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MOSFET Mounting Bracket - Wanhao i3, Monoprice Maker Select V2

by uwe999 May 4, 2017
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Successful print settings using Cura 3.6 and the Select V2 with no modifications:
-rotated 30 degrees ccw about the z-axis to fit the build plate
-matl. = white hatchbox PLA
-set the resolution to "fine" (approx 0.1313 mm layer height)
-initial layer print speed = 15 mm/s
-print speed = 50 mm/s
-density = 100% (there seemed to be no advantage in time or material for a lesser density)
-used the skirt option for base
Total print time took 2:20 min.
I noticed the holes on the first layer were not intact but the resulting part showed no evidence.
See picture for proof.
Thanks for the part!

When I load this into Cura it is showing it's too big for the build plate. But how is that possible when I'm trying to print on a Maker Select V2.1, the exact printer it's made for?

try to rotate 45 degrees

I tried that but it doesn’t fit laying flat. It might fit on its side but that seems odd. Since Cura doesn’t have the maker select as an option I am using the Prusa i3 default. Does it have a smaller bed and that could be the problem?

It fits just fine for me! I think I rotated it 30 degrees, if you play with it a bit in cura you'll eventually get the right angle to get it to fit on the large flat side.

Made this today; worked like a champ! Thanks!!

can you tell me what thread size these are? I would love to not buy the wrong screws a couple time.

Worked well on my Maker Select V2. The only issue, and I would guess why the original bracket used the further stand-off, is that it causes the mini-usb connector to be slightly mis-aligned. I was able to crank it down a bit and get it to work. However, the standoffs would ideally be made slightly lower to accommodate. I might re-print it as my printer is currently having issues making clean holes / circles, so the print wasn't perfect, but produced a workable part. Once I figure out how to fix my circle problem, I will probably decrease the standoff height and give it another shot. Thanks for the part!

simplify 3d might be the solution to your circle problem.... was causing me lots of trouble in any version of cura I tried. granted some of the tubes I was attempting to print were relatively small, but the difference between the two slicers is like night and day. I am using it more professionally so the cost was justifiable to me, if you're just tinkering it may not be worth it to you. but the improvement in print quality and the method of working is much more effective in my opinion. but i swear i tried everything to fix those circles in cura...

Thanks I might give it a shot eventually. Besides slowing everything down and reducing extraction, I switched to absolute extrusion on someone else's suggestion. I've only tried one print with holes since then and it seemed a lot better. The mosfet bracket will be the real test, but the crummy one I already printed is functioning so I'll have to wait until another print I need provides a good test.

I have an older model Wanhao I3, the control box is a rectangular shape with no angled LCD screen, and the control board is mounted on it's side instead of the bottom, with the PSU being on the bottom.

Will this mounting bracket still work for my printer?

should i bother with 100% infill on this or just stick with 20?

Printed this out to mount the MOSFET I was installing for my new Maker Select v2 (angled about 38 degrees on the bed to make it fit). Only issue I had was trying mount it in the box where the screw mounts were slightly farther apart than the holes in the bracket. Ended up breaking one end of the bracket loose in order to get it to fit, but it was still attached enough to hold everything in place.

Thanks for the excellent part.

I printed this today and had the same result - the part was ever so slightly too short to fit on the two posts in the case. I ended up using it screwed down on one end, and I put some strong double-sided tape down under the long extension for added stability. It seems plenty secure, but wish it had fit the posts as anticipated. I assume there must be some variation in the MMSV2s (which is what I have also).

I had this problem also, so I remixed it to be .5 longer and that worked great. File in the remixes.

What type of screws do you need to mount the mosfet to the bracket?

I used spare screws that would secure a motherboard to the standoffs in a PC

Awesome. Thanks. I might have 1 or 2......kilos of those screws

Hey thanks for making this. The double sided tape I was using finally failed and I'm about to print this out now.

Great mount! thanks for it. Very easy install and only required screws for the mosfet board.

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Are you printing on the mini or the Maker Select?

Maker Select V2 only. (Not v2.1)

The maker select v2 IS the duplicator 2.1 isn't it?

No. The v2.1 if I am not wrong, already has this installed. That is why I am PRETTY SURE they made a new version. :)

The Maker Select v2.1 has a better connector, but still needs the mosfet upgrade.

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you can rotate it 45 degrees to fit your built plate ;-)

you can rotate it 45 degrees to fit your built plate ;-)

Temperatures generally low enough to use PLA?

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This is prefect. I'll be doing the MOSFET mod sometime this weekend. In the future I'm thinking of adding a 2nd MOSFET to offload the hotend from the mainboard. I know it's only 2-3 amps max, but still better to put the strain on a $10 MOSFET. Do you think this could be modified for a double MOSFET mount?

uwe999, Thanks for the bracket. I printed it out and should have my Mosfet tomorrow!!!!!
@Dogs_n_Guns, I remixed uwe999's model to handle two mosfets. Have a look and let me know if that helps.

Double MOSFET Mounting Bracket