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Giant Lego Baby Groot

by Tech77 May 5, 2017
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Ok - so for this print I tried a lot of new things such as the coffee color filament by TIANSE https://www.amazon.com/TIANSE-Printer-Filament-Dimensional-Accuracy/dp/B06Y5M352Z/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537018983&sr=8-1&keywords=TIANSE+COFFEE

I also decided to use a few remixed files so the head was sourced from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2364330

and the arm pins were sourced from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1457640

I printed all parts at 100% scale. Here are my notes for each piece:

Head - used remixed head, 20% infill with supports (It would have worked with no supports though)
Chest - printed with 20% infill and no supports
Hips - rotated 90 degress so the butt portion was touching the build plate. Printed with 60% infill for strength and used supports
Legs - printed with 20% infill and no supports
Arm Pins - used remixed arm pins and printed at 60% infill for strength
Arms - printed with 20% infill and no supports
Hands - printed with 20% infill and no supports

Everything was sliced in Cura and he came out perfect. I did not have any issues with the back coming out stringy like others have posted. Also the remixed head was a tight fit, but I slipped it onto the chest peg just fine and it has enough play to allow the head to be turned, but is not so loose that the head wobbles - it's a perfect fit

remixed larger head
Giant Lego Darth Vader - Arm pins for Flashprint

Someone tried to find a remix for the pins or the pins provided will work? But can't figure out how to fit them

The pins work and are installed from the inside, through the waist. Or further down the comments is the link to ones that install from the outside which work better if you scaled the print down.

Awesome design!! Did anyone have any issue with the back printing? My front looked great but the back was rough!! One other question any ideas on making the head fit tighter?

I used hot glue to make a sort of shim, put glue on neck, press on, then pull off before it dires completly. On my second one, I printed this head https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2364330 . Looks better on the body, and the neck hole is the right size.

remixed larger head

I didn't have any problems with the back, someone else did and loaded it into meshmixer and used make solid. As far as the head someone remixed one and it may fit better but I haven't tried it. Or you could print it a bit smaller.

Thank you very much!!

that is one of a kind!

Hello, as a relatively newbie, Just wondering how you would work with the support that is required to print this. I'm wondering about the holes in the pieces and the hips. How to get the support out easily and what settings are used.

Thank you.

I only used support for the hips. I rotated them so his "butt" was facing down. The head prints just fine without supports, at least it did on my CR10s

The hips and head are the only pieces that really need supports. As far as removal I use needle nose pliers and an x-acto knife and finish up with sand paper or a file. Settings will really depend on your machine and material, I printed him at .2 I am Groot

I've tried to open the chest part with several tools (Repetier Host, 3D Builder, Open3Mod, SketchUp), but they all say it's not manifold and needs repairs. I've tried several repair tools (Repetier Host, MeshMixer, MeshFix, Solid Inspector², 3D Builder, but they all come up with a bad mesh in the end. Could you check that file and provide a working one, please?

I fixed it with Meshmixer, just "make solid".

I also had problems with the chest file during modeling, unfortunately it's the only version I have. It will however slice and print fine, but if you want to modify it you'll have to start from scratch, sorry.

Which slicer did you use? Slic3r didn't like it...

Cura. not sure on the version.... an older one

I just tried with Cura and also Skeinforge, both generate the slice but the print won't start, because of the errors. Any tip on what software I can use to fix the mesh?

How are you sending the gcode to the printer and what printer?

I'm using Repetier Host, sending to Repetier Server, which is connected to my Tronxy P802 (Prusa i3 clone).

Try printing directly off a SD card, I assume the Repetier host or server is seeing the mesh errors and preventing it from printing.

That did the trick, thanks for your help !

No problem, post him up when done!

Make the minifig size pls

Do you have a link for the remixed arm pins?
Thank you!

I haven't tried them but they look like they would make things easier. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1457640

Giant Lego Darth Vader - Arm pins for Flashprint

Now someone needs to combine this Baby Groot mini fig with the Otto dancing robot internals