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Hypercube Evolution Additional Useful Things

by Biggsis May 8, 2017
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Danke für die ganzen Teile! Aber wo ist die Excelliste? Ich kann sie nicht finden.

What is the name of the titan aero file? I might be blind because I can't see it on the thing files tab.... help haha

Sorry, I had to remove the Titan Aero Mount, since it did not fit the big gear correctly. You could use this one (I use that too)


WD Remix of Titan Aero Mount for Hypercube Evolution

how do you set up Z end stop along with Z prob ?

i assume Z end stop would be like last defense if Z prob isnt in the print area?. and if both can be triggered, the prob will always be triggered first right?

In most of my EVOs I do not use a Z Probe at all, just the endstop. The bed is so rock solid, no autolevel needed basically...

i have a question about the XY_StepperMount-Left-Europe_1.1.stl (https://www.thingiverse.com/download:4087023) and the XY_IdlerMount-_Right_Europe-_1.1.stl (https://www.thingiverse.com/download:4087022). trying to generate gcode from these stls using slic3r (v.1.2.9), i get a lot of errors (auto-repaired). but the model does not look as if it could be printed. anyone else experienced this too?

i have the same problem :-(

Hello I open the two Models with S3d and they have no Errors on it.

Any chance you could add a bltouch mount on the chimera mount?

Do you have a picture of the titan aero installed? Would love to see how this mount works :)

does the evolution not have an endstop for Z already? I don't remember seeing one. I am trying to figure out if I need to use yours or if the evolution already has an optical endstop.

The original creator used a z probe as the z endstop

Comments deleted.

Absolutely fantastic!!! Any chance you would be willing to allow downloads of your CAD file? My build is geared towards ABS so want a built in / around enclosure with a compartment on the side for both electronics and filament. Would of course re-share any updates I make.

BTW, also going with a Titan Aero. How come you have a full size stepper on it?

I used the Titan Aero STEP model from E3D which had that motor. I will change it to a smaller one.

There was a bit of discussion on sharing CAD files of SCOTT_3D's design on Facebook... not sure I want to open that can of worms again but given that Scott hasn't shared his CAD files, I don't think its OK for me to.

Thanks, TunnelVision. Sorry, wasn't aware. That's fine. No "standing on the shoulders of giants" for me, then ;-) Boy, it's hard to not comment on a policy like that but I won't :D

Ah, yes. I now remember that the stepper in the E3D model was also rather big. Played around with the module for a Prusa-style extrusion build before settling on CoreXY.

Do the pulleys show up in the animated page? I dont remember seeing them. i was trying to use it to see which were smoothe and not.

I added the idler pulleys in the last couple of days.

cool thank you, there was one that I wasn't sure if it was smooth or splined since I had not routed the belt yet but I see it on the exploded view now.

Absolutely fantastic!!! Thanks a bunch! Any chance you would be willing to allow downloads? My build is geared towards ABS so want a built in / around enclosure with a compartment on the side for both electronics and filament. Would of course re-share any updates I make.

its not mine, the author is on the facebook group. I forgot what his user name is.

Thanks! Looks like he just commented here... ;-)

Wow! Very nice. Thank you!

you made extruder mount for Chimera/Cyclops...... you are my hero ;-)

thanks for that

Hi. I would like to build an Hypercube EVO printer using two titan aero extruders. Since it is clear that you have experience with this printer, I would like to know what I need to make room for the two extruders. I think enlarging the heat bed dimensions is enough, and of course configuring ramps and the slicer program take into account both extruders space. It is clear that a new mount design will be necessary.

Thanks for your help.

can i get a extruder mount for my Chimera/Cyclops or whats a program to make 1 modifying the current extruder mount

So as promised I uploaded a new version of Scott's EXCEL sheet for the configuration of the Hypercube EVO. This now includes a BOM European version. So it lists all the parts and their sources in Europe (Germany actually, but the shops have international pages too). Enjoy

where is the file?
Is it in english?
Many thanks

Do you think this project would benefit at all from a 10mm belt?

Actually I cant say. I mean, it runs very precise on the 6mm belts, so what should a 10mm do any better?

originally i wanted to build a large machine, around 400x400.. wasnt sure if being so big would make the belts too long to lose some precision. I have lowered to 350x360 now.

Hi Henri,
thanks for the additional components, just a question: i had use for an year the alu mk8 kit as per your link (i took it on aliexpress).
My experience is not good, while making long print (200h) the heat from the motor will pass to the extruder's components and, if not correctly cooled, it will "melt" the pla instead of move it. this is why i prefer printed extruder. What's your experience about that?

I just printed one in PLA. I hope it will not melt :p


the stepper motor is so hot, that it can MELT the PLA? You gotta be kidding me. If the motor is so hot, then you have a serious problem. I personally never had a problem with the extruder motor, given that the current for the motor is adjusted correctly. Are you using RAMPS with 4988/8825 stepper driver? Then you should urgently adjust the little potentiometer to the correct current. OK, I never printed 200h continously, but even with very long prints, my stepper motors have max 35° Celsius.

Yep, i'm not joking. I buy 2 (i still have both) for my CTC Bizer, the board is the Mighty and no way to manually change the v.ref (but i had use it as factory default settings), in real you can change it using replicatorG but i don't know how to. Anyway the first 10h are ok but starting from there the motor start to be really hot, the gear (like the one in your picture) bite to much the filament and become so hot that eat it.

Maybe is just my problem, anyway i solve it printing (with the right filament) the extruder's parts. Printed gear with nylon carbon fiber work (i test it) without problem @600rpm for 1h (i had use the parts from the b'struder gered remix, small and big gear). actually i also have a toranado gear extruder and it use an Alu gear (big) and steel gear (small) and produce more noise (i try to print the gears available in thingiverse for it and work smoother then the metal one).

Definitely check your motor currents but in case you still end up with a warm extruder motor try this:


I just printed out the fan adapter and not the extrusion mounts and mounted it on mine. With my bowden setup I can print at very fast speeds and the extruder motor would get hot every now and then and cause some under extrusion. This fan adapter works great and prints out quickly.

HyperCube XY-Motor_Cooler
by GofX
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