

I tried to print the sword, but the walls are very thin and flimsy. The screw mount don't even stand up properly and it will fall with a slight touch. I am print on CR-10. Can anyone shed me a light?

I used a screw one size bigger i think it was 2.5 and they worked well. I have a CR-10 as well and got it working. Msg me and ill give you Gcode files i made. I also changed the scale of the inlay so it is more snug.

Comments deleted.

Quick question: how much filament does this print use in grams and meters, assuming I use pla and your suggested settings. I just need to know for a project I am helping my friend with.

It will usually tell you in your printing app. Tell me what settings you are using and Ill put it in mine and tell you.

Hello Guys,

I would really like to print this Sword but my 3D-Printer is too small.
Could you guys please make the sword cutted in smaller parts for printers with a printing bed smaller than 12 inches, beacause my printing bed is 8x8 inches and i would like to print it in original size.

That would be nice. Thanks

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs (Smaller parts remix)
by Sraf

any chance of some of the other weapons, i would love to try the spear

I'd like to see some of the other guardian weapons too!

This is amazing. Nice work!

Can anyone provide me with the code to upload for this?

Link is in the desciption.
HA HA very funny

This is amazing! it's so cool that it's life size

Is there any way I can cut the main part of the blad in half so it could print in two pieces. That way it could fit on my bed. Thanks 。^‿^。

someone made a remix with smaller pieces

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs (Smaller parts remix)
by Sraf

My delta has a 350mm bed and these parts are just a tiny bit too large to fit on my bed! (Arrghhh!) What issues would I run into by scaling it down, say 5-10%? Thank you for the awesome model!

try the remix with smaller pieces?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs (Smaller parts remix)
by Sraf

Lovely! Now i know what im doing for Halloween ^_^.

Though, 90 neopixels running on a 2.2 Ah battery? That's only gotta last something like an hour or two, and i have a lot of costumed partying to do... How does it look with low density neopixel strips?

93 neopixels. can anyone change the code to do half or 3/4 brightness to make the neopixels last longer?

yeah its pretty easy, just slip this line into the "setup()" function:


(where "60" is whatever percentage of brightness you want, from 0 - 100)

thanks. i will try that!

Anyone tried printing this vertically yet? I just don't have the time to edit the files and print this, but I do have a Rostock Max V2 with a huge vertical height.

I dont think that would turn out too great

Wow, seems awesome !!!!!!

I would leave a tip, but instead I purchased $86.63 from Adafruit for the supplies. I hope that works. looking forward to the build!

Looking over the tutorial I think I may make this, however having to change the nozzle diameter and extrusion width because you didn't make your standoffs thick enough seems like an odd band-aid. Why not just increase the size of the thickness of the standoffs so that they can be printed with standard print settings? Is there an advantage to the way you did it?

I did not change nozzle size and printed as is. I got the holes to print ok, but the filament was too weak to hold on. I eventually just CA glued then went over it with E6000 glued the blade pieces together. I think it will create a stronger bond anyway and dont plan to take it apart along the blade anyways. Of course, I did not glue the two blade pieces lengthwise together so I can take it apart.

Its just a suggestion, they did not "bandaid" it, rather they provided a tip incase someone had a problem

every week we explain why on 3d hangouts: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=GZKMZ1aNFJA
TLDR: space is tight, sometimes you have to work within size limits and a simple change like the diameter and extrusion width isn't the end of the world :)

I also cannot print this without modification, bed length on my printer is 250mm, would you be willing to either share the Fusion design, or make smaller sections?

I'm also looking to print this on a smaller bed (220mm) and would really appreciate a model that can fit!

Yes, of couse! The fusion 360 link is listed in the tutorial linked in the description. Please share if you do modify the design, thank you :-)

yes, please share as my build volume is limited to 10x9 (Robo 3D R1+)

Absolutely, hopefully will have it up as a remix soon

Edit: first parts are up

That's awesome, thank you

dude, if you do smaller parts can you post it ? thanks ;)

I've posted a preliminary set of parts, look for the remix

Best. Print. Ever !
EDIT: Too bad, can't print it, my printer is too small :(

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Guardian Sword with NeoPixel LEDs (Smaller parts remix)
by Sraf