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Remotely controlled - Arduino Self balancing robot

by jjrobots Jun 27, 2017
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If anyone need o-ring replacements for the wheels this company has them https://www.alliedmetrics.com/seals/o-rings/

Hi and congrats on this great project!
On your photos/videos there is a bumper assembled with two screws / screw holes. Can't find it in Evo or Evo2 part list. Is it possible for you to release it here too - at least the dimensions of the card you used? Thanks in advance.

thanks! You can print them: "BUMPER 3D printed V1"

This one is not part of the assembly anywhere that I see.

That is not the same as the ones shown. The one in the files sections is a different thinner profile.

Hi! What stepping motors can replace 1703HS168A?

Sorry if I missed it, but I have been looking for the recommended size of the o-rings for the wheels. Thanks!

You have two options: to use GT2 timing belt Rings (280-GT2) for the "Wheel [V10]" or nytrile O-rings if you print the "Wheel_[V11_FOR_O-RING_nytrile]" ;-)

Great, thanks for the quick reply. I have printed the one for the O-Rings. It looks like I should get a 4x82mm O-ring? Do you know the size?

3mm Thickness 85mm x 79mm x 3mm O-Rings will work

Comments deleted.

What is considered as an alternative for the brain shield ? Planning to do it as a class project.

Let me know please.

You can create one or connect the different elements (WIFI module, voltage regulators...etc) following this scheme and replicate the Brain shield

Thank you so much for the quick response. Another question, what are the sizes for the bolts and nuts?

M3 bolts and nut will do the job. 5mm for the motors and 12 mm for the shelves. (20 of each)

Where are the files for the servo clamp seen at 1:07 in the video?

We are redesigning it. We will upload it asap

There shouldn't be an issue adding a 2.4ghz receiver into this project for remote control via a transmitter instead of wifi correct? I believe there are arduino libraries for the frsky protocol.

Anyone make a cool stand for the robot?

I'm a little confused about how the different bumpers mount. I though I would be able to use the front top bumper with the add on bumpers, but couldn't really find a set of workable holes. I just ended up using the front top stl for both sides. Am I missing something about how these mount?

You can use the CUSTOMIZABLE bumpers on top of a nylon bumper of (15x5 cms). We send a pair of them with the KITs but you can cut them by yourself. Just find a nylon sheet or thin plastic and cut it to two pieces of 15x5 cms. Then drill holes so you can fix them to the laterals of the Brobot. After that, you can print and attach the CUSTOM bumper to you robot without problem. Alternatively, you can just print the customizable bumper and use them on their own. They will do the job too ;-)

There is a problem when printing the bumper (Bumper [V9] (optional).stl). There is a bump right on the first layer (layer1.png) so that the model doesn't stick to the printer bed properly and can't be 3D printed.

There are also two holes for screws on each side in the middle, not four holes (one above, one below on each side) as in a model picture above.

Could you have a look?


That is an optional bumper. The one displayed on the photo above is made of nylon (14x5 cms). The Bumper [V9] (optional).stl is a model created to protect the B-robot from walls/etc... Use the CUSTOMIZER to create a bumper instead. You can personalize it and it is easier to print: https://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=2403440

Thanks for sharing the design.

There's an issue in a corner of ADDON._Bumper_1 :

You are welcome ;-)
Bumper issue: That is strange. Our software creates the bumper from parametric equations. There should not be any missing faces is one side of the bumper is OK

It only caused a minor glitch when printed so it's no big deal, but there's definitely an issue in the file: https://i.imgur.com/k6XLUyL.png

We have created the STL again. Try it now if you want. Even displaying that glitch by the corner the print is fine (CURA shows the glitch). Other slicing software packages do not show that missing face

Today the parts from JJrobots arrived. Thank you very much. :-)
I put all together like in the instruction video.
After uploading the Firmware the Robot starts :-)
I connected the App and had some fun. :-)

But now, the robot does nothing. I can turn on and nothing happen.
I could connect via wifi to the robot but no action happen.

I dont know whats wrong know because I had it already 3 times on and played with them.
I also tried to upload the firmware again.

See my short video: https://youtu.be/VkXTa_RK6sA

Can you help me?

You are welcome!
It looks like the gyroscope (IMU) is not sending the info to the Arduino so the calibration process did not finished properly. It takes around 6-8 seconds to finish it. Please check the metal headers of the IMU are not touching the metal case of the WIFI module (just in case)

Sorry for these lot of questions:
Now the Robot works, I dont know why?
How long does it take to intialize before it comes to life after turning on?

mmh... yes. Could be the IMU. If you can not figure out what the problem is, please email us to: info@jjrobots.com. We will send you a replacement :-)

The mounting of the IMU is fine. Nothing is touching each other.

If the initalization does not work, I disconnect the IMU and all works then.
So I think the problem is caused by the IMU.

Thank you very much for your offer. :-) I appreciate your help very much.

I will buy a new IMU on my own. An IMU is not very expensive and I could get it in Germany very fast with in two days.
I am going to replace the IMU then and test the other one, but at the moment the bot works very fine. :-) Only the initialization needs some time.

You are welcome!
Tip: Be careful with the IMU, they are extremely sensitive to hits and electrostatic discharges

Thanks for the tip, I will connect me to the ground when I will replace it. :-)

Now I try to understand the code, how the bot works. ;-) It is a new filed for me, but I am very interested and your JJ website discribe it very nice.
Thanky for these nice project. :-) Your project are all very very well elaborated.
Nice discribtion, part list, where to buy, instruction, background information, technical information, challenges to choose, I like it.

One little question more ;-)

  • What LiPo can I use?
  • I know 3S type but how big in terms of dimensions could the LiPo be?

How to print the bumpers?
I can't set them on the long sides because the sides have not an even level?

Use a 3S lipo (11.1 V), there are several places where you can place the Lipo inside the Brobot frame. But a 3S lipo of 20x60x30mm (aprox dimensions) 800-1000mAh will do the job
Those bumpers can be printed with 4-5 mm brim or alternatively , you can create your own ones here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2403440

B-robot EVO2 bumper CUSTOMIZER

Thank you very much.
I will order next month an Electronic Kit in your jj Shop.

I set the default bumper manually 0,3mm more down in Simplifiy to have an even surface.
A brim will not work is you have not an even surface that is in full contact with the print bed.

Nice project I plan to build it in December/January.
Where can I find the firmware for the Arduino?

I am having real problems printing these files - e.g in slicr the wheel hubs fill in i.e so there is no axle hole.

All the parts have been tested for CURA. We have modified the model of the Wheel. Try it now again just in case. ;-)

Comments deleted.

Baught the complete kit, and i am so happy with the iboardbot, fantastic !
Do you plan to create an IOS App to use this robot with an iphone or iPad, i dont have Android platform.

Thanks! ;-)
You can use the OSCtouch app and the control layout we have created to control the B-robot (and create your own one if you want. It is quite easy). Info and set-up guide: https://www.jjrobots.com/osctouch-app-configuration/
PS: Another user (Cliff) made its own version a week ago: http://forums.jjrobots.com/thread-1384.html
We will update the page with more info as it is needed ;-)
We are still looking for a free alternative for iOS users but with no luck so far :-\

I am downloading asap OSCTouch, perfect ! Will read carefully all informations on your site :-p

Nicely done! Great project!

Comments deleted.

I love this robot, while I'm printing and waiting for the brain I designed 2 cartoon arms.
I share them here if somebody likes to grab them ;)

B-Robot cartoon Arms

I made a set of tire treads for the wheels printed with flex filament.

Tire tread for Arduino Self balancing robot
by wenzej

Cool idea! Would you mind if we print it and take a loot at it and add a link to your design from this page? ;-)

Can I use an Arduino Uno as the "Brain?"

No.The processor the Leonardo uses allows two TIMERs (used to control the stepper motors with accuracy). We needed those two timers to handle interruptions and the Arduino UNO is not capable of doing that. And Arduino Mega can, but it was a little bit too expensive.

Hi guys! Excellent job, i like it! Please publish stl file with standart bumper! Thx!

Thanks DrozD! ;-)
We have uploaded the "FRONT TOP bumper". In the case you do not want to use the "customizable" ones. It is an alternative bumper. Print one for the front and another for the back side of the robot.