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Ultimate Drawer System

by MarcElbichon Jun 1, 2017
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Heyho, could you make another drwaer with 6 compartments like in the Foto below? The bottom is the front side. Already printed a bunch and overall a great design, love it.

Comments deleted.

Hi! It's done ;)

Enjoy ;)

I have another little request, could you make another version 6 drawer? Layout in the picture attachment. :D
I have planned to make some more custom drawers, I can send the designs to you if you're up for it or if you want you can send me your project files so I can do it myself and if you want I can send those to you.

Sure :)
You should look at the remix, I made a modular drawer as well, could interest you ;)

I can send you sketchup files if you want, PM me ;)

The modular drawers are great too, but for some I need to have them in one peace and without the labels, I use the custom drawers for nuts and bolts and the fixed ones for connectors and for those its easier to print the drawer in one peace. The sketchup files would be great, then I wouldn't have to send you all my requests :D. Thank you very much for the quick replies and great work ;)

Send me your email by PM, I'll send you the sketchup files ;)

Comments deleted.

Great, thank you very much!

Can you please make 4x5, 5x4 and 5x5 1U drawers?

If someone need them 4x5 and 5x5 1U

Would it be possible to get a 1 up shelf? I'd like to mount it as an under desk drawer and I only have room for 1 drawer.

Disregard. I hacked one together. Thanks for the awesome system!


Ultimate Drawer System - 1 Up Shelf

Do you have a SD and USB flash drive storage tray yet? The one posted they are above the lip so a lot of wasted space. You loose a 1U above it that way. I would think one side for microSD and SD cards then a tray on the right to just put loose USB flash drives in. Since those are not a standard size. My first shelf is almost done now time to start printing drawers. Great job!

Thanks for all of your work with these! I printed a few and have noticed that, as someone else mentioned a while ago, these aren't optimized for 0.4mm nozzles which are the standard for most printers. You have mentioned that you have the sketchup files though, yes? If you post those, I can easily modify them to be optimized for a 0.4mm nozzle so that there isn't a gap between the walls. Right now, with 2 perimeters, they are very flimsy since the inner and outer walls don't touch. Printing with 3 perimeters makes them super beefy but uses a lot more plastic and is really overkill. Thanks!

As it's said in the description, use these settings for 0.4 nozzle (slic3r) :

2 walls
Print settings > Advanced > Extrusion width :
Perimeters : 0.54mm
External Perimters : 0.54mm

No need to redesign each drawer ;)
But I can provide you the sketchup file if you want :)

Love this design, its awesome.

I want to make one for myself & my son, but was wondering if you could change the front of the boxes. I don't really need the label sections & wondered if you can make the drawer handle more like this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2912018



Small Items Drawer (With label inserts)

Hi, sorry I can't, it's a huge job to modify all the drawers now... but if you want I can give you sketchup files ;)

These are perfect. I'll post a make after I finish printing the drawers. If you are still taking requests I would love to see a 5 compartment 1U option. 2 front, 3 rear.

Sure, 50% depth for each row ?

Thanks for the great design! I'm currently printing shelves and drawers to get rid of the chaos in my office...

I have one request: would it be possible to create a drawer for keeping USB sticks and SD cards? It's not in the normal raster....
Something like 1U in heigth, having one row of SD slots towards the back (10-12 slots should fit), maybe have another row for Micro-SD cards, and for 2/3 of the place havng slots for USB sticks, incl pins to store the caps.
I have designed a first version, but did not print it yet. I don't know if it will 'fit' in the whole system, but I think it is a nice addition...

Great idea, I will do it soon!
Have to find card's dimensions for a good fit ;)

I have used the dimensions from the wikipedia page for my first design: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital

Standard: 32.0×24.0×2.1 mm (1.260×0.945×0.083 in)
Micro: 15.0×11.0×1.0 mm (0.591×0.433×0.039 in)

For the USB the same, a USB plug is 12x4.5mm

Hi, Thanks for your awesome work on this drawer system.
For some reason Slic3r doesn't want to join the tops of the compartments, and leaves a 1 layer-width gap between the compartments with a 0.4mm nozzle (0.42 layer width), regardless of settings. If anyone has any idea how to fix I'd appreciate it (It's not really causing a functional issue tho).

I'd like to also request a couple more drawer configurations if possible: -

A 10 compartment drawer, with 2 rows of 3 compartments across the front (like the front half of 12_Comp_A), and then 4 compartments across the back half of 8_Comp_A (3, 3, 2, 2)

An 11 compartment variation, with 4 compartments across the front 1/4, 3 compartments across the next 1/4, and 2 compartments across each of the 3rd & 4th quarters (4, 3, 2, 2)

A variation of 12_Comp_B, with the longer compartments turned sideways, so that the 8 small compartments are still at the front, but the 4 larger comparments are in 2 rows of 2 across the width of the drawer (4, 4, 2, 2)

I'm only bothered by 1U and 2U for now, but I know you normally export all drawer depths :)

Hi, do you confirm the layouts ?

Hi, For the first one, I'd like the back half to be like the other two (with two rows of two compartments), but perhaps that option might be good for someone else also :)
The second and third ones are exactly right
Thanks so much !

No problem, give me some days to do it ;)

Thank you ! :)

Great thanks. I've now printed all of these in 1U. :)

I do have another few suggestions/requests, whenever you might have a little time, but no rush ...

A new 10 compartment

4 rows again,
Front two quarters have 4 compartments across, next two quarters have one compartment across the whole width (I'll use the small compartments for nozzles, and the back compartments for cleaning tools)

Another 11 compartment
Same as the 10 compartment above, but with the third row split into two halves (so from front 4, 4, 2, 1)

Ok, I will do soon ;)

i had a simar problem (i used Slic3r Prusa edition).
i ran it through the net fabb repair tool, and all fixed. dont worry its free

what is the ideal screw type/size to use? I only have m4 socket heads which are too tall. I'm guessing a countersunk m4 x 6 or so?

the description says countersunk M4 by 10mm

but in my experience 9mm would be perfect, but those are non existent (or at least very hard to find)
8mm is be just short but still work
10 mm, are just slightly too long long, and slightly scrape the drawers (unless 2 washers is put between the stands)

Can you add a 4-2-2 pls?

sure, can you be more specific ?

front 4x 1/4 by 1/3
middle and back 2x 1/2 by 1/3


great looking system you make here with tons of options. thanks

can i make a request for 3 drawers?
if possible can you make them 1U and 2U

see attachments for proposal mockups (edit: updated mockups with ratios)
useful for screws (up to 8 types), with nuts, and washers in the front

for the shelves printing tips.
a) 2 walls and 10-20% infill, takes a long time due to the infill but uses less material then 3 walls
b) 3 walls and no infill, takes less time but uses more filament

No problem, but your 7 and 11 comp are the same image ;)

i lost the original file so here's a new one

Here they are !

  • Drawer_06_Comp_F
  • Drawer_07_Comp_B
  • Drawer_11_Comp_A & Drawer_11_Comp_B


thanks updated my snatched files with this

Any idea if this will scale larger well? I have a new printer coming next month with a 210mm x 210mm build plate. I've already built 12 6U shelves and they work perfect but I'd like to make some larger drawers. I'm thinking 180mm x 180mm or so but keep the U height the same? Not sure if the drawer base should be thicker to handle the larger size. Thoughts?

I didn't tried but it should be ok (but not optimized to use less filament as possible)
You can scale only X,Y, or Z too, depends what you need, as long you scale the same way drawers and shelve
Give a try and let us know ;)

Just thinking, the holes for screws should be a problem if not uniform scaled on 3 axes, @ 150% (180x180 drawers) it should be a M6 instead of M4 (theoretically)

Yeah, scaling doesn't look like it will work. I'm working on rebuilding the shelves with 3mm slots for drawers and keeping the holes the same size since those should be plenty big. Also working on drawers with 2mm bottom and sides to be able to handle the extra weight the drawer can hold across the width. I'll make a remix if it turns our well. If it doesn't, then I'll try again :) What did you use to make this? I'm just using Tinkercad.com ATM.

I used sketchup, I just did a shelf version for 180x180 drawers, I'll try to print and let you know if it's ok!

Wow, Thanks MarcElbichon! No rush at all because my larger printer doesn't ship until late April so the earliest I'll be able to start printing is end of April/beginning of May. In the mean time I'm going to try to learn sketchup.

Sweet! I'll let you know how it works out! Thanks!

my drawers are not that sturdy with 2 walls and .3 layer height. Anyone else have this issue?

could there be an issue with the stl in the 1u 4 drawer system? i see the 6 drawer draws base layer at layers 4 and 5. the 4 drawer only draws them until layer 3 making it weak when the dividers come in on layer 4

Hi, wich drawer are you talking about ?

the 1u 4x4. If i use zero infill and .3 layer height it falls apart. If i use 100% infill and .2 layer height it is ok. but i noticed that the other drawers bring more base layers and layer 4 and 5. the 1u 4 drawer only does the base layer until the 3rd layer


weird, I just tried and I don't have this issue (simplify 3D), what slicer do you use ?
The base is 1mm height, so it should be 0.9mm (0.3mm layer height x 3)
At 0.2 mm it should be 5 layers for a 1.0mm base

I use cura but all the other drawers i made came out just fine which is strange. I only had trouble with the 1u 4 4x4

can you try with the 2U to see if the problem occured too ?

i printed with the 2ux3 and I had no issues. no need to bother with this. I am fine the way it is

use the preview, and see if there are any missing lines, i found 1 missing line in the 5u stand, i fixed it by running it through netfabb's fixer https://service.netfabb.com/login.php

Love the design! I've looked at so many modular drawers and this will work perfect! Just finished the shelf and starting on all the drawers now.

Would you be able to make a new design for 4? In the form of 1/2 on one side, then 1/6,1/6,1/6 on the other?


I made two new 4 compartements drawers (Drawer_04_Comp_D and Drawer_04_Comp_E)

Awesome thanks!! Already downloaded and started printing!

You're welcome ;)

Post your make when finished ;)


what do I need set for wall and top/bottom thickness in Cura?
If I use 0.8 cura slice the part very fast. but I'm not sure if this will be stable enoght. If I use 1.2mm usage of filament increase by 30% and cura slice model very slow and then there is no space between walls. what is most correct setting?

thank you

Hello, what part are you talkibg about ? Drawer ? Shelf ?

Hi, sorry. it's about shelf.

No problem, what do you mean by 0.8mm and 1.2mm ? wall thickness ? You have a 0.4mm nozzle ?

Hi, thx for the nice design.
I want to use this drawers for my SMT components. For the resistors it would be nice to have 12 boxes in one row so that it can be used for E12 series components.

Can you provide a 12 column (from left to right) and 6 (or 7) rows design U1 height?

thx. Klaus

Hi, no need to do this any more. I created my own parametric drawer with Freecad were i can enter rows and columns.

At the moment i'm printing. When its finished and OK, i will add it as remake.


Hi, I was already doing it ! But a parametric drawer generator should be great !

I published a Remix with the parametric drawer. Its not perfect but it does the job.

Here the link:


Ultimate Parametric Drawer
by _WG_

Great! I added a link to your remix in the description ;)

Thanks for your job!

Now with an additional Parameter you can set the height 1U, 2U, ....

Printed my first piece of this awesome system - a 6U shelf. It took 23 hours! Any advice on speeding up the print times?
I printed it using 70mm/s and 25% fill.

Hi, for a 6U shelf, 0.3mm layer height, 0% infill @ 60mm/s it should take about ~ 8 hours !

Thanks, mine was at .2mm layer height. I'll try 0% fill on the next one. All drawers are done for the first shelf, they printed and fit great. I should have a make up this weekend.

Just a thought : it seems like the most common nozzle size is 0.4 instead of 0.5. When I slice the drawers with a 0.4 I either get a small gap between the two lines that make the walls or I get a verry slow process of filling the gap because there is too much instruction to run in a small amount of time.

If you've got the parametrics files for this would this be much of a hazzle to narrow the walls to 0.8mm that would allow the 2 lines to fuse together instead of having the 0.2mm gap. Otherwise no worry it's just longer to print but still an awesome job you did !

Hi, thanks for your comments. The drawers are not parametric, I did all of them 'by hand' in sketchup. Maybe you should try to set the extrusion width to 0.5mm, I have a 0.5 mm nozzle, and in Symplify3D the nozzle size is set to 0.5mm and extrusion width is set to 0.6mm (I have to change to 0.5 to have exactly 2 walls)
I don't know about other softwares if they have the same feature

Can you create a 7A 1U format?
Identical with the 6D, but the middle row to be split in 3 instead of 2.

Thank you.
PS: Really grate design. 6 out of 5 stars :)

Comments deleted.

sure I can !
give me few days and I'll add it ;)

Hi, just added your drawer ;)


Thank you for quick replay and also quick implementation :)

Hmmm.. multiple comments :P

  • Firstly, love the drawer set! it's printing well (apart from ghosting on one drawer because I forgot to turn off infill :P )
  • Did you notice the 7A drawer set only has 6 pockets?
  • Have you tested how well it scales at all? On my printer i could scale the drawers up to 200 mm and still fit, but the shelf would also have to scale properly of course, so just curious if you've tested this ever before I spend filament on it :P

You then said we can ask for any layout not already included? I would like to suggest a 4c, based on the 7a model, that is one wide pocket at the back 1/3 of the drawer, then three front pockets, each being 1/3 wide and 2/3 deep.

Hi, thanks for comments ;)

I fixed the 7A, now is 6D !

I didn't try to scale, should work without problem, but maybe you should turn on infil, because it's optimized for the original scale, give a try!

I added a 4C drawer set for your request ;)

Enjoy !

Could you say measures of 1 unit ? I want to fill my IKEA Billy with it!!!

Great! I was aware of some possible improvements, like stacking and height. This is really a great extension of the drawer system!